A to Z of Parenting

I participated in the April A to Z Challenge 2016 where I posted a post on the alphabet of the day daily.

26 letters on 26 days of the month barring Sundays.

My theme was Parenting.

“Parenthood…It’s about guiding the next generation, and forgiving the last.” ― Peter Krause

Come join me in sharing my journey of life as a parent, the many valuable lessons I’ve learnt along the way and how each day I’m evolving as a human being thanks to the little angel in my life.

A for Attention

B for Books 

C for Choices

D for Discipline

E for Expectations

F for Fear 

G for Gifts

H for Honesty 

I for Ignoring

J for Jungle Book (7 Parenting Lessons I learnt from The Jungle Book)

K for Key

L for Listen to me

M for Milestones

N for Nutrition

O for Obedience 

P for Passion

Q for Quiet

R for Respect 

S for Scream

T for Touch

U for Unpredictability 

V for Validation

W for Warning

X for Xenophobia

Y for Yin and Yang 

Z for Zeal