Go Green the Shopper’s Stop Style

“Dressed head to toe in a current trend is a no win; allow your personal style to sparkle from within.” ~beenalabella

When it comes to fashion, I like to go with the flow. In matters of style though, I do have a few set preferences that often guide me while deciding on my look for a particular occasion. I like to believe that comfort when combined with smart choices brings to life a beautiful symphony of elegance and grace.

To me, styling has a lot to do with colours, fragrances, feel and also the overall blending of the choices to give an impeccable finish to my look. Keeping all these elements in mind, I usually follow the following principles while designing my look for a festive season or for the celebrations of life.

My style, my rules:

  • Being bright yet subtle in the choice of colours. While I love and try to wear all colours of the spectrum, my current favourite is Green. The colour of emeralds, jade and the growing grass. It has the element of subtly allowing the accessories shine yet adding beauty without being too loud. I believe, every festive look shouldn’t be made to revolve around red, pink, orange or their variant hues.
  • Contrasting notes. I love matching up contrasting shades to make my outfit stand out without being the showstopper of the event. They bring out the best in each other while helping you to be the winner of their conflicting notes.
  • Shine, but not always golden. Celebrations are the perfect times to add that extra shine and glow to your style. While I like playing low-key on the gold, I enjoy mixing gold and silver notes with colours to shine yet not be gaudy.
  • Accessorize to the optimum. Accessories are important but should be limited with careful thought to avoid creating an over-done, confused look.
  • Fragrance. I am a fragrance lover. I like adding a perfume to mark my style and to keep my spirits up throughout the celebration. Though Chanel & Hugo Boss stand tall in my list of all-time favourites, I enjoy playing with the new fragrances from time to time. For me, styling is never complete without an accompanying perfume.
  • Stylish sandals. A festive look is incomplete without an elegant yet comfortable pair of party shoes/sandals. Make your sandals stand out to say it aloud, that you’ve paid attention not only to your dress and face but to your feet too.
  • A handbag / Clutch. You will never spot me without either of these. I like having my essentials and the mobile phone kept in a purse. You will rarely spot me glued to a mobile on a celebration day and whenever I need to talk on the phone, I like to keep it brief, for parties and festivals are meant to mingle and enjoy with the people around, mobiles are for every other day.
  • Paying attention to your tips and toes. To look elegant, it is important that due care and time be given to styling one’s hair and jazzing up the nails with a dab of sparkling nail paint. It not just boosts your image but also pumps in the confidence that you are ready from head to toe.
  • Keep the make-up light and make sure it blends. I strongly believe that beautiful skin is the best make up. Nevertheless, a touch up with a foundation, notes of mineral makeup, touch up with a mascara to highlight your lashes and most importantly a rich, moisturising and bright lipstick are usually the forms of makeup I indulge in.
  • Set a Budget. Always have a pre-planned budget in mind before you begin shopping, keeping in mind the occasion and its importance in your life. It’s true, beauty is priceless, but shopping for beauty products and apparel always comes with price tags. Going by the plan keeps you happy and your loved ones smiling for not burning a hole in the family budget.

Shopper's Stop

Shopper’s Stop is my one-stop shopping destination when I wish to get it all under one roof. Variety of brands with impressive styles, something that  I have come to love over the years. Friendly staff with delightful deals and something for everyone at all times makes Shopper’s Stop a place where I love shopping. It lives up to its motto, ‘Start Something New’ and ‘Feel the experience while you shop’.

The goodness doesn’t end at that, for you can get the best of Shopper’s Stop delivered right at your doorstep by shopping online at www.shoppersstop.com

I am delighted to present an ensemble that will make you shine and sparkle this festive/ wedding season. Keeping my styling tips in mind and with the beautiful collection of styling products from my favourite, Shoppers Stop.

