We shall overcome

My darling Pari,

From a long time or more correctly, from the time it became clear that we (you and I) couldn’t continue being associated with your father, I have been panicked about you and your future. I used to spend sleepless nights worrying how will I take care of you all alone, as a single mother.

Things have changed dramatically in the course of one year. I do worry, but not on the same lines as before. I am still scared of the future but not for the reasons I was earlier. I want to share with you some of the big lessons I have recently learnt the hard way.

I was told so on a number of occasions, but I took time to realize it on my own. Our life doesn’t end with certain people ceasing to be a part of it. It’s a fact. Very bitter to accept but when thought about with a clear perspective, it sure makes great sense.

Whatever your father did and has been doing to harm us, is a clear message that he has no emotions or feelings let alone worries whether we (you & I ) exist or perish. Happiness and peace are two things that he has not even been considering. I left him when there was no valid point left to indicate that sharing our life with him would do us any good.

It’s been thought over and over infinite times. Though I have always landed on the same  conclusion but repeated thinking and analysis brought to fore some wonderful realizations. Our life, our happiness, our future is in our hands. It is up to us to make it, shape it and channelize it the way we think is right.

No-matter who formed our past, our present and future is yet a ball of clay, waiting for us to mold it the way we want it. We are complete in our own way. When we decide to surround us with people who truly care for us, the positive energy and love helps change everything to a favorable and acceptable form.

There is no fear for faith rules. There is no guilt or frustration for understanding and love prevails. So worry not my sweetheart, we both are enough for ourselves. We two shall overcome any challenges life throws our way.

So never ever worry about what all we could have, but smile and be happy about all that we have accomplished in our journey together.

Stay positive and keep smiling.

With love and blessings,


The song on my mind: Yun hi kat jayega safar ~ Hum hain rahi Pyar ke

42 thoughts on “We shall overcome

  1. ME… See, just as I hoped – you are back. I mean, strong enough to see and live through the happenings again, to write this beautiful letter to Pari. Everything you said is true to the point. I am so happy, your thoughts are positive again and I am sure everything is going to be fine, soon! Hugs ME.


  2. There you go! 🙂
    And as long little Pari’s mum has her head firmly on her shoulders and thinks straight and moves on, little Pari is in safe hands 🙂


  3. Jo

    Era, sometimes its easier being a single mom, than being with someone who does nothing but expects you to do and report everything to him in regards of the house and child. What Pari needs is love and I bet her mother and grandparents are giving her a lot of it. Someday she will be old enough to be told the truth and I bet she will understand. Until then its YOU she looks up to and imitates, be the person you want her to be. 🙂


  4. Arjun Sharma

    with a loving and strong mum like you, i dont think u have to worry about Pari’s future. u did that right thing if i may add by distancing Pari from that man who in my opinion isnt worth being called her ‘father’. my thoughts and prayers go out to you and Pari. may you both have an awesome time with each other.


  5. I love your spirit MyEra. Stay positive. I am sure you and Pari will have a great future 🙂 and the present situation is just a passing phase. It will be the past soon. Hugs to both of you 🙂


  6. Pal

    Hi ME,
    I have been following your blog posts keenly ever since I chanced upon your blog and delurking today as your post really stikes close to heart. Your worries about being a single mom are something that I can understand being raised by one myself. Though the stories differ in how it came about ( my dad passed away when I was 3) , the fact of growing up without a father figure rings true. I can assure though I always wished I had a Dad around, I never wanted for love, guidance and inspiration ever in my life due to the heroic way in which my Mom brought up my sis & I. She made sure she was economically independent and never let anything negative influence us by literally cutting out the people who could potentially harm us in any which way…thought or action. I see the same spirit in you, having been through your travails in the older posts. I know your lil one has the best possible start in a life, a mother who truly has her best interests at heart. Nothing can ever go wrong from there 🙂 Wish you all the best with all my heart and I can tell u from my experience that Pari is going to be VERY VERY PROUD of you when she grows up!


    1. Thank you for delurking Pal and sharing your personal story. Your mum is a very strong lady. Please pass on my regards to her.
      Tight hugs for helping me believe that all I am doing actually makes some sense.


  7. Sujatha

    This is the first time im visiting ur blog.. Many of your posts have left my eyes moist.. May GOD give u all the strength to overcome this part of life.. Pari is really lucky to have u as her mom.. she will definitely understand u when she grows and will definitely appreciate ur decision..

    hugs to u….


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