I have started going for evening walks to give myself a dose of the outside world, some fresh air, exercise, some time of my own and time away from daily household chores (though not exactly, for I often pick grocery items on my way back). It’s been a while since I started.

On my way I come across many people, mostly kids on their way to the nearby stadium where they play football and cricket. As the days have rolled on, there are people whom I come across daily. One of them is a young couple who come for a walk at exactly the same time as me.

I have accidentally heard a few bits of their conversation with other people and have come to learn that the lady is a chartered accountant and is currently looking for a job. Though I have no clue about the guy, who they are, where do they live, or anything else except that they are casual strollers for they literally stroll around talking about the happenings of their day. These are my observations and assumptions for they come in their bathroom slippers instead of sneakers and are usually dressed in the clothes one would wear to go shopping and not for an exercise routine.

There is something about them that has often struck me. It’s the striking resemblance the guy has to my soon-to-ex-husband from the back. Almost the same height, same style of hair cut, same style of t-shirts and when he walks anyone could easily mistake him to be my husband from the back or from distance.

At first, I jerked off any such crazy thoughts and took it as an outcome of my over-imaginative, stressed out mind. But, one fine day he happened to be wearing a t-shirt very similar to one of my husband’s all time favorites. It wasn’t my imagination alone for my father too commented about his resemblance to my husband.

I am fully aware that I will come across many such resemblances, many reminders of my past life from time to time. But, these days when I have been very disturbed cause of a number of issues, this resemblance actually brought to me many memories of the good times I had shared with my husband.

There’s nothing wrong in being reminded of one’s past. But being clouded by memories and thoughts of the evil soul who has been trying every trick under the sun to make my life hell, at a time when I am struggling trying to relax my overtaxed brain, is unfair.

Though all those thoughts are long forgotten by the time I reach home, but still they do last long enough to ruin my pleasure of strolling in the warm but refreshing evening breeze. I can never stop smiling at the irony of the situation, that how time changes and everything we so comfortably take for granted can in no time become a distant memory.

I have slowly grown used to this impact of resemblance, but it sure did haunt my mind for a few days. I decided to not over react and in no time I got used it, though not without conscious effort. I am sure I am going to laugh at myself when many days from today I’ll re-read this post.

The song on my mind: Kahin kahin se har chehra ~ Jagjit Singh & Asha Bhonsle

28 thoughts on “Resemblance

  1. hmmmmmmmmmmm well this is human i guess we remmeebr things and I am sorry to say this will last long time .. and i dont think we can ever forget it also ..

    but that is life

    I am sure you will be FINE .. so dont worry jsut take care 🙂


    1. I agree Bikram it’s basic human tendency to remember things and co-relate them with many other happenings in our day to day life 🙂


  2. Aiyyooo!!! I can understand your dilemma that feeling of thud! that goes in your heart when u see someone similar with whom you have spent some best times of your life. But I am also very sure that u need just two minutes to snap out of it when you think about the bad things that he did to your family.
    You know in a way it is good that u saw this person, it will harden you and make you immune to ur Soon to be Ex Husband. Trust me.
    And hang in everything will be fine 🙂


  3. Can understand ur situation on spotting someone who reminds u of all those memories u are not willing to relive with,,, Like u just said u will come across many such resemblenses and situations that wil take u awhile to ur past… Hugs sweetie but time will heal everything,,,


      1. I am currently not so good ME.. Infact u gave me inspiration to blog abt my current situation which I was contemplating for sometime now.. Blogging helps to let out our emotions in a v nice way..


        1. I am glad you could muster courage to blog about the very difficult time you have faced recently….venting it out surely helps 🙂
          Tight hugs dear…hope you feel better soon 😀


  4. greenboochi

    Hmmm… not quite sure what to say here… its not possible to completely erase the past.. brain is not a hard disk unfortunately… 😦 But ME, I am sure you will find a way to deal with it soon.


  5. not sure what to say.. but things will change with time.. its just the phase i think.. i had this state when i broke up with ex and got married.. thought the trace of ex was there for sometime, but completely out it over the years..
    dont worry, best things will happen to u.. cheer up
    hugs to u.. 🙂


  6. a first timer here. I really don’t know much about ur past. But whatever happened, U r the only one who has to deal with it. If u can’t change something, pray for the strength to bear the unchangeable. Above all time will do it for u. blessings!
    N what caught my attention in the post was the word CA as i am in the process of becoming. :p haha


    1. Welcome to my blog Sugar 🙂
      I agree the onus of being the change is on me and all I can do is stay positive and keep working to seek peace 🙂
      Wow! I had never imagined that such a small information (about the girl being CA) could actually lure someone’s interest 😀


  7. Life sometimes has a cruel way of reminding us of our past and cause us pain. I can understand anything said in this situation is easier said than done…can just say take care… I am sure the sunrise is not far.


  8. Hey ME, Been reading regularly but office doesnt allow me to comment 😦

    Take Heart Girl! You’ve been really strong and doing good – It does take time to get over so many years of living together. But time heals all…

    Stay brave and strong – {{HUGS}}


  9. Is anything at all a coincidence? The very song on your lips plays on the radio. The very person you were thinking about rings you up. Life can sometimes be sadistic. I am sure you can take everything in your stride. Take care, ME.


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