What’s going on?

Without much thought I am now going to empty my mind in this post. So get ready to read a mixed bag of surprises, fun and mad thoughts.

  1. Pari is getting naughty, smarter and stubborn by the minute. From throwing tantrums at the blink of an eye to crying with big fat tears rolling down her cheeks and going red in the next couple of seconds, she seems to have mastered a lot of tricks to seek attention. All this at an age of eleven months.
  2. Pari loves to share all she eats. When I feed her after every few bites she tries to feed me the very same way as I feed her and if I do not co-operate, she makes sure the bite she offered is pushed into my mouth. The same rule applies to her teethers. Ah! you can see a grown up with 32 adult teeth sucking on the bunch of teether keys for the fear of her daughter throwing a tantrum.
  3. Driving in India after many years of driving in the systematic traffic abroad has been quite a challenge. Though I seem to have slowly picked up, and these days I don’t sweat as much I used to in the start when people would overtake from wrong sides and would suddenly turn without indication.
  4. I am on my toes almost all the time. During the hours Pari is awake I am busy watching what all she is trying to eat, what she is upto, whether she is playing with any electricity points, etc. When she is asleep am racing to finish all the chores I can’t do while she is awake for she follows me everywhere like a shadow.
  5. Pari’s favorite toy these days is the plastic bat (Cricket bat) that she uses to punish me (by hitting me), to get things far from her reach, to hit the laptop keys if I dare use the laptop while she is awake and the least for the actual purpose it’s meant for, playing with a ball.
  6. I am very scared of lizards, even those tiny baby lizards that are hardly a few hours old. Last Sunday, a baby lizard around a couple of inches long managed to sneak in our room. On spotting it on the floor I screamed and was jumping here and there, when Pari decided to scare the tiny beast. She actually crawled full speed chasing the baby lizard out of the room while I was screaming and calling for help. It’s rightly said, age is just a number!
  7. With Pari’s first birthday not too far, I am busy looking for birthday cake recipes and suggestions. I am not looking for anything too fancy seeing to my limited baking skills, but yes, I do want to make something special. Got any great ideas? Any of your all time favorite cake recipes or any special cake you baked recently, please do let me know.

The song on my mind: Jiya Jale ~ Dil Se

51 thoughts on “What’s going on?

  1. Awww… She actually scared a baby lizard that scared you? Pari is adorable 🙂
    I am trying to imagine you with a teether in your mouth 😀 😀
    And Pari’s B’day is around … I am sure you will make a lovely cake for her 🙂
    Muaah to the little princess 🙂


  2. Pari is soooooooooooo adorable 🙂 loved reading your post – ESP. Cricket bat being her instrument, handing over teethers and chasing lizard. Oooshooooooo 🙂 more and more pooches to the little angel 🙂

    I have not baked anything so far, so sorry 😦 no help there. But I wish you a very very joyous day ME 🙂 I really wish that you and pari have a wonderful time together. When is the birthday ? The date I mean 🙂

    God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. greenboochi

    A post filled with Pari’s actions and mischief.. How can I not love it?!? made such a cute read 🙂 🙂 Feeling all happy reading through this…

    you know what… even I am scared of lizards… especially the baby ones.. they scare me so much that I can shout at the top of my voice.. Pari doesn’t even know what it is.. to have fear, she chased it out.. ha ha 😀 😀

    I will think through the cake ideas and let you know if I can think of anything great.. and come on.. dont say you have limited baking skills.. I am not going to believe it! 🙂


    1. you are absolutely right GB she has no clue what she is getting into that’s why you can see her chasing ants (big ones) and everything else that scares me 🙂
      aww…you are being too kind GB about my baking skills…let’s see what I finally come up with 🙂
      Thank you sweets


  4. Oh you really seem to have your hands full 😉

    Pari seems to be in one of best phases a child can be in – enjoying life to the fullest!! Looking forward to hear the birthday plans from you.

    A huuge hug to Pari from my end


  5. Hey ME…I am on the same page with u on point 1,2,4 & 6 😀

    These kids are not at all scared of anything…lizards & ants run for their life when mishti is in the same room !!!
    LOL on that teether part…in my household it is the sipper which we have to take to our mouth!!! She even tries to wash our face first when taken to wash basin!!!

