All you see and hear isn’t always the complete truth

My darling Pari,

The past one week has been physically exhausting, emotionally tormenting, financially draining and mentally shocking.

The lawyers and courts are now on the scene and your parents now meet each other like enemies on the two sides of LOC.

Every time my determination to seek an end to this miserable phase of life for both of us gets shaken by confused emotions that once ruled my life, something or the other comes my way to hint, divorce is the only way to seek freedom for us. Forever.

The last time your father and I met for a one-on-one talk (something I thoroughly believe in) to settle all grievances and be assured of what we wanted from our lives was not so long ago. The most painful and shocking revelation that literally knocked me down was how someone whom I once loved blindly now sounded like a heartless money maniac.

Was I literally blind in love all this while or deaf to the hidden intentions each of his actions tried to whisper to me? Though I am not sure of what it actually was, one thing that I can now see well is that seeking a divorce isn’t going to be an easy game for me.

With non-stop, emotional blackmailing, and threats to harm us in every possible way from your father and his family the only thought that crosses my mind is, all you see and hear isn’t always the complete truth. They are the same people who’d tried to convince me of their love for us the minute legal notices were delivered on their doorstep.

Man is a manipulative beast, who can go to any extreme for his selfish motives. He can distort facts and memories to any extent for fulfilling his secret motives. Seeks sadistic pleasures seeing their rivals (who in our case are actually his own wife and baby) in misery.

Always remember to follow your own mind, go by your inner instincts and first-hand experiences. Don’t be misguided by what people do or say when threatened with severe consequences.

The fight has just begun and it’s going to get bitter and painful with each passing day for distorted facts and endless lies seem to be the rule of thumb for court cases and lawyers’ tactics. Before my sanity gets lost in the stress all these happenings are gently building up in me, I thought I’ll write a little letter to you to calm down my disturbed mind.

I wish to tell you all that happened over the years of my marriage with your father and also in the tough times of trying to seek separation from the same man for he has flatly refused to give me divorce (not out of love, but for reasons I’ll describe in the letters and posts to come). The only satisfaction I have, even at these moments filled with frustration, anger, hatred and pain is you and me are off the clutches of the monster who almost killed us both soon after you were born.

Hold on girl, just the way I am trying to. Hear, see, think, analyse and you’ll realize there exist countless aspects to this very difficult situation. It feels like being on the chessboard of life, where every move we make needs to very careful about every word I say, every preparation I do will affect you and me in a life-changing way.

May the Almighty bless me with courage and rational thinking to be able to swim across these fast currents and earn for us a life that’ll be safe and free from all fears, forever. Amen.

Loads of love and blessings,


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22 thoughts on “All you see and hear isn’t always the complete truth

  1. the court fight definitely gets muddy and ugly…. The threats are mere act of desperation but don’t take them lightly, not trying to scare you but be on guard….check with ur lawyer if you can take any action such as restraining order for him (if threats are frequent)….

    stay strong and positive..
    Take care


  2. Oh My Era,

    I dunno why the tough times are reluctant to leave you. I pray to almighty to give you the strength to deal with the torments head on. I’m sure you will come out with flying colours.

    Hugs, hugs and more hugs to you.


  3. From what I’ve heard, in most cases, even the most amicable separations turn nasty once the legal process starts. I hope you’re getting support from other people who have been through this process. Also, I have a book to reccomend: To My Ex Husband by Susan Dundon. You might find it in a local library.


  4. Bikram

    You take care and be careful. All I want to say is you need me , give a shout ..
    BE strong and usually things go bad before they become right .. you be good and dont let this hassle you I know its easy to say for me ..

    Dont let anyone dictate you anything .. I ma not good for anything but yeah as i said earlier I am here you need anything shout .. take care of urself


  5. Hugs myera, I know this is one tough time for you and family. I hope to see you out of all these real soon. We are here. everything that happen is for me you will be happy..


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  7. Very true cou fights are very tiring and ugly..moreover when it’s with the person wom u loved most…I’m sure you are going to come out of it,the way you want to 🙂 this too shall!


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