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Money isn’t the most important thing in life, but it’s reasonably close to oxygen on the “gotta have it” scale ~ Zig Ziglar

I know most of us can identify to this quote. I do agree to the immense control, power and wish-fulfilling ability money possesses. There is no denying that it can make the difference of life and death let alone of being happy or sad for a lifetime. But, this isn’t the point in question.

I am not trying to analyze the importance of the moolah or where you stand in terms of your financial status for I believe all these are very objective and are sure to vary from person to person. The real thought that triggered the following series of ideas was, I was thinking about how much money would make me feel secure and stress free in my current circumstances.

I had initially thought my reply would be the more the better for every extra cent means added security for the rainy day. But, the reality isn’t so. I have always been an escapist as far money matters go. I dislike the very topic and having to put in my energy in planning for future investments is something too much for my patience. The irony of my life is, the more I run from money matters the more I am forced to indulge in them.

I am among those rare souls who dislike worrying about money and love to invest and forget for a long time. I am neither a spendthrift nor someone who spends without surveying for the best deals.

I do have an amount of money pictured in my mind that can make me feel secure and content. If you are thinking it would be a large figure that could buy anything one can dream of, the reality stands that is not the case either. While looking for job opportunities, I am often tempted to ponder on this basic question.

I have managed to figure out a relatively not-so-big five digit (yeah just five digits) amount in my mind that in my opinion can keep me happy and fulfilled without yearning to make extra.

By nature I have always been quite satisfied with whatever money I ever had. Yes, I have worked in positions where I was paid ‘just right’ or say on the lower end of the paying scale for my qualifications, but it was never a point of concern for me. Neither then, nor today. When it comes to work, I always tend to feel that if the role is doing justice to my qualifications, salary is definitely never the basis of my accepting or denying the offer.

By saying so, I do not intend to declare that what I am paid has no bearing on my decision to choose a job. I just mean to say that I keep the pay-check a distant priority as compared to other parameters for I believe money tends to follow those who focus on work and runs from those who decide to chase it. My belief has only strengthened with time for I have experienced this happening in my life.

This brings me to another shocking discovery about myself. I seem to have no dreams of owning a big mansion or having the finest of silver or to travel around the world or even to become the biggest name in my field. I don’t know what’s wrong, but I seem to be lacking the fire people who make it big possess in their starting years. I am just content with where I am and all I dream of is to do my best. Everything I wish for seems to fit in my planned sum. Maybe, I am under-estimating the inflation or my dreams aren’t big enough.

I think the major put off has been the way money had tried to control my life, my marriage and my very existence. The way my money-hungry ex-husband has been the cause of immense pain in my life seems to have reinforced my dislike for worrying about money.

The only thought that gives me the said kick to get into action is the desire to excel in all I do. Though I am not a perfectionist, but I dislike being unprepared. Whatever work I do has to have my hundred percent and I will endlessly try to improve my performance till I get there, irrespective of the position, role and my paycheck.

I personally feel this basic clarity will help me stay sane in managing my finances to the best of my handling ability to ensure a safe and happy future for myself and Pari.

After a chain of confusing, contradictory thoughts I am glad to have reached a point of self-analysis where I can pronounce myself smart enough to know the exact amount that can make me live at peace without money woes of any kind. The best part of it being, that kind of monthly salary is very much achievable. It’s just the matter of the right opportunity and I am determined enough to make that happen somehow.

What’s money? A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do. ~ Bob Dylan

The song on my mind: Keh doon tumhey ~Deewar

38 thoughts on “Money & me

  1. Bikramjit Singh Mann

    firsttttttttttttttt 🙂 and in quick time toooo …

    well I know everyone says money is not important BUT it is .. I dont deny that I work hard to earn money and Yes i need lots of it .. because I have a few things that I would want ot do in my lifetime..

    Glad to know that you know how much is enough for you.. thats always handy to know

    all the best and the SOng you have put is my favourite all times toooo 🙂


    1. Yaaaaaaaaay! on being first 🙂
      No denying to the importance of money in life, it’s just that knowing what all you want to do with it can be pretty useful when planning life 😀
      Thank you Bikram


  2. Errr…just to let you know FIVE FIGURE SALARY is not bad at all okie?

    I loved the post, for the simple reason that, I have the same issues with money….I want enough to have incase of an emergency and I dont depend on others, but I dont want so much that it robs my peace of mind 🙂


    1. I DO believe five figures is good salary that is why I have decided that much is enough for me irrespective of the fact that among the people in my life almost 95% earn in 7 figures (annually).
      So true, as long as peace of mind isn’t gone chasing money all is acceptable afterall you need to be sane to enjoy it 😀


  3. I was in a quandary when I went for job interviews in Bangalore after a previous stint. I did not know how much I should ask. Yes, I was that dumb 😳 Turned out I had quoted very less, but my manager though bemused, did not show it. Much later I came to know how funny that moment was for him. For me, the job profile was the one which mattered the most. For many whom I spoke to later, told the pay scale is the one which is the most important.

