I prefer sleep to stocks

You read it right. Any day, I’ll prefer sound sleep even if it is for a few hours than stocks that promise to give manifold profits. I have had a deep thought about investing in stocks for Pari’s future, but somehow I have never been able to get myself to invest even a single cent in them.

I do not deny the importance of finances in life. Neither am I trying to defy the need to multiply our savings for a prosperous future and as a reserve for the rainy day. But, the issue here is, money matters simply by default fail to interest me. The irony of the situation being, the more I sulk over having to bother for money, the more I am required to worry about it.

Stocks are something almost everyone (say 90% ) of the people of my age indulge in. They are considered the escalators to prosperity. I sometimes feel, I am among those who love to take stairs instead of escalators when it comes to multiplying funds. It isn’t about being lazy, for that is one thing I feel I am not. When it comes to research and analysis, you can see me straining my handful gray cells to the extremes, anytime of the day.

I personally think it’s the risk factor.

Money and risk in my opinion is a deadly cocktail. One, I dislike indulging in matters involving the mathematics more than my mobile calculator can do and secondly, losing sleep in worry about money is the last form of anxiety people like me ever indulge in.

I sometimes, think about the goodness of making money manifolds without actually having to work for it, by simply being smart enough in knowing when to invest where. But, then, it seems too good to be true. The fear of a recurrence of a global financial crisis all over again seems to overshadow the few rays of sunshine any positive news about the stock market brings my way.

For the records, I have actually dealt with stocks in real life and have even had significant gains. But, that was when I wasn’t a mother, moreover I consider those gains a mere fluke. The gains do give a high, but for me that high lasts not more than a couple of minutes. The fatigue my brain experiences during the time my hard-earned money is stuck in the stock market is in my belief equal to if not worse than the agony I suffered during giving birth to my daughter.

I believe, that stocks for people like me are like sex in high school. Where you know the theory, understand how it all happens (for you’ve been loaded with information from the Internet and your peers) and even understand the risks, but rarely anyone gives you the real insight of what is the real deal.

Having said that, you actually need to have surplus money to invest and forget all about it for a while. Let it grow like a mango tree in your backyard, that’ll bear sweet fruits in a matter of few years down the line for your family to enjoy.

No pains, no gains. I know this rule of life, but I still refuse to indulge in equity and shares. Are there any other measures to multiply your money manifold? I am happy to explore them, but taking risks in life, isn’t my cup of tea.

Please do not say real estate investments, for someone in my shoes, they are far more hassle than stocks themselves.

I wish to ask you, how good are you in handling finances? do you indulge in stocks? If yes, what resources do you study before indulging in equity & shares?

In the mean-time I’ll relax and try to catch up some sound sleep, before any useful tip about making quick money gets hold of me.

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33 thoughts on “I prefer sleep to stocks

  1. stocks shares not my cup of tea, have no idea whatsoever .. I sleep fine at night os why take a panga with stocks and I am happy with the money i earn and have ..

    the song ah bliss Remember singing this to someone.. but alas it was not to be
    it was the othr way round they were neither a ghana saya or anything …

    neverthless beautiful song Jagjit singh was and is the king always


  2. Go the traditional way… Stocks can make ppl earn money super fast and also lose money super fast… plus its super addictive!! So, my advise would be to stay clear of it… πŸ™‚


    1. I used to think few people indulge in stocks until the day I was looking for ways to settle all my stocks.That was the time when everyone I asked actually had stocks and that too worth 6 to 7 digits, making my worry for a handful seem so futile.