Go Green this Festive Season – Sizzle, shine & sparkle!
Go Green this Festive Season – Sizzle, shine & sparkle!
  1. Ashika Net Embroidered Lehenga Saree – In gorgeous notes of green and mauve, this delightful number is adorned with delicate embroidery in gold, silver and mauve. It gives you the fall and flare of a lehenga in the wedding ceremonies yet can be worn on festivals as a beautiful saree.
  2. The Infinity Bangle – Go easy on the accessories with this very pretty 18 K gold bangle with clear crystals to add that dazzle to your look.
  3. Ayesha Sparkling bow hair sliders – Available in gold-plated and silver choices, I preferred to balance out the gold and silver in the outfit by choosing the silver pair to adorn your tresses.
  4. Zaveri Pearls Set – A set with a necklace, earrings and a teeka to complete your look in gold and pearls, these fashion accessories will keep you shining while keeping the focus on the lehenga saree.
  5. Titan Ladies watch – To keep you on time, with time and working as a bracelet this watch by Titan is a great part of the ensemble that’ll last you for many celebrations to come.
  6. Elliza Donatein Clutch – Grey and silver notes help balance the silver and golden accessories matching the embroidery of the outfit. Big enough to accommodate your essentials yet not large enough to steal the show.
  7. Lemon women’s ethnic sandals – Stylish yet ethnic to go well with any traditional or casual outfit.
Be make-up smart – Give your skin the best start to an impeccable finish!
Be make-up smart – Give your skin the best start to an impeccable finish!
  1. L’Oreal true match liquid foundation – The perfect start to an impeccable finish of a beautiful looking skin.
  2. L’Oreal true match mineral golden sand – To add the natural glow to your skin that’ll be subtle and will make you a natural beauty.
  3. L’Oreal extra volume million eyelashes mascara – Perfect to enhance and highlight your eyelashes. While I do not use kohl, go ahead use it if you enjoy it.
  4. L’Oreal Color rich creme Brun Mordore lipstick – One of my personal favourites.
  5. L’Oreal Resist & shine Titanium Sleepy Rose 220 – One of my personal favourites to make my nails shine like jewels.
  6. Guess Seductive Wild Perfume – Let your fragrance linger in the minds and memories forever.

Style your hair to your personal liking, though I highly recommend a french plait adorned with the sparkling bow sliders.

The one accessory that no money can buy but is sure to light up the festive mood is a dazzling smile. Do wear it and enjoy every celebration of life with a hint of fashion and your personal style.

“People are not perfect (except when they smile). Wear a smile – one size fits all.” ~Author Unknown

The song on my mind: Kya Khoob lagti ho ~Dharmatama

This post is my entry to The Perfect Festive Look Contest on Indiblogger sponsored by Shopper’s Stop. If you like it, please vote for me here.

22 thoughts on “Go Green the Shopper’s Stop Style

    1. I too am a spontaneous dresser Bikram. It’s just that I put in quite a thought at the time of setting up my wardrobe that helps me later. Besides in this contest as I was to design a look, I paid a lot more thought to intricate details 🙂
      Thank you 🙂


  1. I like this post a lot ME! 🙂

    My styling guidelines for self are – Keep it simple stupid

    followed by go with what you are comfortable with rather than – kauaa chala hans ke chaal aur apni bhi bhool gaya.

    Keeps life easy for me.


  2. pixie

    I love bright colours too!
    For me, clothes have to be comfortable… and it should look good.. 🙂
    a good handbag and fabulous shoes are a must with super-cute earrings! 😉


    1. 😆 I got it, you love trends and lots of variety in your wardrobe. Bright colors add so much life to everything 🙂
      Comfort is very important for me too 🙂


  3. I am loving everything that you selected ME 🙂 The list one is more related to me than list two! Nevertheless, I will come back to it later in my life – if I ever get interested in the makeup 🙂


    1. Oh yes, Green Boochi had to love my green ensemble 😉
      The day you start putting on make-up, you’ll start enjoying it. Keep it to the minimum if you please, but a little make up definitely brings out the best in everyone 🙂
      Thank you sweetie 🙂


  4. I wish someone would do such a makeover for me 🙄

    I hardly know more than one of the cosmetics you have mentioned here :mrgreen:

    Your love for fashion reflects profoundly here ME, all the best for the contest 🙂


    1. It isn’t a makeover, it’s just an ensemble of my choices. C’mon sweetie, you definitely know a lipstick, nail-polish, foundation & mascara. Just the mineral make-up and perfume are my personal liking. I learnt to love the latter two in my stay abroad, for they both are in vogue abroad more than in India.
      Thank you Visha, though I don’t count any of the items I used in this post as fashionable. I have come to believe that am zero when it comes to fashion though the overall response to this post has made me think otherwise 😉 😉


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