Surprise gifts

My darling Pari,

I have been thinking of writing about it someday. Since it again happened today, I thought I better write about it.

While I was overseas, I had seen so many toys and other baby-care items that I was secretly making mental notes of, to be bought once I have a baby in my life.

While I was very sick during pregnancy, I used to often think of those things. Wishing for the day I’ll be back to health and will return to our home with you. Then I would buy all those things I had marked for you. Somehow, life took a steep turn and we never had a chance of doing that.

One fine morning, one of your aunts (my cousin sister, who must have last spoken to me around five years back) declared she would be coming over to stay with us for a few days. It sure was a pleasant surprise amidst those very painful times. Her surprise visit was going to be full of surprises but the biggest being, she brought for you the pram I had wanted to buy for you since long

Life’s little blessings and joys didn’t end at that. It just marked the beginning of a series of surprise gifts that I have received in the past one year. I know you must be wondering, that what’s the surprise in it for everyone brings gifts for a new-born baby. Here’s the little secret. all these gifts have many of the items I wanted to buy for you since long but couldn’t for they aren’t available in the town we now live in.

Second and the biggest reason being, they were either given or sent by people whom we least expected to do so. People with whom we’ve not been in touch for many years or who have never gifted us with anything before despite there being an occasion to do so. I was thinking of all this just yesterday night. Wondering about the colorful (non-barbie) doll I had once seen. Since you are now at an age when you have started playing with toys with interest, I have been looking for a doll for you.

Today afternoon, the call bell rang and the postman brought a big parcel for me. No prizes for guessing what it contained. Yet another surprise gift. This time, it was a big doll and a cute musical soft toy dog and few Disney movie DVDs. I was excited, surprised and humbled all at once. I know it wasn’t God who sent them but a real human being. But the timing and the gift sent were the ones I had wanted to gift you.

A beautiful, priceless, gratifying moment. I am keeping all those precious gifts for you. I’ll give them to you one by one so you can enjoy playing with each of them. Somethings are beyond the understanding of the human mind, but I believe they are better left un-understood and let their surprise factor add extra beauty to them, to last in our memories forever.

I know you’ll love them all for it’s only love that has brought them in our lives from far and wide.

With loads of love and blessings,


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36 thoughts on “Surprise gifts

  1. yes gifts are precious…and surprise gifts are like icing on the cake…..
    Era….may GOD bless you both with many good surprises in the days to come



  2. Life’s little surprises add onto so much joy…esp when they are the thgs that we have been wanting for so long..Am so happy for both of you.Pass my love to the little darling


  3. Bikram

    Awww did i tell you my birthday is 11th nov.. I thought i shud tell you .. kya pata mere liye bhi courier 😀 HO HO HO HO HO…

    I am sure the little one is going to enjoy all these little priceless gifts as and when she getst them….

    and dont worry i am sure you will be able ot buy everything you want for the little one ..
    And dont you think these days gifts for little kids are so awesome and beautiful ..
    Tae care and keep smiling 🙂


    1. Date noted 😉
      You are very right Bikram…the toys and all other gifts are so tempting that you can actually see me get very excited whenever I visit the toy shop for Pari 😆
      Thank you for the wonderful wishes 😀


  4. Very touching! And perhaps this is your first public letter to Pari 🙂
    I can see how super excited you must be to see the dreamt items as gift!! It’s a total bliss!


  5. Awww! isnt that cute…..honestly ME, I dont think I have bought too many toys for R..most of them have been gifted and they hold a special meaning in our lives… 🙂


  6. Lovely Post!! Gifts itself is amazing but surprise gifts especially from someone completely unexpected that too the same/similar thing thats in ur mind for a while is nothing but a boon from angel to the little angel (Pari) Would love to see some pics of the gifts pari has received and pari herselves snap..Only if u dont mind..

    May god shower you with loads of happy surprises!!


  7. Surprises are the best! 🙂 When I had a baby, I was also surprised that so many people (least expected ones, the ones with whom I had lost touch) reached out and congratulated. Motherhood comes with so many heart warming moments. 🙂


  8. Beautiful letter to little pari…

    Indeed these are beautiful moments which you are going to cherish for life.

    For my elder kid i didn’t buy much toys,all her toys were gifts.which i still have even after 8 years….


      1. Yes! 🙂

        Erm…did I leave the same message on two posts? * sheepish grin *
        Sowwie! Was reading a lot of your posts and ended up losing track of which ones I read and which I commented upon (or did not)!! :mrgreen:


  9. hey, that must such a great feeling! As though, now the universe is conspiring to make everything go the way you wish them to…here’s wishing you and Pari all the very best..
    have a great future both of you!


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