Give me Bread

If the title of this post made you think I am going to talk about prayers, spirituality and the like, let me assure you it isn’t the case.

Ever since I have started eating solid food, bread has been my all time favorite. The white, sliced, sandwich bread in particular. I enjoy eating bread in any and almost every form. The time of the day is needless to say immaterial and the accompanying food item or beverage at most times totally unnecessary.

Let me share a little secret with you. I have a very strongly developed sense of smell. By strong I mean almost second to a dog or a shark. With a baby around, this strong sense of smell is a curse (well, I’ll spare you more details on that cause it is a food post). OK so with a very strong sense of smell, the aroma of my favorite foods holds a special place in the life of a food lover like me.

Very few fragrances in the world can match (but cannot surpass) the kind of emotions a freshly baked and toasted bread raises in my mind. Be it any form of bread to go with any form of butter (salted, unsalted, garlic or any other), jam or cheese, I’ll eat it heartily only cause the core ingredient in all of them is a bread.

Over the years, during my stay overseas, I had not only fallen in love with the loaf tins but also mastered the art of bread baking. Though I don’t do it now, but still the aroma of a freshly roasted chicken with a freshly baked bread with a generous dollop of butter slowly melting over it, tantalizes my senses just the same way as the magic of first love feels for a teenage heart.

I have no apprehension in labeling myself a bread fanatic. While I was overseas, whenever I had to dine outside home (for home food was 60% times Indian) I made it a point to include bread in one form or the other. I am very fond of dinner rolls. In most of the cities that I have lived, dinner rolls with fresh butter and baked vegetables have been part of complimentary food offered by all restaurants. Keeping myself from filling my stomach with these hot and irresistible dinner rolls, is something I literally had to battle out. For this very reason, visit to a bakery is like visiting heaven.

During my pregnancy, there were hardly any foods I could keep from throwing up within an hour. The worst form of morning sickness and extreme acidity following regular infusions left me with literally no choice of foods to eat let alone the idea of picking foods based on their nutritional value. At this time, my favorite food came for rescue. I used to eat bread slices with cheese and anything that I could keep in my system without a throw-up.

My relationship with bread has only grown with time. No wonder, I wrote this saga of my love affair with breads on the day of love, Valentine’s Day initiated after a yummy snack of a cheese sandwich.

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45 thoughts on “Give me Bread

  1. One of the bakery’s near my house offers freshly baked fruit bread – Its awesome!! 🙂 But the issue is, eating a lot of bread with fatty substances like cheese/ butter is not very good for health. So, I have decided to eat bread with raw vegetables, so that I eat less bread!

    Destination Infinity


  2. Ok I am not a big fan of breads, i don’t hate it either. When we were young, mom used to feed us bread when sick. So eating breads gives me that sick feeling 😦
    Am i first here?


  3. I love bread too! I know exactly what you mean by ‘Very few fragrances in the world can match (but cannot surpass) the kind of emotions a freshly baked and toasted bread raises in my mind.’ Absolutely! The bakery section of any supermarket draws me like a magnet 🙂 I just can’t keep away 🙂 I have been planning to bake bread for a while now. I haven’t baked in a while, and just today picked up yeast, as mine seems to have died. Hopefully one of these days, I will bake again.


  4. Oh…I love breads too..can live with them. And the aroma that comes from a bakery shop is heavenly! Although I cannot do baking or have never tried them….


  5. Oh, I love bread too! Well, maybe not as much as you do, but still…
    I am now trying to experiment with different types of breads (store-bought), and with different accompaniments for it.
    I love the smell of fresh bread baking too. I just LOVE the smell that comes out of bakeries! 🙂
    I LOVE sandwiches BTW. Would love it if you could do a post on your favourite make-it-at-home sandwiches. I’ll try and do one too!


  6. I too agree bread in any form is the best,a staple diet….
    Yesterday for V day I prepared shahi tukda,you know bread deep fried in ghee and then soaked in sugar syrup and topped with fresh cream with dry fruits….yummmy 🙂


  7. You have been eating bread when pregnant so that taste has been passed to little pari and she too loves bread…

    We eat bread once a week,bread sandwich is the quick breakfast for the kids….


  8. Ah bread…gotta love it. When I really want to indulge, I love to have white toast with butter….so delicious! And don’t you just love the scent of freshly baked bread? I’d love to work in a bakery…


  9. I haven’t liked bread that much..may be cos thats always the one mom gave me with hot milk when I was down with fever during my childhood.. I still associate it so… Limited to once in a month these days. But your post now makes me look at it differently 🙂 I do agree on the aroma of freshly baked bread.. I did experience it a few weeks back while making garlic bread 🙂


  10. I love white bread too– a grilled sandwich with lots of cheese is the bestest breakfast in my book. And there’s just so much you can do with it–bread pakora, rolls and of course the shahi tukda Garima talked about! *makes a mental note to prepare that over this weekend*
    I am irresistably drawn to bakery shops too!!


  11. “Very few fragrances in the world can match (but cannot surpass) the kind of emotions a freshly baked and toasted bread raises in my mind. ” Totally! I love absolutely love bread in any form too!

    The song you have chosen goes quite well with the post, must say…so symbolic! 😀


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