What Does A Divorce Mean To Me?

“Every woman that finally figured out her worth, has picked up her suitcases of pride and boarded a flight to freedom, which landed in the valley of change.”
― Shannon L. Alder

Knowing the existence of the provision of divorce by law and understanding it’s meaning from a third person perspective is very different from experiencing it first hand.

I have no intentions of going into the legal or social aspect or perhaps the reasons why I’m seeking an annulment of my marriage.

This is a reminder that'll help me every time I am plagued by self-guilt. I am noting down what a divorce, an annulment of a marriage means to me. #divorce #theerailivedin #personaldevelopment

I am just trying to list my points of view in writing for future reference.

To me, a divorce means:

  • Peace of mind.
  • I am trying to live up to my own principle, that admitting a mistake is the way of life.
  • I am determined to move out of a wrong decision and have another chance for a content life.
  • Life gets easier if we work on being the change rather than hoping for a change to happen miraculously.
  • I am learning a lot of life lessons through this bitter  tough phase, which I guess, a slow learner like me would never have learnt.
  • Life’s going to be tough  different being a single parent in a society like ours. It can’t be impossible to live peacefully for so many people I personally know have faced such trying times bravely and have turned those hard times as their moments of strength.
  • Legal independence.
  • I want to show my daughter that I have the willpower to take control of my life. I can and have decided to protect my self-respect by not continuing a sham of a relationship.
  • I am hopeful that though life feels in a total chaos at the moment things will get better sooner or a day later. I am optimistic about it.

This list is open for editing and additions. I’ll make the necessary changes as time passes and life shows me the outcomes of my decision.

If you’ve been through a divorce, I’d love to know what a divorce has meant for you.

This is a reminder that'll help me every time I am plagued by self-guilt. I am noting down what a divorce, an annulment of a marriage means to me. #divorce #theerailivedin #personaldevelopment

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15 thoughts on “What Does A Divorce Mean To Me?

  1. i can assure you that the peace of mind is the biggest factor and the fact that your child will grow up in an environment which is healthy!

    I admire the way you are handling your life My Era and your determination to make tomorrow a better day!


  2. THe will get bettr and very soon, all you need is just keep working on it 🙂 All the best.
    friends comes handy too.. Talking anything i can do let me know ..

    I am sure you made the right decision and once made you are sticking to it and working hard Well done and ALL the best again


  3. It might not be very sensitive to say congratulations, but that is precisely what I will say to you. You owe your self and your daughter the right to happiness, peace, and justice. May the road rise to meet your feet as you build the life you and your daughter deserve. I too write letters to my estranged son at thestoryofparth.blogspot.com.


  4. Came here from Cynically Engineered’s blog! I agree to your points completely, having walked the path some years ago. I feel that a divorce shows you the enormous reserves of courage that you already have in you but never knew existed!
    You write well and very logically. I like your blog!


  5. I agree on the points you have noted it gives you freedom and to be who you are if the relationship is not on a right track then divorce is only the solution; it does hurts and takes time to overcome through the phase of divorce. Stay strong and believe in yourself; Be optimistic you will get through rough phase of your life.
    Take care god bless you.


  6. This is a comment made before reading even the title of the post…
    Where is the song??
    Have been reading posts from the beginning and had developed a habit of scrolling down and clicking play on the song first. This post disappointed me 😦


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