Tough Times

Its been forever since I blogged or read any of the blogs I read regularly. The reason being a long list of stressful situations at my end that aren’t letting me feel quite myself.

To make things easier for me and to get the posts rolling out of my blocked mind, I’ll keep this post really short. I know it doesn’t really matter, but its more like convincing myself to finish this post real quick before being tempted to push it to the drafts.

I have hinted about it earlier too and I think it is now high time that I did a password protected post to talk about all the pain mum’s cancer has brought in our lives besides the obvious fear and agony. We did foresee a lot of it but the real magnitude of the emotional trauma harm done (by the extended family) is surmounting to something way bigger than what the cancer itself has done.

My energy levels are at their all time low, weight fluctuating to alarmingly low levels, with sleep and appetite two issues I really don’t want to touch upon. They both are long-lost and nowhere to be found. At any other point of time I’d be very happy to note that I now weigh much lesser than my pre-pregnancy weight, but in the given circumstances, my mirror image shocks me every single time.

I resemble an alien with dark circles defying my arguments that I am fine. My panic struck state is seen clearly painted on my face, each time I dare look at myself in the mirror, which luckily doesn’t happen too often.

Life seems to have been reading my blog religiously because in the past couple of months I have had almost all the questions I ever asked on this blog answered by life itself. It really amazes me at times, though I feel my fogged vision getting clearer with each passing second.

There is a big pile of updates on Pari that I have failed miserably to record on this blog, but finding time and energy to do so is quite a herculean task at the moment.

Details about all the above coming up real soon in successive posts.

On the happier note, today is the wonderful day when I had created this personal blog two years ago. I certainly feel we (that’s you my dear reader and myself) have come a very long, difficult way in these twenty-four months.

Thank you for being there and keeping me going. I promise this beautiful journey is here to continue for a very long time. To ensure that happens, do subscribe to this blog in one of the many ways you can find on your right hand side to ‘subscribe to updates’ from this blog.

The song on my mind: Tumse hi ~ Jab We Met

11 thoughts on “Tough Times

  1. Congratulations on your 2nd Blog-anniversary.. hugs to you and darling little Pari..

    I’m sorry to hear about your mum. Stay strong Era.. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way.


  2. Coming over to the blog world after a really long time and am shocked to see this. I can only imagine what you and your family must be going through. Sending a lot of positive wishes your way. You have a long process of taking care of your mom ahead of you. Hope you find the strength to do all you need to do in the months to come.


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