I am wondering why…

  1. The days I want to sleep early in preparation for an important day ahead sleep evades me for longer than usual ?
  2. When I want to stay calm and composed, the noise of my heart beating in my ears robs me off all peace ?
  3. When everyone says our mind is in our control, why our thoughts lurk to every forbidden area instead of concentrating on the work at hand ?
  4. The day I decide to control the calories I ingest, I land up on an irresistible pie recipe that’ll steal my peace of mind until I make it ?
  5. The day I decide I will no longer let memories of the past haunt me, I bump across pictures, NEWS and gossip about the people in my past life after what feels like ages ?
  6. The day I need to write in order to feel light, my fingers decide to betray me. The words overflowing in my mind fail to take form of a post ?
  7. The day I am all calm and set to face any tantrum that Pari might throw my way, she decides to be the most obedient, co-operative baby I have ever seen in my life ?
  8. The posts that I want to complete right away see me stuck mid-way for days in a row ?
  9. When I have prepared for a phone call for two hours, rehearsing the possible conversation infinite times the minute I pick up the phone, I decide against making the call ?
  10. so many strange, mind-boggling things happened to me in one evening ?

The song on my mind: Ye kya jagah hai doston ~ Umrao Jaan

32 thoughts on “I am wondering why…

  1. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel…keep up the hope!!
    With still so many things running in your mind, unclear, unsolved, you still remain to be an inspirer for so many people! Sometimes we don’t have answers ….but you will find them soon!!


  2. garima

    Hugs dear…I can understand the thoughts that keep coming to your mind and takes away your peace.I wish I could do something but dear I have no words to soothe you.You stay strong,sending your way positive vibes..Take care and God bless 🙂


  3. Simply because the world wants you to realize that nothing is really in your hands. You just put your best foot forward and face the music anyway 🙂 that’s all. Results will follow.


  4. point one, i so agree with you, I toss and turn all night long.. and then i cant hear the alarm in morning and its rush rush rush ..

    I think all these things happen a lot but we remember them on special days only

    and a good song .. Rekha at her best


  5. ME,

    Hugs to you ! Maybe when we try to consciously make an effort to make things “normal”, they don’t tend to be, because normal is when you don’t make a conscious effort and let things progress the way they do and you handle them with instinct when they do?
    Maybe because when we consciously try to drown some thoughts, we are making a conscious effort and hence cannot really let go of them?
    I don’t know. I just wish and pray that the tumultuous times pass by quickly and life surprises you in them most pleasant of ways 🙂


  6. I’ve long felt the universe has a perverse sense of humor :/

    I was planning to get around to making that vanilla cake over the weekend, and my oven, which has never given me trouble so far, chose today to pack up.

    That’s life, I guess. Heh


  7. Hey ME! Looks like there are too many thoughts and emotions that you are going through – hence so much of confusion? Take Care and BIG HUGSSSS


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