  3. Me too. I prefer my sleep to stocks or anything that involves risk. After all its my hard earned money πŸ™‚ I manage most of my finances on my own (though I do seek advice) and I have never considered stocks as an option.
    I think if you have to invest in stocks or anything that involves risk you should do it only after you have surplus money left after you have saved and planned for essential things in future like childrens education, dream home …


  4. Love this song. πŸ™‚
    Now on the post…don’t even ask me..am very bad with finance management… I never even cared to understand and spend my intellectual energy on pay-stub…forget about stocks… so..yes…I would prefer a sound sleep too πŸ™‚


  5. Never indulged in stocks too (if you don’t count the stocks given by my company on yearly basis). Too much hassle to watch the markets all the time and sell at the right time. Go for FD. Interest rates are good. For now, they are the best and easiest option!


  6. 25% = FD/PPF ; 25% = Gold Bars ; 25% = Property ; 25% = Mutual Funds /Stocks . This way, the risk is evenly divided and the investment is relatively safe. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

    Destination Infinity


  7. The husband takes the risks (invests in few stocks and more MF’s). I do the relatively risk free investments-FD’s and PPF. So the investments are balanced that way.
    Must admit thought I’m an ignoramus when it comes to stocks. I tried it just before the economic meltdown( what perfect timing!) and have burnt my hands rather badly. Don’t want to go that way again!


  8. I love sound sleep, so I don’t want to get carried away by manifolding my money! I’m such a nice person (read stupid) that I don’t believe in saving money for the future! So is S! What a great partners in crime! So we spend money happily on anything and everything and leave the future to decide on what we need!

    How bad a situation comes to our lives, we knew we are capable of atleast buying a loaf of bread for our survival. We are just living today to enjoy today!

    That said, I was once advised by a nice wellwisher and I started share trading – not for huge money, but for peanuts and to learn the financial markets! I felt it is a safe way to invest some in share market. That apart, investing in land or property is a good way to save money (which without even knowing, will give a good return one day).


    1. I agree real estate is the surest and fastest money multiplier in todays times. I have invested in in it before and I actually know how many times money multiplies. The sad part of this story being all that multiplied money landed up in my husband’s kitty all thanks to my illness πŸ˜₯


    1. OK so now I got hold of a CA…:mrgreen: :mrgreen:
      Since I too am not interested in stocks, now I’d like you to be my guru and bless me with some gyan on effective ways of investing for a safe financial future of my daughter πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


  9. Stocks and Shares need to be bought carefully. They aren’t as deadly as you might thing.

    The ideal way of investing in Stocks and Shares is investing the money which you can spare for a long term say atleast 3-5 years. Now if you invest the money in good quality A-Category stocks you will always reap good returns, like I said spare money coz if something goes wrong… you shoudl be able to sit the tough periods in the market and not sell your stocks at low prices.

    If Stocks are too hard to fathom there always are mutual funds who will work on your behalf and invest in Stocks.

    Remember one way of losing money is not participating in the Securities market for a long term.


    1. First and foremost, thank you Hitchy for dropping by a post you are an expert in πŸ˜€
      Whenever you are writing about finance, be assured you’ve got atleast ME reading πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


  10. In the past 10 years I have been trading in the stock market I lost money many times. Over the last 10 years though I have learnt a lot of things and atleast I think I am wiser.

    Understand one thing… All FD give you interest which is taxable. PPF gives you tax free interest but is a very long term investment.

    Factor this for a moment…

    When I first started trading, Reliance Industries was around 200 Rs in 2001-02 something aroudn then… since then to today… Reliance gave free shares of Rcom, Rnrl, Rel and Rcap plus had you bought one share of Reliance then you would have 2 Reliance shares now as they declared a bonus. Today price of one reliance share is 800.

    So effectively if you add 2 shares its 1600 + other free shares. so effectively your 200 rs has become almost 2000 in 10 years. If you think you can get better returns elsewhere do let me know πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    People often mix sound investing and mad trading.

    Invest safely, Invest regularly and stay invested for a long time. Thats the mantra when it comes to stock investments πŸ˜€


    1. I got your point about the big chunk going in govt’s kitty in form of tax paid on FD πŸ™‚
      I am totally getting your bottomline…thank you for your awesome response here πŸ™‚


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