Fruit Chat

On a routine Wednesday morning, I had woken up exceptionally early. The loud screaming and the thumping of Peacocks dancing on our terrace made it impossible for me to be lazy in bed enjoying the fresh morning breeze. I finally decided to wake up an hour before I usually do.

Since the house was still quiet with everyone fast asleep, I decided to give my morning a healthy start with a cup of warm water with a dash of lemon in it. Invigorating my tired system, I sat on the dining table struggling to swallow the detox potion. Just when I heard a muffled sound of someone giggling.

My iPod and Blackberry had their screen lights on and something unusual seemed to be going on for I could hear an electronic banter with occasional strum of guitar notes. I moved my face closer to my BlackBerry phone and focussed my ear drums to capture the slightest of sound, just when someone yelled,” Oh no! Era’s up and is eavesdropping on our conversation.”

Before I could discern what was actually going on, my BlackBerry (BB) beeped, “Era (yours truly) I am in the middle of a group chat on WeChat with my new pals I found using the Shake feature of WeChat. Since you are my soul mate, you too can join in.”

“What?” I exclaimed rubbing my eyes like a kid earnestly trying to erase off his mischief from the wall and gave my ears a drill to excavate the last drop of wax.

“Stop behaving like a stone age woman and join us or get back to where you belong in mornings, Loo” ushered BB in an agitated beep.

I decided to play along for that sounded the only sane way to find out what was actually going on.

“Ok BB I am game” I said in a cracked voice, mornings often do that to my vocal chords.

“Hey folks, please welcome Era to our group chat” said BB in an excited note and I heard a not-so-excited cheer from BB’s friends.

WC Collage-1

“Era, that’s Apple iPod, Orange network, Mango from our garden and Coconut from grandma’s temple” said BB introducing me to its friends.

“I know them BB, after all I own them all, right?”

Mango thumbnailMango: “Woah…woah…woah young lady. Please stand corrected, we are all citizens of a free world, you don’t ‘OWN’ any of us. We are just part of your life.”

blackberry thumbnailBlackBerry: “Sorry Era, I actually quite agree with Mango’s sentiments, but let’s not waste our time discussing your ideas of owning us and get back to where we were. Shall we?”

Stunned by the liberal thoughts of the objects I’d rather call them people for they now had their voice too. I decided to be a listener.

Coconut thumbnailCoconut: “BB I am so angry with the way techies have been ignoring me. I have everything to make it big in technology. I’ve got a hardware shell, software overflowing with juices and am a lucky charm, after all everyone inaugurates life and its celebrations with me” said the coconut in a frustrated tone.

iPod Thumbnail Apple iPod: “Mind it folks, I am the favorite fruit of the world. If you look at fresh Apples, you are going to be buying pure health for I can even shoo a doctor away. I am worth my weight in gold that’s why I am valued as the most priced fruit in the whole grocery store. And..” before the Apple iPod could continue Mango cut it’s talk short by interrupting.

Mango thumbnailMango: “Enough of your i-tunes dear Apple. We are tired of your conceited dialogues playing in a loop. Let’s shuffle the discussion and hear me out.”

I heard iPod play a music video right in the WeChat interrupting Mango.

The soothing melody made us tap feet but Mango wasn’t ready to give up, so resumed from where it had stopped once the video ended.

Mango thumbnailMango: “Stop your haughty show Apple, everyone knows am the king of fruits. People wait for summers just to savour me. Haven’t you seen Katrina drool over me all day?katrina slice-1

I am not pricey like you because I  spread my sweetness with love.”

Orange ThumbnailOrange: “Khamosh!! C’mon stop your i-tunes. You all have to agree nothing can beat me in freshness as a fruit and my success in being a leading mobile network everywhere I went for the world followed me like a pug.  So all you conceited fruits, admire me for my modesty else I’ll make your eyes sting with a spray of my juices.” thundered Orange before breaking into an evil laughter.

I had to pitch in for I just couldn’t let these fruits boast away to glory, making me, the human who created them all, be a mere listener.

Era thumbnailEra: “Let’s stop fighting and crown me, the human being, as the all-powerful and supreme commander of our group. If human beings hadn’t existed, what good would all of you have been? Right?” I chimed in hoping to end the debate with my canny argument”.

blackberry thumbnailBlackBerry: “Dear Era we are into a healthy talk and since you are a guest, I’d suggest you keep your arguments to yourself, afterall you are nothing without me. You wouldn’t wake up without my alarm, you’d miss your meetings without my calendar and how on earth would you sing, chat, text and have those coochie-coo times with your lover boy without the awesome We Chat in the very curvy me?”

I must admit BB did have a point. I was feeling proud of having opted to make it my 24×7 companion but this wasn’t a thanksgiving day. It was a ‘Do or Die’ argument and I was nowhere close to giving up.

Era thumbnailEra: “OK if you all insist, I am ready to give up my case if you can tell me one valid reason that makes you superior to me. Done?”

There was a 2 second silence. While all my chat buddies were lost in thought I played ‘As long as you love me ~ Backstreet Boys‘ right on WeChat.

Orange, Coconut, BB, Mango and Apple iPod chimed in agreement. “Done deal”

Turn by turn we all had to put our best foot forward, but since I’d initiated the debate, I volunteered to be the first one.

Era thumbnailEra: “I can juice the Orange, crack the Coconut, kill BB with low battery, makes Apple iPod ‘play’ to my tunes and shake up Mango anytime :mrgreen: Hah!” I said confident of having rested the case in my favour.

blackberry thumbnail BlackBerry: “C’mon Era, I’ve got the Juice Defender app to keep my battery going on for really long times to make up for your negligence in charging me timely. Besides, I’ve got Swiss (army) Knife app too to cut short the arguments of the rest of the gang” said Blackberry tipping the chat in its favor.

Coconut thumbnail Coconut: “You can ignore me for not being a techie, but grandma won’t let you forget my importance in her temple, in nourishing your tresses with my oil, the creamy souffle your mum makes with my milk and your favorite coconut laddoos wouldn’t exist without me.” said the Coconut with its nose pointed high in the air

iPod Thumbnail Apple iPod: “You all are forgetting I keep your feet tapping and you all dances to my ‘tunes’ yeah i-tunes” said the Apple haughtily.

Orange ThumbnailOrange: “I believe actions speak louder than words, and splashed our screens with a squirt of its sweet-sour juice. 😛 ”

Refreshed with an Orange splash and wiping our screens we all looked towards Mango who was sitting with a sweet smile plastered to its face.

Mango didn’t utter a word. It whistled, winked 😉 and played the Harlem Shake video on WeChat.

As we all got busy shaking to the beats, Mango dived in a glass of chilled milk to gift us all ‘Mango Shake’ to give our Chat a sweet ending and our day a delightful morning.

Wouldn’t it be great if we humans too knew to resolve all their issues by talking open-mindedly about it with fun and frolic like we did on WeChat?

Though it all turned out to be a dream, but it made me realise that everything in this universe including human beings is born / created with a purpose that only it can fulfill. Let’s learn to respect other beings, whether animate or inanimate and connect with them as we do with our buddies on WeChat.

Indeed, good things in life are Free and WeChat just proves that golden saying right!!

To get a startup about all the exciting features of WeChat watch the following video:


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  1. Well as usual, you have shown an inclination towards edibles, glad you did make them talk too….
    Adds a different blend to the topic! Good choice of video too! Glad you wrote this! Cheers!


  2. A chat with a coconut, a mango, and an orange besides others… now that makes the chat take a new direction! Nice idea.

    All the best!

    Arvind Passey


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