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Till date I have succeeded in resisting the temptation to swear in words of all forms. I mean both in spoken words and in writing. It’s not that I never get frustrated, agitated or hurt. Neither am I too weak to retort back to express my anger. Call it my conditioning or flatter me by saying I have strong self-control, but the fact behind it all is I strongly dislike swear words as much as I dislike people who fail to find better expression of their emotions in vocabulary (in any language) than using swear words at the drop of a hat.

I am not trying to create a hate post condemning people who swear nor am I the general of the army of people assigned with the task of trying to shoot people who use profanity in actions or words. I am just trying to build the aura of how much self-control I have had in the many decades I have walked the soil of this planet.

This sanity and saintly calm composure is starting to lose ground. The events of the past few months have started showing their toll on my personality. Though I still credit myself for being the girl with immense strength to have never cussed my soon-to-be-a-past husband despite him crossing many lines (about which I’ll talk in a separate post).

The events of the past week have shaken my determination as much it has shattered my self-esteem for loving someone who could stoop down to such limits for the sake of the pettiest asset man has ever known, money. For me writing and cooking are cathartic, but today they too are failing to make me feel any better. I tried getting involved in a complex recipe to get the hurt and rage out of my mind. The outcome was very delicious (recipe coming soon) but it didn’t make me feel good.

At this moment, I want to pick up my mobile and do what you can see in the video below:

*Disclaimer: The video contains profanities, please be careful about your surroundings before playing it.

Though I have not done anything similar yet and I know myself to be sure about not doing it any day soon. I believe in defeating people by actions not words. I am of the opinion that wars are won by brains than valor and I am determined to do just that.

I am actually feeling heaps better by writing about it. By the time I’ve reached this line, I can feel my opinion change (though very slightly) about the people who swear at times they want to convey their emotions, strongly!

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  1. hugs, hugs and more hugs ME.. spoken words do no good when we are in turmoil..
    I loved this line “I believe in defeating people by actions not words” – so true…
    Wishing you loads and loads of strength to continue with this belief. stay strong ME..
    looking forward for the recipe 🙂


  2. Its a good habit. One really need to control oneself especially during crucial moments. Because swear-words come back to haunt oneself, at a later date.

    But then you are losing out on the fun of saying FO. Ok, you may not use the exact words… Once you do that, the world around you just becomes immensely better and you feel as if you have lost one big burden. Of course, you may have to listen much more from the other end but I am sure you can handle it.

    Ok, I need to accept that every time I do it, things just turn out worser than ever.

    Destination Infinity


  3. Gee you’re good. I swear heaps. While growing up I’d say ‘shit’ a lot but never got told off by the parents. However, the f-word was not allowed. Since moving out of home, the f-word is my word of choice when I am so very frustrated and angry. There’s something very cathartic about the word! 😛


    1. Over 5 years of my stay overseas among people who swear at the drop of a hat didn’t change me, but now for the first time all the rage in me wants to say exactly what Kareena says in the video….I know it’ll be the final healing step for me and I will do it one day.


  4. Myera, sometimes swearing can be therapeutic! I’m sure you will realise it like how Kareena realised it 🙂
    I am not particularly fond of using swear words, but when someone is bitching around your life, there’s no right or wrong there. You have all the right to screw that person’s life forever!


  5. Errr…you are right… wars are won by brains than valor – Totally agreed…but sometimes for me, to say a swear word often makes me feel better…Errr…that of course shows that I dont have that excellent self control like you have 🙂 Hugs rey….things will fall in place..more to positive thoughts for you 🙂


  6. Hugs, my era. I can understand that circumstances do take a toll on the personality.
    I am totally like you when it comes to hating swear words. I take utmost care not to use them when I am angry. I do scream and yell, but try not to use bad words. My ex-dad used to swear like anything and for this reason I hate swear words. And hence, whenever on the rare occasion I do use them, it makes me hate myself like anything coz it just reminds me of the person I am trying not to be like, even in the smallest possible way.


  7. Hehe 🙂 That scene is so cute!! I loved that movie in total.

    You know what? Sometimes you need to just let it all out instead of let it simmer within you. That internal pressure will build up and it will burst…leaving you exhausted….


    1. I totally agree with you, but at this point of time, I don’t want to lose control of the situation.
      I surely want to say things what Kareena said in this shot…maybe someday I will.
      As far feeling exhausted, I am actually feeling much better after writing this post itself, the rest of rage I want to use constructively.


  8. I can totallyyyyyyyyyyyy relate to it… I have always refrained from using swear words too as I am sure if I do, I will end up feeling worse… Its becoming more of a fashion statement these days using words like f#@$ word and all… I would much rather be a ganwaar than use profanities…


    1. Using swear words isn’t a style statement …it sure shows how less self control people have and how many filthy words they can write/voice if given an opportunity.


  9. You know everyone has a different way of getting things out of their system. Like in ur case writing it out made u feel better! So chill and do something like this and if u feel by using choisest words will make a difference then close the door and do it! He wud never hear it but u have at least said it aloud 🙂

    Take Care!


  10. Hmm…I started using them recently…cos of the deep hurt…and pain…

    I really hope things get better dear…and may you get the strength to fight back:)

    GOD are you listening…????



  11. Bikram

    Well writing it down has helped , I wish I was like that , I beleive in the age old punjabi Jat dimag head or whatevfer, to go and BASH up the person ..

    Coming here ot uk I have so much got used to the “F” word that I use it a lot not for swearing generally but in normal talk too ..

    Losing it is not bad I think at least it will let you take all that agressions out once and for all, I definitely preach that one should not keep anger inside Take it out, I when angry go for a run .. and stop when legs wont take that another step..

    Take care ..


  12. In better terms, as Rachel says in Friends, its a cheap shot but I feel very good. and Hey my hugs are for free if you ever need them 🙂

    The doors that closes in life are for good plus come on whats life with out some profanities.


  13. I am like you! But on one fateful evening, I did the Kareena thing, and have not repented it till date. It helped me loads to get out of the anger I was brewing. Cheers 🙂


  14. This was the post I’ve been wanting to write since some time! But I’m not sure if I could’ve articulated as well as you have. I’ve been like you, never having felt the need to use swear words.

    I’ve started using WTF very recently in conversations with hubby about the general horrible state of affairs.it actually feels good to say it. Esp. because my husband hates it when I use the F word 🙂


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