    P.S. I had written a post last year with the same title however it was about something entirely different 🙂


    Love & Hugs to naughty li’l princess.. btw when is her b’day??


    1. 😆 at washing your face….I know Mishti and Pari are in exactly the same phase….very cute and naughty indeed 😀
      Hardly 15 days to go Nibedita, hence am busy finalising the food to be cooked 🙂
      Will hop over to your post soon 🙂


  6. Why this song?? for the first time, I am asking okie..so dont shoot me 🙂

    She is adorable …she is not scared of lizards..wah wah! *Claps hands loudly* Tell her to please come to this RM masi’s mom’s house in Goa and drive away all the lizards please 🙂


    1. I can never shoot you RM for you are sweetie R’s mom 😀
      Well the real reason behind that song was I was very disturbed while typing this post and actually trying to calm my senses by writing about Pari. Though the post didn’t say much about what was on my mind but i couldn’t help from selecting this song. Though I did try to pick a peppier number but something in me just didn’t want to change the song so I stuck with it 🙂

      Don’t get too excited RM, Pari isn’t aware of the real dangers of the animals and insects she loves, though I sincerely hope she turns out to be a brave girl once she grows up 🙂


  7. awww… pari is so cute.. i dont know from where kids learnt this art of crying and getting things done their way.. bunty too has learnt this crying trick, she also comes and switches off the laptop when i am working.. she likes pressing the start button.. talking about lizad.. my daughter too has this fascination for animals and birds.. she chases dove on terrace..

    cake recipes.. i have no idea.. i have made anything till now.. but can give u link to my friends blog, where she bakes a lots..
    here it is.. :http://www.madhumitajena.com/2012/03/improvised-eggless-chocolate-cake.html


  8. Aww…love the part where Pari tries to feed you 🙂 She is turning into YOUR mother, I think! 😀

    I feel really sympathetic to the poor baby lizard. I burst out laughing imagining the scene… you screaming in a corner…and Pari chasing the lizard at top speed… hahahah :mrgreen:

    Wow Pari is turning a year old already?? That was fast!!


    1. You are right Ash, I get scolded by her and I literally do things as she wants me to, so she is sure the boss 😀
      Exactly what my dad said that poor baby lizard ran screaming for his life, “mummy mummy a baby is chasing me” 😆 😆
      Yes she is, I won’t call it fast though 🙂


    1. Big girl indeed 😀
      I am with you on the first two ideas, as far the last, Pari is too young to appreciate the Barbie yet, maybe in the years to come 😀
      All your suggestions noted CR 😀 thank you 🙂


  9. sweet!! I recently had a cookie cake at a birthday. Which is nothing but a huge chocolate chip cookie which is iced.It turned out to be delicious and different than the traditional birthday cakes. Another fun idea is an ice cream cake. Only thing being you might not be able to keep it outside for a long time. Kids generally love ice cream cakes, esp in summers.


    1. I agree, kids love ice cream cakes, but I’ll keep that awesome idea for the time Pari grows up a little to actually appreciate and enjoy the ice-cream with her friends 😀
      Chocolate chip cookie cake sounds cool….off to finding some recipes …. thank you 😀


  10. Pari is cho cute….wanna cuddle her:*
    Her bday is coming…when??? I don’t know about cakes and recipes…but i know to eat…and i love cakes….:P

    And haan, let her be not scared of anything…let her be strong…just like her MOM:*

    Hugzzz to both


  11. ROFL on “you can see a grown up with 32 adult teeth sucking on the bunch of teether keys for the fear of her daughter throwing a tantrum.”
    you can try the simple home baked black forest cake, you can use fresh cherries rather than the tinned one, it’s really easy to make and really yummy 🙂
    Let me know if you need help on that, my friend and i recently tried that 🙂


    1. Please check your email, I’d be more than happy to seek help with baking a black forest cake for I have had two recipes leading to a disaster in the past 😥
      Thank you for the offer to help 😀


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