About the Blog

Welcome to The Era I Lived In.

I was brought up to believe that talking about our personal lives outside of the home is a shameful act and should be avoided at all costs.

For years, I stuck to this principle without ever questioning it.

I was forced to question this belief at a stage in life when I could no longer hold the pain within.

I was battling for life, praying for the well-being of my baby and struggling to survive the heartbreak of my dying marriage.

That’s when I started this personal blog.

The Era I Lived In - About the Blog

Here, I write to bring to the surface fears safely kept hidden in the closets of my mind. To get a deeper insight into my undiscovered potentials and know me better with each post I write.

I do not wish to curb my emotions from being registered in ink out of fear of the people who hold no true relevance in my life.

In this space, you’ll get to read everything that has happened in the life of a woman who has started getting her first grey hair and wishes to capture every moment of her life from here on.

I am trying to create an autobiography that I would love to read once I am old, wanting to re-visit the life I once lived.

In this journey that started in 2007, I found myself questioning my existence, my beliefs and everything I had done thus far in life.

I had worked hard to be the ‘good’ girl I was raised to be.

I had tried my best to fulfil all my responsibilities as had been drummed into my psyche by people around me, with utmost sincerity.

I had left no stone unturned to put all my wants, desires and dreams behind those of my near and dear ones.

Yet, I found myself standing all alone in the rough waters when my health, my marriage, my emotional and mental well-being and my and my child’s survival were at stake.

At that moment, I decided to wake up.

I made a promise to myself to question every aspect of my existence. To find the answers as to why I was so burnt out, unhealthy, broken and almost suicidal despite having given my very best to abide by the laws of the society I lived in.

It has taken me over a decade of learning, unlearning and breaking free from conditioning to understand why my health (both physical and emotional) suffered tremendously while I was being everything but my authentic self.

Since then, through this blog, I am on a mission to put people’s health back in their hands.

By health, I do not mean just physical well-being.

Yes, that is important but more than that, the emotional and spiritual well-being that makes an essential aspect of our holistic health.

The way we act, the foods we eat, the people we connect with, and the work that we create — these things affect our physical health in ways that science is only beginning to understand.

But we do know this: if we embrace our power to live healthily, then we’ll be far better off than if we didn’t.

Research is beginning to prove something that we previously ignored: that our actions determine the diseases we suffer from, the allergies that annoy us, the health of our children and grandchildren, and virtually every other area of our physical and mental lives.

And when it comes to healing most illnesses, our behaviour is just as effective as the vast majority of drugs.

Imagine a world where our new exercise habit removes the need for a prescription drug.

Imagine a world where our healthy diet reverses our weight gain, relieves the stress on our joints, and eliminates the need for knee surgery.

Imagine a world where we relieve stress from our job by doing something artistic each evening, perhaps painting or writing, and as a result, we lower our blood pressure without medication.

Imagine a world where our health and happiness are determined not by getting the correct diagnosis or discovering some magical cure, but by daily choices that are completely within our control.

Imagine what our life would look like if we maximize these opportunities.

We would climb mountains, run marathons, lift heavy things, and live a fiercely physical life.

We would be grateful for what you have and genuinely happy for the successes of others.

We would contribute more to our community, our work, and our family.

This is a world where we would embrace our ability to heal ourselves, and we would fulfil the quest to live a healthy life. And it’s exactly the type of world that I am working to create for myself and for everyone who aspires to a similar life.

I couldn’t be happier to have you along for the ride.

As a weight loss coach, I am committed to helping women of all ages and walks of life create a lighter, healthier, happier and calmer existence for themselves while creating the life and body they deserve.

Change is hard. You’ve probably noticed that.

We all want to become better people — stronger and healthier, more creative and more skilled, and better friends or family members.

Through my writing, over the years I have tried to capture my learnings, triumphs and failures that have shaped the person I am today.

This blog has played a key role in helping me build a community of people who are striving to become better in every aspect of their life with awareness, curiosity and empathy.

Remember, you are not at all expected to have all the answers or to have your ducks in a row.

Getting through life as it comes our way is plenty enough.

Minute by minute, day by day.

Give yourself the permission to be messy, to be emotional, to cry, to feel angry and to forgive yourself.

Our right-now might not look like anyone else’s right now and that simply means we’re figuring out what this looks like for us and adjusting accordingly.

It definitely doesn’t mean we’re any less-than or more-than.

I’m confident, someday everything will make perfect sense.

So, for now, I aim to laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears and keep reminding myself that everything happens for a reason.

And, by the way, sharing your personal stories isn’t a shameful act. It is what sets you free.

By sharing my personal stories, I am giving you permission to go ahead and release all self-judgement and the stories you hold within. Unburden your soul and soar like a free bird.

You’re going to feel like hell if you wake up someday, and you never wrote the stuff that is tugging on the sleeves of your heart: your stories, memories, visions and songs — your truth, your version of things — in your own voice. ~ Anne Lamott

If you’re curious, read, why I blog about my personal life.

Experience is not what happened to you; it is what you do with what happens to you ~ Aldous Huxley

If you are new here, please start reading from this post: Who Am I and Who Am I Becoming


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74 thoughts on “About the Blog

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  2. Loved going through all your blogs you depicts it well and clearly. Your daughter will be proud of you when she reads all these blogs when she grows and be at the position to understand things. Remain strong as you seem to be that will help you overcome all the hurdles what you are facing right now coz there is always a sunshine after a midnight.
    Keep writing and updating


    1. Thank you Anabhaw for taking time to read my blog and sharing your views, every reader who inspires me to stay strong is the real source of my strength.
      Hope to hear from you often 😀


  3. After reading a couple of your posts, I realize why you agreed with my post “it’s comforting to talk to strangers”. As IHM puts it, writing is cathartic, especially sharing with people who don’t judge you (like you mentioned).
    Hang in there..


