Have you ever suffered a heartache and felt you won’t survive?

If you secretly nodded in affirmation to my question, read on for I too am in your boat.

If your answer is NO read on to know what people unlike you do to move on in life.

I am in the middle of my life’s biggest emotional crisis. I dare to label it the biggest because I know, I am making decisions for two lives out of three while fighting with the third to save our lives. What’s going on and what caused it calls for a detailed post(s) but that shall follow gradually.

Coming back to the heartache. For a die-hard believer in love like me, when a romance ends in a nose dive, the results can be pretty fatal. Both for the physical well being as well as for the emotional stability. I am right in the middle of one such phase of life. It bears serious consequences for my future. I am at a stage where love ceases to exist and the possibility of hope or life after love are as bleak as one in a trillion.


I got married to someone who’d promised me the love I’d dreamed about, had read in storybooks and loved watching over and over in the countless movies I’d seen in my teen years. Today after many years of companionship we are on the verge of a breakup.

Breakups like mine aren’t considered sane by the society that we live in. But life is life, it refuses to follow the norms society sets or our hearts dictate. When this dark phase of separation dawned in my life around four months back, hardly had I known I have any hope of surviving. But I have.

Times when breakups happen, the only feeling we feel is of our world tearing down to pieces. Nobody and nothing makes any sense. The world seems to be happy while we are the only sad soul around. I have been no different.

But in those moments of distress and disgust, I promised myself one thing. I will move on in life, stand by my decision and will learn to smile again.

Staying quiet didn’t seem to work so I clung to talking with the people I trusted to share my hurt, my grief, my pain. It sure did help me recover a bit but the real saviour was the day when I decided to forgive.

when I suffered a heartbreak and felt I won't survive -The Era I Lived In

Forgiveness isn’t easy, neither it comes quick. But when we forgive someone who has hurt us deep and irreparably, healing begins. I haven’t forgotten any single moment of love or hurt but I still am able to keep myself positive ever since I have made up my mind to forgive someone whom I once loved more than myself.

It’s a grey area for I too am often tempted to pick up the phone and pour my hurt and anger in form of words on the one who stole my life’s happiness and peace. When such thoughts can make me go sleepless for nights in a row I can very well imagine how much grief the real event would bring.

So I have decided to buy myself peace of mind. Freedom from worries. It’s tough but definitely not impossible.

Try forgiving someone who’d hurt you deeply. you’ll feel lighter and the life will appear brighter from the moment on.

The song on my mind ever since I wrote this post

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  3. trying to forgive is any given day better an option Myera but then it’s difficult like hell at times 😦 especially when you’re not at fault and the other person is adamant!


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