The future of classifieds – Quikr NXT

Few months back when I was introduced to Quikr, I could not help falling in love with its awesomeness. Since then, before shopping, I always check for deals on Quikr. Though Quikr has made shopping fit in my budget like never before, like all things in life, there’s a flip side to it.

When I’d post an advertisement on Quikr, in no time my phone and inbox were flooded with calls and emails in response. Undoubtedly it made me jubilant but it did get cumbersome at times. Imagine, having to answer multiple phone calls about the product I have advertised, while I am at work or have an important appointment or worst still, while putting my baby to sleep.

Not answering the calls would come across as outright rude and would pass on a negative impression on prospective buyers. This difficulty overwhelmed me when I was a buyer and my phone calls were repeatedly ignored by a handful of sellers. While the advertised deals were irresistible, my inability to contact the seller quickly left me frustrated having missed on some amazing deals.

This issue has been resolved by Quikr and how. That’s when Quikr NXT comes into picture.

Quikr NXT is a step towards smart, secure and simple transactions with the convenience of chatting.

Excited enough?

Hold on, let me share with you it’s mind-blowing features that are sure to make you jump off your seat.

The Quikr NXT where we can chat with prospective sellers & buyers.
The Quikr NXT where we can chat with prospective sellers & buyers.

1. Phone Number Privacy – Quikr NXT assures us complete number privacy. It just takes a simple setting to ensure that I interact with prospective sellers or buyers through chat yet never reveals my phone number. It is a very considerate step to ensure our safety. I wish to applaud Quikr for addition of this commendable feature because it ensures to make our shopping experience a safe and pleasant one.

2. Chat at convenience – With Quikr NXT we now have the freedom to chat with multiple prospects without the hassle of phone calls. Not only has it boosted the convenience, it sure has bagged me a lot of peace of mind. On one hand my phone stays free, letting me carry on with life normally. Secondly, I never miss out on any prospect buyers or deals that I want to bag. A total win-win.

Keeping track of all our past chats can be quite cumbersome and tedious for someone as forgetful as me. With Quikr NXT all my previous chats are at my fingertips and I don’t need to remember a thing. I love the way Quikr has been working at making shopping easier and simpler with such amazing fixes.

3. Photo Sharing – With Quikr NXT, I can now share the minutest details of my products, through instant photo sharing. It’s a great feature to let all prospective buyers and sellers be convinced having found all answers to their queries with photographs in detail and as many they like.

The best part is Quikr chat is accessible across Quikr’s mobile app, mobile site and even its desktop site. It is surely going to change the way India uses classifieds in a safe, convenient and smart way.