The Green Thumb

If there’s one thing my entire family loves, it’s gardening. We often garner compliments on the lines that our passion for gardening has inspired many to have a garden of their own. We have many rare species of plants that have been brought from different corners of the country which we (especially my mother) know by their botanical names.

“Green fingers are the extension of a verdant heart.” ~ Russell Page

Learning love gardening with Mom
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While I love spending my free time watering, pruning and weeding my plants, I have never seen Pari take any active interest in gardening. That is quite unusual given the fact that kids her age love playing in mud.  Usually, when I am busy with the plants, Pari enjoys playing around with the water sprinklers or learning names of the ferns, flowers, insects, birds and more.

On the eve of Pari’s birthday, I had stepped out to get things organized for her surprise birthday party. My friend’s 5 year old son, Aadit was at home to give Pari company, while my mother was keeping an eye on the kids as they were busy playing in the garden.

In the market, I was stuck trying to pick a gift for Pari so I called my mother up to ask her for suggestions. As mom got up to answer my call, moving to a spot with better network coverage, Pari & Aadit were busy playing hide and seek.

After almost two hours, when I returned home, my mom was unusually happy and full of praise for my princess. It is quite unusual, given the fact Pari is a very naughty child and never leaves an opportunity to play pranks on her grandmother. I was very excited about Pari’s birthday and thought that maybe that’s why she was also behaving well.

After a while, when I was a bit relaxed I was sharing my plans with my mother when she asked me to follow her into the garden. Puzzled, I followed her to the area where our flower pots are arranged.  An area around my favorite flower pots looked unusually clean. After looking a bit closer, I spotted two new pots amongst old ones. I gave mom a questioning look.


That was when my mother told me, that while she was busy speaking to me on the phone, Pari had accidentally pushed the two corner pots off the rack causing them to fall and break. Being well aware, how dear these Anthuriums were to me, she with the help of Aadit, re-potted the Anthuriums and also cleared up the mess while my mother was talking to me on phone.

I was amazed to see that the potting had been done pretty meticulously. She had carefully pressed the soil so that it would hold the plant better. And pieces of broken pots were cleared just the way I do it. I had never seen Pari take interest in gardening before. I couldn’t help but smile feeling a surge of happiness, finally my princess too had shown an interest in gardening, even if it involved broken pots and mud stains on her clothes.

Now when we garden she watches what I’m doing with a keen eye and does the same thing. It’s moments like these where you realize how closely your kids are observing you, and how for a child, doing the right thing is doing it with perfection, like mom.

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4 thoughts on “The Green Thumb

  1. Aww.. How sweet of your little princess.. U should be feeling so proud.. 🙂 Ur anthuriums look bright and colorful. Please post more pics of ur garden next time. Would love to see.. 🙂


  2. Thanks Jo. It was indeed a proud moment. I love the fact that Pari has taken to loving plants and started loving to see flowers bloom on plants instead of rushing to pluck them 🙂


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