Small Joys

I have been gone from the blogging scene (again) for over 10 days and in these few days, not a single day passed without me wishing to publish a post or at least read my favorite blogs.

But as my broadband would have it, it has been dying out on me every few minutes. Despite lodging complaints the issue took around 10 days to finally resolve. The outcome was time wasted on tasks that usually are completed in matter of minutes, struggling with meeting deadlines, trying to send emails from my phone, just to end up goofing up or having them unsent for hours despite the urgency. This was because the 3G network too chose to ditch me.

Finally, I am typing this post in hope that I’ll publish it today.

In my mind money matters are an issue that have always held a controversial spot. No-matter how vital money is for our existence, our well-being and happy survival, I can never bring myself to love it enough to not choose small joys over it.

There is no denying that fulfillment of our wishes to a great extent depend on money we have in our purses, but still I dare to act otherwise. This has been my driving thought all my life, but recently, I found myself biting on work more than I could comfortably chew.

I have been over-stretching myself to accommodate assignments bending over to the extent that it started to hurt. Frequent headaches, spiked irritability, inadequate sleep and no time to read books have been some of the major side effects. But, since I was still able to fit in all the time I usually spend with Pari, in my head, I was doing just fine.

But, the increased episodes of headaches have become more of an annoyance. I strongly dislike snacking on carbohydrates instead of cooking or tossing a quick, healthy snack. But for the sake of sanity, I chose to take the shortcut.

Finally, two days ago, I decided I have had enough. I needed a break. Right away. I had to cut this mania of working till I cannot work an extra minute because the extra cash earned will never be able to buy me the lost peace, health or the small joys I have been letting slip past.

I know it is too premature to state any significant changes or improvement in my life (given it has been just two days) but in my heart I am already beginning to feel, how peaceful it feels to spare enough time for the things we enjoy doing, even if it means saying ‘NO’ to opportunities to earn extra cash.

I am not sure if I will be able to stick to this new-found resolve. Neither can I guarantee that I can smilingly bid adieu to extra cash forever, but as long as I can savor the small joys, I wish to do it. Life is happening now and it is only wise to live it to the fullest when realization has guided me towards the right way to do it.

What’s your stand?

Have you been finding enough time to celebrate small joys?

The song on my mind: Ye Raatein, ye mausam, nadi ka kinara ~ Dilli ka Thug

12 thoughts on “Small Joys

    1. It’s a tough choice & I am not sure I’ll be able to chose what I currently have.
      But, honestly speaking, I never feel pressured to choose money over small joys (because I am programmed that way. Just my mind knows whn it is time to go after the extra bucks and that’s when I do it.

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  1. parijatshukla2014

    really good to see your post after so much time. i knew something was amiss as it is so unlike you not to reply to comments on your last post.
    That said, the question you asked need deep thinking and i would like to write on them as a separate post on my so called blog (just 1 post till date ) 🙂 🙂


  2. shanayatales

    I can relate to this feeling of over-exertion. I believe that while life is a balancing game, we must only juggle what we can handle without it adversely affecting our peace of mind, and sanity. I know this is easier said than done, but choose one activity every day – for a certain amount of time – which helps you relax and rejuvenate – that should help in managing stress. It surely helped me out. I now read 6 nights a week to de-stress, and watch a movie on the weekend. Hope this helps. Take care of yourself, dearie. You owe it to yourself. Hugs.

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    1. Thank you dear for sharing your plan of action to de-stress 😀
      I actually do something similar, reading 5 days, investing a day to baking and watching 1 movie in theatre/ on TV every week 🙂
      Yes, trying to achieve an arbitrary balance in my own ways.


  3. Singledust

    Great food for thought! I too work very hard and long hours, not by choice but because the profession I am in demands so much mentally and physically. I find small joys in the ordinary and I think this has sustained me thus far. If not for being such an optimist about everything I would have long succumbed to the depths of despair and maybe even substance addiction. But life has always been my “high”, I try everyday not to let people get me down, because people can really hurt you without knowing they are. You only have yourself to motivate and trust. Have your down days, we must all rant and rave to move forward through our trials. But out of it comes a stronger and lovelier MyEra. Loving all your posts! But not enough hours in my day to read them all. Keep on writing and shining!


    1. Dear Singledust,
      I hold every comment of yours close to my heart because they are nuggets of wisdom that somehow feel customized suiting my circumstance perfectly ❤
      I couldn't agree more on this line because it is what I have always felt & perhaps written about in an earlier post too
      ” If not for being such an optimist about everything I would have long succumbed to the depths of despair and maybe even substance addiction.”
      Thank you for being around {Hugs}

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  4. Likewise! I feel such a connection reading your thoughts and feelings. Each story is beautifully crafted. I am so glad to have come across your writing and slowly getting to know more of you and your life. Be blessed always!


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