My Dark Fantasies

I love life and marvel at its mysteries with awe. I believe this universe is made up of black primarily. The space, where we exist like a speck of dust, is black in its entirety, magnanimity and full glory giving room to light holding the remaining spectrum in its lap to play on.

I believe, Black is the most complete colour in the whole world, made of all colours in the palette. From dreams to nostalgia to warding off evil eye to the colour of the monsoon skies; it’s the one colour that suits all.

Black can play multiple roles with immense grace, effortlessly.

“Black is modest and arrogant at the same time,
Black is easy and lazy but mysterious,
But above all, black says this : ‘I don’t bother you –  don’t bother me’ ” – Yohji Yamamoto

These are a few of the B L A C K things that reign supreme in my wishlist :

1. Black Ink – I hail from a family of doctors and writers where pen has always proved to be mightier than the sword. Be it in the power of prescription writing  or the ink of the newspaper spreading awareness, I have experienced the life-changing power of them all.images

I wish to channelize my creativity, my passion for writing to write beyond the confines of my diary or blog and have my name ‘inked’ in the literary world.

2. Coco Chanel Noir – I love fragrances. In fact, love is an understatement for my passion for perfumes. Among the abundance of fragrances available, my love for Chanel perfumes has only grown with exposure to its aromatic treasures. After having tried and loved ‘Chance’, ‘Mademoiselle’ and No5 , Noir is on my list.242626_bigNoir is a beautiful scent which comes in a treasure of a bottle.

Why Noir?

Coco Noir reveals a black that is intimate, seductive , magnetic and intensely brilliant. Striking top notes of Grapefruit and Bergamot accentuate the floral accord, with Rose and Jasmine, while Indonesian Patchouli and Sandalwood notes add warmth. From this deep, rich black emerges a unique olfactory experience . A fascinating, incredibly seductive presence, redefining all codes.

“Coco Noir ~ Through BLACK … Light Revealed”

3. A dazzling Black cookware collection – My passion for food, cooking in particular, dates back to the time I was 3 years old. I used to watch my grandma roll out perfect round Rotis that would magically fluff on the griddle filling my mind with heavenly aroma. I used to play with dough and the chopped veges in toy kitchen set aspiring to stir up similar goodness someday.B0018S13MM.PT03_lg._V357461565_

Today, after having tasted and cooked many flavors from around the world, pretty successfully, I aspire to gift my kitchen the best of cookware a kitchen can ever have. Dazzling black diamond finish, anodized to last a lifetime, with the freedom to cook using any technique . Pots, pans, griddles, woks all would be majestic like pieces of jewelry.

Let heartwarming, delicious, memory stirring flavors be cooked and served in grandeur.

4. Long, Lustrous, Strong Hair – When I was a very little, I was forever in awe with the long, lustrous, jet black hair of my grandma (maternal) and mother. They were long enough to go down to their knees and require two people to have them washed and braided.


While I was still growing my little pigtail, my grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer. I vividly remember seeing her lose her long hair in matter of months from her diagnosis. I was too little to understand the connection, but I was old enough to see the immense pain losing her glorious mane gifted my grandma. My mom was so hurt that she had her own tresses trimmed to shoulder length, following grandma’s demise due to cancer.

I somehow could never grow my hair longer than shoulder-length because of these events.

But things have changed after the birth of my daughter. Pari loves playing with her hair, styling them and wants me to grow hair with her. I wish to be a good sport. I dearly wish for long, strong, lustrous hair for both of us.

5. Space – My intrigue and fascination for the unseen skies has been beyond stargazing ever since my father had bought me a telescope at the age of 9.

images (1)

Knowing the planets and Milky Way beyond what meets the naked eye has seeded in me the desire to explore the space more. I wish to someday spot the Planet of burning Ice and the Diamond Planet with my telescope on a moonless night and to own a bigger and better telescope than I have now.

I know, you must be wondering how come luxury cars, gorgeous fashion accessories, fancy gadgets and the like didn’t find place in my Black wishlist.

The answer is, they sure stand tall in my wishlist, but in colours other than Black.

The Song on my mind: Black is Black ~ Los Bravos

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