The Clear Picture

After breaking my head for three days, non-stop guessing #WhatTheBlack was going on, today the clue #3 brought a remarkable revelation.

Please read the story so far of my quest of #WhatTheBlack is going on before reading further.

Today as per the schedule, Clue #3 arrived at the doorstep of the selected participants. The clue was a black paper cup and a black tissue. When I saw the pictures of the same (As I have yet not received my parcels and have been told it seems to be lost in transit) my joy had no bound, because it was exactly what I had predicted.

WTB prediction -1.1

Clue #3 A black paper cup and a black tissue paper.
Clue #3 A black paper cup and a black tissue paper.

Since the final clue in the maze fit perfectly, the mystery of #WhatTheBlack has apparently been solved. The clear picture that has risen is as under.

Facebook WTB -1

It is a product used in morning, that fits the Oral Care regimen bill (as per my hypothesis here) and most likely it is a Black Toothbrush.

Continuing playing Sherlock Holmes, I decided to seek help from Google.

This is what I found :


Yes, my prediction of #WhatTheBlack is the Colgate Slim Soft Charcoal Toothbrush.

While I excitedly wait for the product to reveal itself tomorrow (2nd of August 2014) let’s analyse what the three clues probably hinted that would sum up to the product launch of a toothbrush with black bristles.

Clue #1 – A black egg filled with chocolate ~ that’s Etiology (causative factor) of dental decay.

Clue #2 – A black newspaper ~ hints at the Epidemiology (occurrence) of dental decay. It would imply that cavities can happen to anyone and make up for one of the most rampant and prevalent diseases known to mankind. A burning issue that needs our attention.

Clue #3 – A black paper cup and a black tissue ~ it’s often used in the Dentist’s office and could also hint at the Treatment stage that is the presence of dental decay looking for treatment.

The final product (yet to be revealed) is a black Oral Care product (Toothbrush or Toothpaste or both) that makes up the Preventive measure to change the way the world brushes, with a slimmer head and bristles.

What are your thoughts? Do you think I have put the pieces of the puzzle correctly?

*P.S.- All inferences have been drawn seeing the clue images shared by other participants, as I haven’t yet received any pieces of the puzzle as yet.

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