When 4G saved my grace and smiles

Last month, when I was busy preparing to attend my cousin sister’s wedding, I had taken due care to plan my assignments in a way to not interrupt with the preparations.

Unfortunately, a day before we left for the wedding, I got a call from a client requesting me to submit a few assignments, due after ten days, in a day’s time. Panic struck, I at first thought of refusing to oblige right away. But on contemplation, I decided to go ahead with burning the midnight oil and making submissions despite the scheduled travel.

With an upset mind and a heavy heart, I managed to have the assignments 80% done before I dozed off to sleep. The following morning when I woke up, I had time enough to do the final packing with no possibility of finishing the assignment. My parents convinced me that since we were going to be staying at my Uncle’s home, I could finish the assignments and submit from there.

In the back of my mind, I was skeptical about this whole setup. But, I had no option of cancelling my trip or to step out from this assignment, in which I’d already invested 5 months of hard labor.

We landed at my Uncle’s home. After initial pleasantries, catching up with the extended family and putting Pari to bed, I raced to finish the pending tasks. Time was ticking fast and my 3G connection wasn’t helping me one bit. In my mind, I was cursing the moment, when out of sheer over-confidence I’d agreed to make a submission way ahead of the deadline.

All the modern technology just makes people try to do everything at once. ~ Bill Watterson

I could feel my fingers go numb as I frantically typed on my laptop. Every webpage seemed to take forever. Looking back, I can attribute it to the mix of my anxiety, fatigue, my excitement for the wedding and my effort to cram up too much work in a few hours that had got me stuck in a fix.

I was sweating profusely despite the AC running at 24 degrees, just when I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder. It was my cousin brother Aditya. Without a word, he offered me a glass of water. Tears rolled down my eyes but words failed.

Aditya gave me a moment before asking, “Would a faster Internet connection help bring a smile back to my sister’s face?”

Without a thought, I blurted, “But I am already using 3G”.

To this Aditya said, “I’ve got 4G that works at lightning speed”.

I was too stressed to be relieved by his words, but when he asked me to sit back and tell him all that was needed to be done, my eyes slowly widened in disbelief.


Aditya connected my laptop to their home’s Airtl 4G Home wi-fi network. Not only were the web-pages loading faster than my imagination but attaching files, downloading videos, browsing and even uploading pictures and documents seemed to occur in the blink of an eye.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic. ~ Arthur C. Clarke

That night, I not only managed to make submissions on time, but also found time to catch up with my cousin after a gap of five long years, all thanks to Airtel 4G. I can’t thank Airtel enough for introducing the ‘Fastest Internet Ever’ and can’t wait to get it for my mobile and home too.

P.S. –  Are you ready to take up the Airtel 4G Challenge? Watch the video to know more.

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    1. You definitely should.
      Moreover, if you are an Airtel customer with a 4G compatible phone you can have the 4G SIM delivered at your doorstep for free. Just go to their website for all details 😊


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