It is rightly said that misfortune never comes alone. Maybe cause it loves lurking with ‘difficulties’ of all sizes and orders that’s why it is never short of company.

My current life gives me the feel of being stuck in quicksand. The harder I try to walk away, move out or still simpler, help myself, the deeper I sink in the dirt. My mother has recently undergone a major surgery following some serious complications at the previously operated site ( for breast cancer). She is currently in intensive care but stable.

While my father and myself are literally juggling the endless responsibilities our massive extended family has simply washed off hands from all responsibility. While I have Pari to handle all by myself, a house to take care of in these very difficult times our domestic help who was my last straw of help, lost her husband.

As if this much wasn’t enough to break the hell of endless work and stress that the other helper ( that we had managed to rope in at this critical hour to help me with the kitchen) developed severe infection in her right hand. The brunt of it all is my father is wearing down under constant workload, stress and fatigue.

It is a miserable state to be in seeing your dear ones suffer yet put up a happy face pretending to be fine so that the rest of us don’t worry. The outcome, I am dead tired yet sleep evades me. I am slowly burning down to look like a living ghost, not varying much on the inside.

The minute my spirit begins to sink and the desire fight begins to dim, I look at Pari and the next minute I am back to the determined me. Ready to fight back everything for this little baby who has her whole life ahead of her.

Feeling of responsibility is a two edged sword. But it sure has kept me going thus far.

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15 thoughts on “Quicksand

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  2. I am really sorry that you are having to go through all this ME. But you gotta stay strong and take care of yourself, if you have to take care of the rest of them. Making yourself a living ghost won’t help. Try and build up both your physical and mental strength.

    I lost my father a few months back. We were really having a tough time. But I needed to cope with the situation faster coz I have to help my Mom cope with it. It’s unimaginably tougher for her. We all have to move on… We don’t really have a choice. Have faith and stay strong!


  3. karen

    Hi ME I have gone though the same thing from a lot of our extended family advice n more advice thats it ! the ones who helped are the silent doers but please have faith, and take care of yourself , I lost my mother to cancer last week and all she wanted till the end is to see me strong and not neglect my 2.5 year old son. I will pray for you i had told your story to my mother while she was alive I’m sure shell be praying for you too…


  4. You are an incredibly strong, amazingly positive woman who is an ideal daughter and a perfect mother! Bigggg hug to you. This too shall pass. My pravyers are with you and your family. This too shall pass. And remember ME – once you hit the bottom, you have only 1 way to go – UP! Take care and be who you are – strong:-)


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