I always wanted a daughter

I don’t know how it started and exactly when. But I always wanted to have a girl child. Maybe it started from my longing for a younger sister. I have been the youngest kid of my family. The one who is pampered and spoiled to bits. I wanted to do the same with someone younger to me.

The sweet way my elder brother used to play with my pigtail, tease me for my love for dolls, my love of playing with nail paints and lipsticks,the liberty of wearing infinite variety of prints and patterns, the freedom of adding any color of the spectrum to your wardrobe. I have always felt life for a girl is far more colorful and full of choices as compared to boys, so I wanted to pass on all my beautiful treasures (yeah I have many of my childhood belongings) to someone who’d love them just as I did.

Time rolled on and my longing for a baby sister grew with me. When I stepped in my twenties, this desire changed form but didn’t lose its grip on my mind. I secretly wished for a baby girl. A daughter whom I’ll pamper and love just the way I’d always dreamt.

This was a desire so strong that even my hubby knew it from the time we got engaged. The wish soon lost its ifs and buts and I was pretty sure that this will change to reality someday. From the day I fell pregnant I was sure it’s going to be a girl. Though my intuitions weren’t confirmed until my daughter was born but I felt it very strongly and hence I had assigned the task of thinking of boy names to my hubby and I was busy finalizing a name for the baby girl I’d always longed for.

I do not wish to say that I was not ready to accept a baby boy or my love for a baby boy would ever be in any form lesser than the way I love my daughter but still I feel immensely blessed for the Almighty decided to grace my life with a little princess.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

The universe did conspire in ways more than one and grant me my wish. But what exactly were those conspiracies I’ll disclose in another post. So stay tuned while I muster courage and try to stretch my failing vocabulary to do justice with the overwhelming emotions creating havoc in my mind at the moment.

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22 thoughts on “I always wanted a daughter

  1. well I never knew what I wanted and I never knew what was I carrying ..I mean I heard people saying that mothers come to know of it sooner or later in their third trimester…but the weird me never felt that intuition 😛 😛

    now that I’ve Chirpy I think I would want to have a boy to have the fun of both genders 🙂


  2. Oh dear i hear you.my yest post was similar of how i miss having a sister.This post made my desire and inclination towards a sister even more strong.My mum has always tried to play a role of sister.
    But yes nothing can give you joy than having a daughter.Even i pray to god to bless me with daughter (in future :-))


  3. Ha!

    I won’t deny that being female is probably a distinct advantage when it comes to the choices available to express one’s individuality. In male society, that expression tends to be much more subtle, and you can miss it if you’re not looking for it.

    I am, of course, waiting on tenterhooks for the post that’s coming up next. 🙂



  4. Same pinch Era. I too always wanted a daughter and the Almighty blessed us with twin daughters! But unlike you, my instincts failed me to predict their gender during my pregnancy.

    Waiting for the next post… Vent out all that’s bothering you. We are all ears!


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  6. It is a joy to see a woman say she wants a daughter 🙂 Too often I’ve heard women say they want sons and I am like ??? I’ve been sick of this partiality.
    I am not saying I am averse to having sons. But I’m sure you know what I mean.

    God bless you! And your lovely family 🙂


  7. loved the lines – “while I muster courage …….to do justice …overwhelming emotions”
    it really is like that, isn’t it?

    i too wanted a girl & got one too (she is 5 now) but i also wanted an “elder” brother for her because i didn’t have one just like you didn’t have a younger sis. i thought an older bro will spoil her silly & be her “bodyguard” & protective of her & all

    very nice post 🙂


    1. Nup I haven’t uploaded any pictures. But I didn’t see any such pictures in the video, except the song suggestions at the end where I can see Mohd. Rafi with a baby girl and Gulzar in other clip.


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