The First toy

I have never been fond of teddy bears. Though I love soft toys like crazy, but my usual preference are soft-toys without messages and hearts.

I enjoy bright colors when it comes to toys, the more colorful a toy is, the more I am tempted to buy it. Long before I fell pregnant, whenever I had to buy gifts for friends and family for their babies, I always used to make it a point to buy a soft toy that’s not a bear and if I have to buy a doll I’ll try my best to buy a non-Barbie (unless asked specifically).

So when it was time for me to start considering what would be the first toy I’d love my baby to have, I had something very colorful yet cute in mind. During the initial few weeks of my pregnancy, suddenly out of the blue cropped the desire to gift my baby-to-be with a cute soft-toy rabbit. From that moment on, started my search of looking for a rabbit, which ended when I found a pink rabbit.


It is Pari’s first favourite toy. Though she has had many toys to play with, but the pink bunny rabbit is her favorite. It’s very light, literally feather weight.You can spot Pari pulling the rabbit’s ears,hands and even legs all the time. The rabbit has got a little bell in her tummy that rings each time you shake it. Pari enjoys trying to poke her finger on bunny’s tummy and when she gets tired and sleepy the bunny gets beaten, her ears get sucked and bitten (without teeth) and the bunny even gets thrown only to be grabbed the very next minute.

Which/what was your/your baby’s first /first-favorite toy?
If you’ve still got it, feel free to share its picture and any special memories attached to it.

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16 thoughts on “The First toy

  1. garima

    Aww this bunny is so cute…Loads of love to pari 🙂
    And you know my one year old neice is also called as Pari at home.
    Your pari reminds me so much of my neice.God bless both the paris 🙂


  2. ladynimue

    I love soft toys ! and can not sleep wdt holding one close.. I have had lot of teddies so nowdays I am searching a bunny… Pari’s bunny is exactly what I have in mind ! loved it 🙂

    what does your pari call this bunny ?


    1. I am glad you love this rabbit 😀
      Well Pari is just 5 and a half month old so she doesn’t recognise or address the rabbit by a name. Though I call it the ‘Pinky Bunny’ or sometimes Fluffy 🙂


  3. that rabbit looks cute :).. you made me think really hard on what was Adi’s first favorite toy.. I am shamefully accepting that my memory is very poor.. you see that’s the reason am recording all her happenings in a blog 🙂


    1. Don’t panic, you’ll recollect in a day or two for sure 🙂
      Same pinch, I too am trying to do the same thing as far recording on blog goes 😀 😀


  4. I save my kid’s favorite toys especially from their baby/toddler days, a few of their clothes that looked really cute on them or those I had a special connection with.


  5. aww..that’s a cute colorful bunny! Liked the way you’ve captured those tiny moments of your baby chewing and pulling the bunny! And Pari..what a beautiful name!! Sure she’s an angel! Is that what you’ve named her?


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