    1. Well I particularly chose to write this blog to be read at a later date. By me (as my autobiography) and my daughter (once she grows up) after around 15 years from now. So I am basically writing it all in flashback mode hence the choice of the past tense 😀
      Thank you for taking time to think about my blog in depth 😀


  4. Hello Miss Era, and hugs and kisses for Pari….
    Thanks for liking my poem….I followed you back and read all your blog posts(at least all of the unpassworded ones) and I RESPECT you. It is a very difficult choice but its for your own and babie’s sanity. I know I am young to comment on this(and unmarried), but I have seen women go through madness. My mum was literally tortured and I feel my poor sweet dad so got taken advantage of by my dad’s family that it breaks my heart. And he is the sweetest thing on earth.
    Dad says I have matured beyond my years to understand so much. 🙂


  5. orczy

    Miss Era, it was u who found me out first.Am happy that i stumbled into ur place.Ur blog is straight, honest and sensitive..Very beautifully written.It has brought out those issues which are kept in dark coz of the fear the way OTHERs will react..Praying that u heal!!!Orzcy


  6. By some weird impulse, I decided to read your blog in chronological order (even without reading the latest post) – reached Feb’2012 till now & all I can say is :
    a) Hugs.
    b) I simply adore the way you end even the most emotionally taxing of posts with a song.

    Will be back for the remaining posts – and the songs as well.
    Till then, let me share the song that came to my mind going through your posts for Pari –


    1. Welcome to my blog TCG and thank you for taking time to read through my blog in the chronological order and letting the sequence of events sink in 🙂
      Loved the choice of song you sent our way 😀
      Hugs dear


  7. I think, after reading your about page, me and you are on the same wavelength. I have a blog, in which, I write anonymously for the same reasons which you have echoed above. I’m glad to have come across your blog and I look forward in reading more stuff here.


  8. chipmunk

    I firstly like ur name 🙂 🙂 secondly its really apt for the things u shared 🙂 thirdly I also started the blog for the same reason 🙂 🙂


  9. Gosh you and I have EXACTLY the same thought process! Both of us have been brought into the blogging universe for the same reason. Cheers to the joruney:-) By the way I noticed some of your blogs are password protected. Can you share how to do it because I also want to maintain my privacy which is kind of difficult in a public blog.


  10. I’ve just discovered your blog, but after reading “About the Blog”, just felt some sort of connection as if I’ve been following/reading for a long time. It just sent Shivers down my spine. And this does not happen very often.

    The song is so true”Jeena Yahan Marna Yahan, Iske Siva Jaana Kahaan”


  11. I recently started a blog of my own as “IandYouandUs”, without knowing what I was getting into.
    The realization of my own lack of knowledge prompted me to check other nlogs on web and viola!
    Yours is the first ever blog that I checked into.
    You seem to be a woman right after my own heart!
    Looking forward to reading more about you in my era and get inspirations!


  12. Hey ME!
    I found you on Recipes.in. I liked your blog. I am turned off by incorrect grammar (not that I am perfect but I try my best) and I hate it when people use fancy words without understanding what they mean. Most of the blogs I come across (food blogs mainly) are in my opinion an attempt to say “I did it too”. I think you are very genuine and have a crisp way of communicating; simple and effective. I read a couple of your posts and loved your letters to your daughter. Nice name and Nice Blog! Shall definitely visit again! 🙂
    BTW, Do check my blog at .http://yummilyyours.com/


  13. Mersha

    Hello, I stumbled upon your blog via IHM’s blog. You have an great way of writing and everything you write, resonates a lot with how my life has been so far. I haven’t been brave enough to divorce my husband though, as I am still weighing the options. Your courage and the honesty in your writing is simply amazing. Keep writing !!!!!!!


    1. Hello Mersha,
      Welcome to my space. May you find your answers and solutions soon enough to start moving in the direction that gifts you happiness & peace, just the way you deserve it.
      Good Luck with everything. *Hugs*

      Thank you for the kind words that made my day 😀


    1. Welcome to my blog Jenny 🙂
      I loved stopping by your blog and I must say the honesty in your words did touch me deeply. Keep writing for I hope to read more from you.


    1. Welcome to my online abode, Prajakta 🙂
      Am glad you enjoyed reading my posts, I’d love to check out your blog soon.
      Let’s blog away to our heart’s content and revel in the beauty of writing!

      Liked by 1 person

  14. I think you were sent to me today. Thank you for showing up on my blog. My mind has been racing over the past few days. its always good, just trying to make sense of it. I love you look at life. I have just returned form two weeks out of the country and am catching up, but thank you for giving me a breath of fresh air.


  15. Jenna

    I came across your site after looking to find out how to start a blog using my own personal crap. I’ve only read one post, I think it was your first one, and I love it! I’m inspired to share things I have gone through in my life-good, bad, and ugly-but completely clueless on how to make it happen. I know just from talking with others that I have something to share…I’m one of the lucky ones who has survived abuse of different types and made it out with a family that loves me unconditionally. That’s huge because not everyone does. So I want to share all the ups and downs and sideways of how I got to be a lucky one 😁. Any advice or suggestions would be great. I know my story can help someone. Thank you for being vulnerable in your blog.



    1. Hi Jenna,
      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to share your views.
      Good Luck with your blog. I’m sure your story will surely help people connect and be inspired to take action.
      No advice on blogging on my part. All I’d say is, just ‘be yourself’ and you’ll attract the readers by your authenticity 🙂


  16. That is so inspiring. There is nothing more interesting than life itself. We all search for interesting things outside when we have a fascinating life in front of us. It’s great that you decided to write about your life and spread positivity.


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