The hearty breakfast

We are a morning lover family. Waking up before the Sun rises has been more of our passion than a habit or a family rule. This is why mornings are among the most productive hours of our day, making breakfast an important meal to keep us going with gusto.

In the limited time mornings allow, there is no room to experiment new recipes (mostly) nor for risk to stir up a dish only to watch everyone skip it for it’s not tasty. Though there exist a zillion recipes that can pass for a healthy, tasty breakfast, finding the handful that matches the liking of everyone in the family is a must.

The biggest challenge has been making Pari have more than milk for breakfast. She is a fussy eater who leaves no opportunity to avoid eating on pretext of one excuse or the other. Cooking the same breakfast everyday being a strict no-no. Not eating proper breakfast sparks in her the vicious circle of lack of attention, fatigue and crankiness all day.

The other aspect being, my parents love food from all over, but demand it to be Indianised to suit their palate. This basically leaves me with just two options. Either cook a different breakfast for everyone in the family or cook parathas, poori, fried eggs and the like. This solves the problem of one type of breakfast suiting all palates to some extent, but ruins my diet plan leaving me frustrated in the long run.

To beat this, I switched to eating corn flakes in breakfast. I cook up an Indian breakfast for my parents and serve myself corn flakes with variety of fruits to keep it exciting. This was when our neighbor showed us what Guptaji’s family is up to. 

Aunty has been trying most of exciting recipes and I was amazed to note that all these recipes can be made in matter of minutes, taste delicious and gift variety to breakfast to keep the family looking forward to it. The Walnut Corn flakes Choco balls are a pure delight so are the Corn flake Coconut Ladoos.

Inspired by over 100 recipes, I tried a few and was happy that now I had happy reasons to eat corn flakes in breakfast with tasty modifications to beat monotony. But the treat doesn’t end at this.

Guptaji’s family has cooked up tasty surprises keeping liking of the whole family in mind such that I just can’t stop adding corn flakes to food all day while trying the sumptuous, healthy twists in the traditional recipes. The Cornflakes Chana Chaat is one of them. The corn flakes pack in a healthy kick to this tangy delight.

The major reason of my jubilation is, because Pari tasted these in our neighbor’s home first, she couldn’t act her fussy self and had to eat a decent serving in the presence of other kids who are in love with these recipes. That’s where I struck gold. Competition made Pari want to have more of these recipes.

This treasure trove of quick-to-make recipes made by Guptaji’s family, has come as a savior for my breakfast and is giving me endless ideas to stir up tasty snacks that my child eats happily. As for my parents, they are enjoying the mouth-watering Indian delights packed with the goodness of corn flakes.

Jo breakfast se kare pyar, wo Kellogg’s wale Guptaji ke ghar ke nashte ko kaise kare inkaar? (It roughly translates to: How can someone who loves his breakfast say no to the breakfast prepared by Guptaji of Kellogg’s fame?)

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    1. I too hadn’t experimented with cornflakes except changing the fruits and switching on & off between honey and sugar until I bumped into these recipes 🙂


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