How I’m Melting Away My Stress With Every Step

I started going for morning walks in December.

With the advent of the new year, my resolve has been firm and there has been no cooling of the steam to keep me walking. However, I have come to believe that relying totally on will-power to achieve long-term goals (fitness, career or any other) can often be pretty daunting and can often lead to a feeling of burnout.

This is why I have been working on revamping my morning schedule overall.

The chilly mornings with temperatures dropping to as low as 2 degrees centigrade, don’t allow much room for experiment or adventure. But, the dreams that haunt you in the night and keeps you moving in the day, know how to push you out of the covers no matter how cold it might be.

The simple yet effective stress relief tips that are helping me emerge stronger than ever before. Read the full story to know how I

I am a morning person who always chose to wake up at 5 am instead of staying awake past 10:30 pm. Reviving this old habit, making room for a productive routine has been easier than I had imagined.

However, the real challenge was fitting in the motivation to keep doing so, day after day and still waking up just as excited about it like day one.

From personal experience, I know how easily and without wasting any time I’d get ambivalent. I’d then spend hours re-thinking my choices before gradually returning back to the old, procrastinating self that’s tormented by depressive thoughts most days.

When motivation visits you, it’s best to offer it a chair and befriend it. Don’t just hope that it stays, but adopt ways to lure her to stick around like a best friend forever.

This was when I summoned my positivity and eternal optimism to help me make this happen.

A productive day begins by having a clear plan in place the night before. Read the detailed post on my blog that talks about how I'm melting away my stress with each step #theerailivedin #productivityquotes #quotestoliveby #inspirationalquotes

The morning hours have a way of slipping past our grip like sand.

No matter how many mornings I have walked on the face of this earth, I can never stop being amazed at how quickly I can lose the precious quiet minutes, I hoped to put to use changing my life around.

I took these baby steps that have proved to become the best ways to relieve stress for me:

  1. I started with training myself to sleep on time to allow myself at least 7 hours if not 8 of peaceful sleep (without fail) every night. It was rather tough after having had an erratic sleeping pattern for the past many years when I often slept as little as 4 to 5 hours.
  2. Another important step in this plan has been spending ten minutes before bed-time having a definite plan in place about all I want to achieve in the first 4 hours of the morning. This way, before I hit the sack, I have a clear mind space, a plan in place and I sleep to wake up ready for action.
  3. Waking up with an affirmation. I often have an affirmative (positive) idea scribbled on a piece of paper and left on the side table to read, smile and jump out of bed with the enthusiasm to achieve it. A recent one was, “I am going to make the most of this beautiful morning.” and today’s thought was “I am ready to have my morning recorded in a blog-post” and that’s exactly what am doing. I choose to keep them simple, achievable and in present tense (with the intention of making it happen that day).
  4. Before I get to the grind I choose to stretch myself well, smile and decide the task of the day. The task of the day is a little fun thing I choose to do during the hour of my morning walk. For example, spotting at least 5 new flowers or 2 new birds (as I walk past gardens), or paying more attention to sunlight at play at the horizon. It’s fun, keeps my mind occupied, keep me soaking the natural beauty around and be happy at the same time.
  5. Reminiscing the moments from the last day that I’m grateful for. This is a new addition to the train of thoughts I allow room for in my morning walk. It has been quite a mindful addition that keeps me motivated and feeling positive throughout.

These little steps have been helping me going about melting my stress every morning. Seven weeks into brisk morning walk, I can safely report am feeling fitter and more (emotionally) aware of my well-being than what I have felt recently.

Though there have been dull days when I have been ill or too tired to step out.

The affirmations and the awareness that dawned on stress relief has kept me ready to face whatever comes my way.

The song on my mind: Aati rahengi baharein, jaati rahengi baharein ~ Kasme Vaade

22 thoughts on “How I’m Melting Away My Stress With Every Step

  1. Such beautiful thoughts to pen down and implement.

    I am a morning person too, no matter when I sleep I am normally up by 6am…averaging 5.30 though. Either gym or just a stroll is what I love the most!

    I like your motivation to keep enjoying every morning, beginning with the night before to reading the notes in the morning and taking account of the positivity around…and what better that nature to pick up from.

    Truly love your points…shows your creativity and dedication towards staying happy!


    1. So glad to learn that you too are a morning person and an early riser like me. It’s a way of life that not only defines the day ahead but also allows lot of room for peace and self-introspection.
      I’m glad you liked my post Alok. These baby steps have helped me tremendously in improving my mental health and facing life the way I have been wanting to 🙂

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  2. I’m trying to get up early and do my workout first thing in the morning too and I can vouch for the positivity that comes with it ….but my morning starts at 5:30 …. it’s wonderful you’ve started the year with such a positive attitude…. love the song too 🙂


    1. I can totally understand your plight MTW. But as long as you are making room for all you love in the 24 hours, as and whenever you can make time for them, I think you’re doing great!
      Thank you dear, I’m loving the morning walks and the boost they’ve been gifting my life and overall well-being 🙂

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  3. Wonderful spirit Era! I love the small baby steps you are taking. They go a long way in getting you in a positive and clear frame of mind. Reading your post has inspired me to follow my goals towards a fitter me with more passion😊.
    Enjoy your weekend!


