The foundation stone

The past six months have been tough for my family. I personally feel the brunt of it all fell on my two-year old the most. She has been so shocked, worried and panic struck that there have been scary long spells when she gave up food and started behaving quite contrary to her usual happy self.

I’ll leave that topic for later because there are so many issues to cover around it. For today let’s talk about a major step I finally took. It’s major because I have been wanting do so from a long time. But circumstances have been such that, being stuck single-handedly caring for a lot of issues, I have been endlessly postponing it.

During the spells of my mother being admitted in the hospital, Pari had gone eerily quiet, very clingy (to me) and used to sleep a very disturbed sleep. Those times only added fuel to my anxiety of sending her to a play school. The mother in me wanted to be with her child protecting her every second.

Something in my heart had been pulling me back, saying wait for mum to get stable before jumping on the mission of letting Pari explore the world of schooling. Thinking on these lines, I spent the time from August till December, finally planning on admitting her in a pre-school in the New Year.

Starting pre-school in New Year meant getting done with the formalities before the school closed down for the winter break. That’s not too far from now. I had to gulp down my insecurities and had to make up a brave heart to atleast approach the pre-school I had shortlisted after considering a handful of others.

Finally, I went to the pre-school tugging Pari and my father along. I wanted Pari to have a look around the school in action to get a clue as to what we were heading into. What happened next deserves a separate post in itself.

For now all I can share is, the day I went to the pre-school for the first time was yesterday and today was officially Pari’s first day at the pre-school. Details about the happenings of both the days are the subject of my next post.

The song on my mind: Zindagi har kadam ek nayi jung hai ~ Meri Jung

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  1. Hey ME.. How are you? very long time I guess… Time sure flies.. Happy happy schooling to Pari. How is Ma now? My hugs and prayers are with you and your family.. take care


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