The Goodness of Coconut for the skin

It was a winter morning and I had spotted a bright blue tin can with the picture of a coconut decorating its exterior on my grandma’s dressing table. I used the rear end of the comb to flip open the tightly closed lid and out came a burst of delicate notes of sweet fragrance from a seemingly hard white solid. I poked the white gooey solid with my little fingers and scratched a tiny piece, placed it on my palm and smelled again. It had slightly melted in my body heat producing an oily touch just like butter did, though the fragrance was heavenly.

Just then my grandma stepped in the room and I saw her eyes light up seeing the mischief of her four-year old darling, me. She sat me in her lap and began telling me about what that sweet solid was that was slowly melting my heart and was losing itself in my warm touch. Parachute coconut oil. We both laid the tin in the warmth of sunshine to let the oil melt while she decided to let me experience the goodness of my new-found love on my skin with a gentle massage in those winter days.

I still vividly remember being smitten by my grandma’s tales about how Coconut was a wonder nut that had the feel of my grandpa’s temperament of being hard on the outside yet loving, caring, soft on the inside. In no time following the massage and a hot shower I could feel my skin echo the goodness my grandma had promised. Time moved on and my mother followed the regimen her mother had introduced me with. Beaming with joy just as I ended sharing my childhood tale with my neighbor, I heard the gentle baby laughs of my daughter lovingly getting herself massaged by her grandmother with the same coconut oil.

Coconut Collage-1
Coconut Water, Coconut Milk & Coconut Oil – Great source of natural goodness to the skin.

I gently tapped on my forearm that once had a burn mark from a fall on a hot water pot that had scalded my baby skin. During the days of dressing our doctor had advised use of coconut oil to keep the skin hydrated and for enhanced healing.

Be it finding natural remedy for acne in my adolescence; treating my brother’s eczema; preparing an exfoliating scrub for my face or dark elbows; the need to flaunt shiny, smooth, wrinkle-free, ageless skin or care for my tresses grandma’s wonder nut has always been by my side, keeping me and my family pampered with its natural goodness.


The tradition has passed on for generations and I still believe in the healing, moisturizing powers of the coconut milk and oil for my body and goodness of drinking coconut water to detox and staying healthy .


16 thoughts on “The Goodness of Coconut for the skin

  1. I think traditional and old types of skin care and herbal use for health improvements can never be replaced. Both my parents still use these type of stuff till this very day – unfortunately I have never been too keen to use such stuff but working in the healthcare industry I have grown to understand the true potential and power of these.


    1. Well Ayurveda is a science that works entirely on this concept. It’s just that one needs to know the ingredients and their right proportions to get the best out of these. In today’s busy times making use of these natural treatments (though they are very effective) can sometimes stretch our need for quick-fix solutions.


  2. My mom’s medicine for everything is coconut oil. When my kids had high fever she used to rub coconut oil to their bodies so that the heat comes down and body cools down. Har marz ka ake dawa is coconut oil for my mom. She puts few drops of oil in her ears too….

    For kids i mix camphor and coconut oil and i rub that mixture on their chest and that reduces cough and cold. I use it when cough and cold are mild.


    1. Thank you Toffee.
      I still love sniffing the coconut oil just as I did as a kid and as far usage of oil, I am much better now that I was in the past decade 🙂


  3. BBD-Lite

    I am actually switching back to coconut oil after years of using other things filled with chemicals! It is amazing if you put it on after a bath, when the skin is still damp. I smell so delicious 🙂


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