Celebrating the human in me

I started this post with the thought of writing on why do I celebrate myself, but then I decided to give myself some time to think whether I actually celebrate myself.

The topic made me get confused for a while. I had no clue what to put in words about myself for I personally feel celebrating myself would mean, being in love with whatever you are, however you are and whoever you are.

After lot of thought and introspection I discovered the true perspective of looking at myself in an altogether different light.

I do not care for what I am like in appearance for all of it has been gifted to me by my genes and I have had no contribution to most of it. Appearance has never been a point in the list of features I often use as a standard to assess my progress in life. Hence, I decided to strike this feature off right in the start.

I am not myself without the experiences I have had, the life I have lived, the decisions I have made and the failures I have faced. The past several months I have spent giving a deeper look into myself just to discover how much I have evolved as a human being.

I do not celebrate myself for being a woman, but for being the human I am ~My Era

We all are first human beings with unique gifts and talents irrespective of our gender. Feeling proud of ourselves for the petty causes like belonging to a particular class, gender or race is depriving ones own self of greater joys life has gifted us.We are individual units who need to appreciate our achievements, our strengths and weaknesses just as we are without using the gauge set by the people around us. The day we do so comes the moment we fall in love with ourselves for who we are.

The ability to accept life with its pitfalls and yet deciding to live it to the fullest on my own terms makes me feel proud of myself. There are times when my resolutions seem failing, when my motivations disappear in thin air, my dreams go unfulfilled for they are the dark shades which help me realize I am an ordinary human being like any other.

The courage I have shown to fight back against the injustice my baby and I have been subjected to makes me stand tall and proud with a head held high. Like everyone else, I too get upset, sad, stumble, fall and hurt. Because that’s part of living – to face problems, learn, adapt, and solve them over the course of time. The strength I have to pursue my dreams, live a content life despite the many voids and setbacks life threw my way gives me the zest to live on.

Our lives are a special gift given to us in hope that we’ll realize it’s importance and live it meaningfully. What meaning we draw out of it and give it depends totally on us. Being a loving daughter, a caring mother, a doting friend are just the roles I play in life. Failure in meeting the expectations these roles bring along don’t make me less of a wonderful person, the same way as not being the highest achiever of any set goal shouldn’t stop us from celebrating ourselves.

I celebrate myself everyday for having stood by my principles in life, for having had the strength to face the toughest of times and people with all my might. I respect myself for having had the strength to forgive, to be able to collect my strewn life, to be able to see the positive in all the negativity enveloping my world, for having the courage to accept the mistakes I made, to have the self-confidence to move on in life and not give up.

I thank the Almighty for making me the way I am for I have had my share of the best of what life can offer and among the worst that can happen to someone, but I have still tried my level best to move on.

This post has been written as an entry for the Women’s Web’s ‘Celebrating Myself’ Contest.

The song on my mind: Aaj phir jeene ki tamanna hai ~ Guide

26 thoughts on “Celebrating the human in me

  1. A tinge of narcissism is good sometimes. It makes us realise what we’ve done and gone through. And rightly said Myera, we are first humans and then comes whether men or women. Loved the quote written by hon.Myera 🙂


  2. Kaanto se khinch ke ye aanchal, tod ke bandhan baandhee paayal…
    Waah, what lyrics! One of my favourite songs…It forces you to change your mood and celebrate yourself….:)


  3. Bikram

    And that is what one should I think celebrate being a human Rather then a woman or man or whatever.. Once we start doing that all of us world will be a lovely place to live in..

    because we sometimes become selfish and think we are the best things go wrong 🙂

    And I have been reading you for sometime now and the way you write, and Know what you have gone through . The way you are fighting and what you are doing is indeed something that is commendable and Well done to you …

    We are all unique and we are all what we are , as I often say I am what I am , and I am proud of it … Those who have problems are most welcome to walk away … 🙂


  4. “I celebrate myself everyday for having stood by my principles in life, for having had the strength to face the toughest of times and people with all my might.”

    And that’s a good enough reason to celebrate! 🙂
    Good luck with the competition 🙂


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