Every afternoon following lunch, I plan on writing a blog post, but I hardly ever succeed.  I stepped in the New Year with the desire of blogging often if not daily. That definitely didn’t happen as is obvious with the trickling score of posts in 2013.

The funny part is, I was never ever short of ideas to write about. There were occasions when I had an opportunity to post too, but still I failed cause something else has been pulling me away from writing in the new year. Reading. Yes, you read it right. Reading it is.

I never was and I am still not into reading a lot, compared to what I see my friends and many bloggers read. This habit is going to see a sea change this year for I have suddenly developed an urge to read more than the desire to indulge in a monologue on my blog. It started with my being over-occupied with Pari and the family visiting us in the past ten days that left me with very little free time. Many of the blogs that I read regularly decided to post everyday in January. The outcome, my reader is bursting with unread posts.

I have been reading the unread posts at jet speed, only to wake up each morning to find a new crop of freshly written posts keeping my reader swelling with entertainment. I am absolutely loving reading the daily posts that I exhaust all the free time doing just that, being left with no time to write a post of my own. This is not the only source of reading I am hooked to. In recent times, I have bought a lot of books for Pari and some of the Twitter contests that I won, sent books as gifts. In short, the new year has dawned with the message for me to read more.

Though I am reading at a snail pace, but am actually enjoying having loads of to-read material gradually piling up in my bookshelf. It’s very tough to find time to read at peace while Pari is awake for she still loves snatching my book, trying to make sense of the cover pictures or even trying to tear a page or two in case if she happens to be cranky then. Besides, I often doze off after reading just a couple of pages after a tiring day. So in short, am all charged to do a good amount of reading and writing in this year.

The song on my mind: Kitabein bahut si ~ Baazigar

23 thoughts on “Reading

  1. heh!! I entered the new year with the same resolution – to write more!! But, that hasn’t happened yet!! I am making an effort though! 🙂

    And that song – hee!! Shilpa Shetty looks funny and cute! 😀


  2. Thats a superb news ME 🙂 I too have found back my passion towards reading, with the current circumstances pushing me to take over something. It does gives me a lot of peace and I can have a good night’s sleep with a book in hand.

    Read more but keep writing too 🙂


  3. The reader is always full of unread posts for me, even if I read them every now and then. Reading novels is fun isn’t it. Love this song too!


  4. Hey hi Era,
    How are you and Pari???? My foot is yet to heal completely and I have just joined office. Lot of stuff to read and ya very less time re:)

    I can imagine how it must be with Pari around. Reading requires, little space and little “Me time”!
    And haan, the song reminded me of SRK and Shilpa Shetty. I was a big fan of SRK then…!

    Hugs to Pari dear!


    1. Same pinch on being a big fan of SRK, but I found him looking quite funny in the video when I saw it after a long time 🙂
      Ah! your ankle is still not fit is a shame, I can totally understand how impossible it is to give it complete rest, but that doesn’t mean you stop taking due care.
      Take care sweetie and give my love to little princess Samu 🙂
      Hugs 😀


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