Time, Value and Wisdom

My home is where my heart is,

It is the origin and destination of all my dreams,

It is the abode of my loved ones,

The kaleidoscope gifting colours to my life.

From the four walls and more,

I wish to create the spectrum,

With freedom to customize every inch with my fantasy,

To paint every moment I spend at home,

Into a valuable lesson,

A treasured memory,

For us to cherish forever.

“Sometimes beautiful things come into our lives out of nowhere.  We can’t always understand them, but we have to trust in them.  I know you want to question everything, but sometimes it pays to just have a little faith.”  ―Lauren Kate

Even though we’ve moved to our new home, decorating every corner of the home is one process that I believe will continue life long. It is the matter of changing tastes, trends, needs and also the desire to welcome change in life.

My quest of finding decor items for my room, that I share with my daughter has finally found a destination. Make my home.

Blogadda recently hosted a contest where participants had to pick three items from the Make My Home site to re-do their home with a creative spin.

It was through this contest I chanced up on this fabulous one stop shop for complete household products that helps transform a house into a home.

After mulling over the splendid collection I decided to gift my world, my room a creative makeover with these:

1. The Gift of Time ~ Painted Peacock Wall Clock :

Like me, Pari too is an early riser. We celebrate our mornings waking up to the call of our friend, Peekoo. Peekoo is the nickname Pari has given to the Peacock who lives on the Palm tree overlooking our balcony. His call is our alarm and we both spend a lot of time watching him dance on our terrace and at play on the palm tree.

Peacock -3
Peekoo – Our Peacock Pal

Our association with Peekoo has grown stronger over time, making Pari enjoy mornings watching the sunrise, dancing peacocks, chirping birds, flying clouds while we plan our day in the lap of nature.

Peacock clock -3
Marwar Stores Painted Peacock Wall Clock

This beautiful association inspired me to pick a peacock clock to gift Pari a memory in ‘time’ to cherish our mornings and love for nature forever.

“Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you want to treasure and the things that made who you are”

2. The Value of Saving ~ Hand Painted Piggy Bank :

As Pari has stepped in the nursery and slowly beginning to enjoy counting, she’s slowly getting inclined to collecting and counting coins. I am aware she is still too young to understand the concept of money, saving and more, but she has been smitten with the idea of having a little piggy bank of her own.

Piggy Bank-1
Aapno Rajasthan Hand Painted Piggy Bank

Pari is a big fan of Peppa the Pig. She loves learning with the cartoon series and has come to associate the piggy bank concept with Peppa (the pig) taking care of her collection for her.


This inspired me to sow the seeds of ‘money manners’ in my child with this bright and beautiful piggy bank. Adorned in Warli painting with men and women dancing around the fire celebrating an occasion features an ancient style . The smart shape with bright colours would make our room look bright and will help develop the habit of saving in Pari in future.

“A full purse is not as good as an empty one is bad. Saving money from the start is the foundation on which dreams are realized”

3. The Organised Wisdom ~ Globe Bookends : 

I read books as a hobby but I have been blessed with a child who loves books more than food. Even though Pari is too young to read books on her own, but her love for being read stories and reading picture books has gifted a big collection of her own books. More often than to my liking, these books are seen scattered everywhere because Pari likes them to stay within reach.


With 50+ books in her collection that are growing in number everyday, these bookends would make a delightful gift for our room.

Book ends -2
The Yellow Door Globe Bookends

Pari loves to have the books within her reach so that she can read and put them back at her sweet will. Our book shelf being placed at a height isn’t something that she quite likes.

The globe book ends will help Pari explore books at leisure and will make an interesting addition to our room.

I believe, our thoughts about what we are and what we can be, precisely determine what we can be.

With these artistic and useful home decor items I wish to add beauty along with utility in form of instilling lessons of ‘Time, Value and Wisdom’ in my daughter’s life.

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