When I first started writing this blog, I often used to get a feeling that the tragedies of my life could make up for a bestseller. Though I lack the expertise of writing a book but dreaming doesn’t ask for one’s abilities or qualifications.

Time moved on and so did my journey of sharing my life experiences through this blog. There is one important thing that I have observed. No-matter how unique our life story sounds to us, no-matter how big and unparalleled our miseries appear but we aren’t unique as far pain, misery, tragedy, loss and pain goes. The minute we reach out to the world, we realize there are so many people in our shoes or those who have faced similar situations in their life.

The most important lesson learnt from this finding is,

Though our life stories aren’t unique for millions of people have been through similar situations without us having heard about them, but still every story deserves to be told. Not necessarily in the form of a book but in any form that can reach the people. For every story has a unique lesson.

The protagonists might have been in similar circumstances in many cases but in each of those situations, each of those individuals took different course of action, made different choices and each of those can teach us a valuable life lesson. A lesson thus learnt, can help us think clearer, act smarter and behave better in our current situations.

That’s what I have been doing. Sharing my life story and learning from your stories. Every blog post, ever opinion that you share on your blog  gives me a chance to think, analyse, move ahead and learn a valuable lesson. Whether I can relate to it or not, whether I agree to it or not, whether it’s useful for me at present or not, but information in any form is worth a keep.

These are the thoughts that keep me going as far sharing my life through this blog is concerned and I am waiting for your story, so go ahead share it now!

The song on my mind: Tumse milke aisa lage ~Parinda

25 thoughts on “Bestseller

  1. I agree to you when you say we all have our own unique stories to share ! Sharing, caring and learning the way ahead!..Nice thought


  2. That is certainly the beauty of blogs.. I have learnt so much from reading everybody’s experiences.. It certainly enriches our own lives incredibly. And yes, it is heart warming to know that there are others keeping you company..


    1. Indeed a beautiful feeling to be surrounded by people who can relate to us in more ways than one and share their valuable input to help us swim across any issues in our lives 😀


  3. Hi MyEra, I share the same viewpoint. I was dealing with something, which I had thought was unique to me. But when I started blogging (I had a ‘public’ blog,) I realised that there were many others like me. Learning about other people’s experiences and the way they dealt with it, gave me a lot of strength. Most of my friends,do not understand why i blog-they see it as a waste of time. Through the blog (my older one) I expressed my angst, and seeked solutions. If not for blogging, I don’t think I would’ve been in this serene place that I find myself today.


  4. You are absolutely right. Even though everyone experiences everything ranging from despair to happiness, each one will have something different, something unique. And that is why it is said – You are unique, no use of trying to be like others.

    A thoughtful post ME 🙂


  5. So true Era. I too have learnt a lot after getting into the blogworld from other people’s experiences and opinions.

    Oh, I forgot to thank you for mentioning the name of the song before the video although I noticed it several posts ago. Mmmuah to you for that 😀


  6. First thing: lovely song! I have always adored it. 🙂

    ME, I can so relate to what you have written here. Blogging – oh writing in general – gives an outlet for what may be tormenting us inside. Likewise, it also lets us celebrate and share a passing joy, keep it captured in print for good. Keep writing, keep telling stories. Like you said, every tale deserves to be told. 🙂


  7. cannot agree more with you ME.. Blogging has given a whole new experience to share views/ideas and like u rightly said, we can choose, evaluate and rethink based of fellow bloggers comments and also many of the fellow bloggers go and prove us that we are not the only one dealing with xyz situations alone!! That adds to our strength unknoingly!!


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