Horse Riding

My darling Pari,

Your latest love for horse riding and splashing in the bath tub definitely need a special mention after what happened this week.Your love for various nursery rhymes has seen a new turn recently. Not only do you enjoy swinging to any nursery rhyme (both sung by me or played on TV etc.). But you seem to have been totally smitten by the idea of swinging in my lap as if you are riding a horse.

This has been going on for a while. Around last week, you got a chance to view the following video:

This song took our lives to a whole new level. Whenever this song is played, you get in full horse riding mood. Swinging and banging your feet no-matter where you are and doing whatever. The charm works with the words, ‘tak-bak…tak-bak‘.

The same fascination is seen when you are playing in the bath tub splashing away to the sound of ‘chapp…chapp

The horse riding and splashing actions are not only great fun to watch, but also came as a mood cheerer at an hour of need. A few nights back, something scared you and you decided to panic and started crying inconsolably. Sobbing away with big fat tears rolling down your cheeks, making me feel anxious with every passing second.

Your grandparents and I tried every trick we knew to help you calm down, but to no avail. It was around 2 a.m. when all three of us except you were tired and very sleepy. Tired of rocking you and walking around the room carrying you. Just when, your mood changed and while watching the cartoon channel at that unearthly hour you started rocking in my lap in your favorite horse-riding motion.

Bingo! your tired as a dead horse  mare mum, i.e. me got an idea. I started singing ‘lakdi ki kathi‘ and the mood of the whole household changed that very moment. You cheered up and your horse riding, splashing actions started. Within, next 5 minutes you were tired but smiling and rubbing your eyes in preparation to go to sleep. By the time I finished singing your favorite song what felt like almost hundred and twentieth time, you were sleeping tight, snoring softly.

Even now while, I am typing as fast as I can, the laptop is singing your favorite song, keeping you busy horse riding (without a horse) and distracted away from me and the laptop.

The only side effect of all this is, I have actually been spotted singing, lakdi ki kathi while cooking and even bathing when you are sound asleep. So the song isn’t playing in a loop only in your head sweetie, but you’ve transformed your mum to sing this song each time she opens her mouth to sing.

With tons of love and blessings,


32 thoughts on “Horse Riding

  1. Tak bak tak bak..

    Ghoda tha ghamandi pahuncha sabzi mandi
    Sabzi mamdi baraf padi thi
    Baraf se lag gayo thandi..

    Ah bless reminded me of my childhood days.. How many times hace we sung the song..

    And pari into horse riding oh yes one of the best sports one can enjoy.

    God bless the little one…
    Lots of love to her and hugs…


  2. Aww! Pari is so cute! Hugs to the little darling! And I can imagine you singing it all the time 🙂 That certainly happens most of us 🙂 Even now, the songs I hum are Poohi’s favorites 🙂


  3. Are there any pics of Pari’s horse-riding gimmicks to post? Would love to see them!

    That song is a hit at our home too. And yes.. like you, even I hum that song while on my bike to work! And guess what.. I don’t even know Hindi to understand or appreciate the lyrics! 😀 😀


  4. This post takes me to 3-4 years back when Cheebu was about the same age as Pari. This was her favorite song too. In fact she would eat her food only seeing this song 🙂 Later when shew grew up a bit, we got her a rocking horse. Every time this song was played she would go and sit on it 🙂 Love this song … it has helped me a lot in feeding her:) Another song that she loved at that time was “Bum bum Bhole” from “Taare zameen par”
    Looks like Pari is going to be water baby :). Cheebu loved splashing in the tub too. In fact she still loves … On summer weekends I let her play in the bathroom and her bath time extends to more than an hour then 🙂
    Lots of kisses to the little angel 🙂


    1. Wow! this song seems to have been kids’ favorite over generations and decades 😀 😀
      I can imagine the fun Cheebu must have had splashing away in the bathroom 😆
      Lots of kisses to you and Cheebu from Pari 🙂


  5. Hurrah!! You’ve found SOMETHING to occupy her….and distract her.

    I hope you find many many more….

    All the precious lessons learnt on parenting….on how to handle your little one…how to do, what to do, and WHEN to do it 🙂


  6. Aww! So sweet 🙂 I think the horse motion is a part of growing up – so are the nightmares 😦 Hang-in there and things will settle down fast 🙂

    Have fun… Tak Bak Tak Bak…

    PS: What a co-incidence. I’ve been singing this song for Chutku and he is picking up the words -so he asks me to sing this for him on the way home – I have to also sing it like 5324 times!


  7. Awww so cute! Tight hugs to the li’l darling! I remember introducing Namnam to this song when she was barely few months old and she took to it just as well as your Pari! The song is so lovely and immensely fun that you really cant NOT hum along yourself 😀


  8. God Bless Pari… 🙂 And God bless those who wrote/composed/sung this song!!! Millions of people and their happy childhood memories are associated with this song!!


  9. I LOVED this post. Awesome.
    I love the song too, and at this age too, i do not mind singing it in a kiddy voice, no matter where i am, with who i am 😉

    hugs to lil’ Pari…and to you!


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