    1. You said it Radhika, besides keeping me motivated to look forward to a refreshing hour of alking in the morning, this routine has definitely made me feel happier for ho I am.
      Thank you for the wonderful wishes ❤

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  4. Sara

    I wish I could plan so well like you and go through with it. I quit at at slightest sign of distress and have no motivation whatsoever. Right now my work has become so hectic leaving me stressed, exhausted, ungrateful and no room for hobbies or family time. 😥 I’m still in my twenties and I’m already fed up with life.


    1. My twenties were pretty crazy and full of work, so I know where you are stuck.Just take a deep breath and get your schedule on a piece of paper to see hat you can do differently. I do this everytime I feel am stuck and feeling burdened by worries or work. Hope you find time to include a hobby and/ regular exercise in your schedule (for as much time you can make it everyday) soon to feel better than you do now.


      1. Sara

        I just wanted to ask when you worked abroad, did you have long working hours like we do in India?
        My sister worked overseas for a couple of years and she actually loved the work culture there. The country which she lived in didn’t allow any office to work beyond 5. Professionals or not. Until she got a Chinese manager. 😂 But still I just asked because I wanted to know how it works there.
        As for removing the for hobbies I just don’t know how. Can you suggest me any tips? I don’t get Saturdays off. 😥 So I’m finding it really hard to complete even my necessary chores. When I tried to cut off sleep it resulted in me having terrible headaches and fever every month. I’d really love some tips on time management since I’m very poor in that area.

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        1. Oh yes, the work hours are well defined overseas. My usual work times were 8-5 but the 1.5 hour commute before and after (tram+train+bus) made it worse. Besides, managing all household chores did add to the stress of rather fatigue.

          Hell broke lose when I started doing two jobs (added a 4 hour part-time for 4 days a week) that tipped me off sanity.

          As far finding time for hobbies, I have learnt it the hard way that we all have enough time at our hands. Always. It is just about getting our priorities right. And to do that, write a priority list and an honest confession of time you invest in each everyday. You’ll spot the free time you are looking for, right there.

          I hope it helps you Sara. I am forever just an email away. Shoot me one at: anytime.



  5. Great going ME. Recently, I also brought changes to my routine and your post sounds so similar to what I am doing. I get up early these days and I feel I am so productive these days when compared to my past. It also helps to have goals that are measurable. What you have written are also success principles of many great people mentioned in a lot of motivational books.


    1. So delighted to hear from you Senora and to learn that you are working on making yourself happier and your life more productive ❤
      I agree, many motivational/ self-help books talk about such steps. But what I have found to work for me in the long run is a little schedule tailor made for me. It is often, good to chalk one out and try to keep it fun to be able to stick to it for long.
      Wishing you a fabulous year ahead!

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  6. awesome ME.. Sending my wishes for you to keep up with this awesome routine. I have re started my gym routine in the morning too but this time with an external support of a friend 🙂 All your tips sounds great.. Being mindful is the key but sometimes I feel it gets tired to be mindful all the time but it is all worth it.. Good luck and keep going..


    1. Being mindful can get daunting if you are in habit of multi-tasking or forever working to pack in a lot more in your day than you comfortably can. To help me stick to mindfulness, I have taken few bold steps, made major changes in lifestyle (that have even impacted me financially but overall, am lot more calmer and happier.
      More power to you on re-starting going to the gym. May you stick to this workout schedule all year 🙂

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  7. Wow! I love your quotes. I agree, I generally have a todo list in my head for tomorrow before I go to bed. Workwise too, I block my calendar for tasks so I can get them completed that day at that time.

    But what I am most impressed is the 7weeks of continuous walking in winter! Kudos to you, ME! Exercising is one thing I want to do but just haven’t been able to. I am too lazy to do it alone and need some one to do it with me, finding that company is not happening 😦

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    1. Thank you dear 🙂
      I am not all organised as such, but in 2017 this is one of my key goals to have a plan in place and to stick to it anyhow. Starting with mental health and fitness, am slowly trying to keep the motivation from my little wins keep me going in other areas of my life.
      Since you are already in habit of organizing your schedule, just plan well for the fitness program or go find that pal who’ll join you and keep you going and am sure you too shall do well 🙂
      Good Luck LLT ❤


  8. Beat About The Book

    My morning starts at 5 but there’s hardly anything peaceful about it. Taking away some pointers from you – that bit about taking ten minutes to plan the next day and the positive affirmation in the morning – sounds good.

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