    Glad to know that you are clear in this aspect 🙂


  4. ‘ I am just content with where I am and all I dream of is to do my best.’

    This is the sign of being a satisfied soul. Maybe the harsh experiences that you have had have made you feel like this. Contentment is actually a good thing to have, but I also feel sometimes it takes away the enthusiasm from things. But I am sure as Pari grows up each day that enthusiasm will come back as you will strive to have nothing but the best for her 🙂



    1. I think the other way round. People like me will fight anything in the world to main my peace and state of contentment hence the enthusiasm is actually focused on getting the best once for all to stay worry-free 😀
      I am sure I will change with time and then this post will serve as my baseline record 😀


    1. I agree
      I have a clear picture of all I want to do (as of now) and for that I want to pin the optimum salary I should strive at, so that I don’t lose on the joys of life working for that extra cent without enjoying life 😀


  5. this post appears like a self analysis of me, for every point I was nodding my head with “yes that’s me”.. not aiming for more than 5 digit figure, getting paid moderately, being satisfied with what you have, not a spendthrift, looking for perfectionism in what we do, dislike bring unprepared – this is all about me too 🙂


  6. Very well written. I am happy to note that you know the exact amount that can make you live at peace. Not many know this. Money does not solve all problems. But it will solve many problems.


  7. At the risk of sounding like a snob, let me say that, I didn’t have to worry about money in my life. Until I got married, that is. I came from a financially secure background. I am not much a shopaholic or lavish spender, so I never had trouble with expenses. But being married changed all that. It was a good dose of reality. Now I pay more attention to what sort of salary we should be earning, what we should be doing to get there, and how we plan for the future.

    Even then, I wouldn’t count money as THE most important thing in life. That would mean your priorities are all wrong. 🙂


    1. Just clarifying. By YOUR priorities, I meant ‘you’ as a general ‘you’. Not referring to ‘you’ as in yourself, ME 🙂
      The sentence should read: “That would mean a person’s priorities are all wrong” 🙂


        1. Nooooo! *facepalm moment* I think I worded it all wrong.

          I meant to say: “While I understand and respect the importance of money in life, I still feel that if a person prioritizes money as THE most important thing in life I would feel the person’s priorities are not right.”
          Did that make sense?


          1. yes, got it now 😀
            Sorry Ash for bothering you with so many questions.

            I agree, chasing money making it the sole aim of our life is the biggest mistake anyone can ever commit, for you miss out on the very purpose of life in doing so 🙂

            Thank you for clearing it, it’s a facepalm moment for me actually 😳


  8. So long as you have your priorities defined, have a clear idea about what you want from life, how much money would satisfy your needs, how much you’d need to secure your and Pari’s future, I think you’re doing absolutely fine for yourself. Its this clarity in your thoughts that is truly admirable ME! You seem to be very sure of yourself and nowhere does it seem confusing. So dont you worry 🙂

    Take care and good luck!


  9. ME.. I’ve been reading your blog since a very long time but today I decided to comment as your topic and my thoughts that aroused due to the situation today coincided 🙂
    I too have a similar opinion of yours regarding money…… Most of us loose the essence of life running behind money, saving, better package and tax exemption schemes 😉


  10. Dil On The Rocks

    We seem to share the same thoughts about money. 🙂 I don’t think money is my priority when I accept a job. I have never asked for more either when I could. But I think my personal choices are changing now…

    I once wondered when will it be that I will be able to buy something without looking at the price. and then I figured its never happening. No matter how much money we have we will always be careful of how we spend and what we spend on. And that’s better for our kids future. 🙂


    1. I agree with you DOTR being a careful spender always ensuring a safe future for our family goes a long way in times of need.
      The best part of being content with a fetch-able amount is you can enjoy life and yet have ample for the rainy day set aside safely 🙂


  11. Nice honest post. I think on the same lines as you. Just enough to be independent and support myself, and of course doing work that I enjoy doing. Easy money is not for me either.


  12. Did you mean a 5 figure salary annually by any chance? I assume it was monthly, and yes, in my world, that is a LOT. But if you are content with a 5 figure salary, annually, then I respect you. I’d love to be happy with that too, but I don’t think I’d be able to sustain myself with the kind of lifestyle I have. Oh, I have so many thoughts regarding this topic, let me come back here after I am more sorted.


    1. Well, I meant a five figure monthly salary for I too can’t sustain on 5 figures annually. Even if I stick to the very basic lifestyle, minimum of five figures per month are a must have 🙂


  13. No doubt money is important but more important is the satisfaction that you get from your job. Would your job do you any good if you earn too much but you aren’t happy with it? I can so relate to this post of yours. I too like you do not have large dreams. I just want to have a good life and be content with whatever I have!


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