In search of Justice

Before I jumped on the decision to take the money matters between me and my ex-husband to the court along with a petition seeking divorce, I was well aware of the state of our country’s judicial system.

But, what I have faced or rather encountered in my countless visits to the court has been something that I wouldn’t wish for my worst enemy. It is not just limited to lies, frustration, bureaucracy, corruption and money-minded lawyers. The whole atmosphere along with the kind of thought process, nasty remarks spiced with demand of proofs for things that demand basic common sense only add to the misery.

I am currently refraining from going into micro details and the nitty-gritty of my case cause of sheer exhaustion. Among countless other observations the one that disturbs me most is the way cases are lingered. Anything that could easily be resolved in a matter of two or three hearings maximum, takes years to get sorted. Justice is done on paper but court orders are rarely carried out.

The outcome being, victims spend rest of their lives suing the defaulters for not abiding by the judgement of the earlier case and end up losing more than what they ever gain.

I have no intention to generalize the practice and proceedings of the judicial system in our country. All I am saying is from my personal observations and experience only. One fine day when I have more energy, I’ll surely write down the saga of my experiences in the Indian courts to help those who need an insight about what they should expect once they file a case.

As far me, all I can say is the stress levels are at their peak. I have hardly slept 15 hours (in total) in the past six days. To add to my misery, my laptop suffered an alien attack this Saturday. I say alien instead of a virus attack for though I ended up having to get my laptop formatted, the problem didn’t quite resolve. I’ll worry more about it, once things get better for things are sure under control for now.

The song on my mind: Waqt ne kiya kya hasin sitam ~ Kagaz ke phool

42 thoughts on “In search of Justice

  1. I dunno what to say ME. I haven’t been frequenting this space. Came to say hi and to pass on my love to Pari. Missed learning about her antics…

    All I have to offer you is my patient ears and warm tight hugs ME. May the dark cloud move out of your life ASAP. Will keep you in my prayers dearie…


  2. Axe

    lot of people get divorce but i don’t think anyone ever said justice was served in their case. this is because courts view husband wife tiff as their own private matter and do not want to intervene. but if there are other cases pending against husband, then it would inhibit boys side to come for a divorce agreement which is actually very easy and takes few months. overall a very tiresome process but u get used to the system after about half a year and stop complaining. when u get the actual decree u may be emotionless and lose further interest towards a new marriage.


  3. Hey ME, hugs…. I feel for you and pray that this dark hour passes soon…. Please take care of yourself…. I know its too easy for me to say, but you HAVE to take care of your health to sail through this….. xoxo


  4. We have all heard how terrible the court system is in India, and what you describe only seems to confirm it. It has been said that the higher courts are better but one has to go through the lower courts to get to the higher courts normally. I think it would be useful to know the nitty gritty of what to expect in the court system.


  5. aiyo take care rey….get sleep get sleep…yesterday I went to the doctor suffering from severe headache and shoulder ache..he prodded me hard and figured out most of the bodyache is due to lack of sleep and too much stress…

    you dont want to fall sick do you?

    Take care and big hugs…


  6. Hey, get some sleep…
    I agree to you completely, the legal system is really sluggish here. My aunt had to go through Divorce and the whole thing was very painful for her and the family. It’s like justice delayed is justice denied.


  7. hmmm.. yes i have a colleague of mine who is going almost traveling every month to his native place which is 1000 miles away just to attend court session. i remember him saying that he has to prove to court that he had traveled on particular day. so just producing the ticket was not enough. he had to write to RTI, get info through the railway department, which took at least few months and then submit it to court. seriously it eats up all time. 😦


  8. One of my friend sis undergoing a painful divorce that she filed for (not mutual). Her story with the courts is painful as yours seems to be. Case has been going on 3 years now with no respite. Her folks are at the end of their tether.
    It’s really sad….


  9. I feel terrible that the whole process saps you off your last bit of energy and leaves you painfully enervated. I am sorry but I wonder why something such as divorce is so hard a matter to judge and provide respite. I can’t understand why someone or some system would cause someone further anguish with all this. This is terrible ME. Sometimes I just feel horrible that a system can do this to someone and go scot-free. My hugs and prayers are with you ME. Just hug Pari tight. Pls don’t lose faith. Meanwhile I will also ray for a changed system. That would bring smiles on many a faces. We are all with you. You know that, don’t you ? Hang in there. It will be over. Soon.


  10. Oh god, it is embarrassing to see people go through lots of pain and suffering to get justice and that at the hands of one of the highest authorities in the country. I feel more ashamed because I am going to be a lawyer soon.
    If you need any kind of help, please feel free 🙂

    Stick to it and do not fall sick. Hugs 🙂


  11. Chaitali

    It will require lot of courage and patience..
    It takes ages to resolve court cases..
    Is there any possibility of out of court settlement.. i mean get the divorce without going through all this fuss.. so that you can get back to ur life, career and more importantly tend to ur daughter.. without any stress…
    My perspective could differs from urs.. but i will pray that u get through all this soon


  12. Sigh…… 😦 I really don’t know how to comfort you at this point of time.. Getting things worked out in our country, does take a lot of effort, strength and energy! I wish, you have loads of loads of it!

    Its been a few days you wrote this post.. hope things are taking a better shape now.

    hugs!! hugs ME!!


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