Make honesty your policy 

My dear Pari,  This happened when I was a little girl, around 6 years of age. One fine afternoon while playing around the wide steps that lead to the school amphitheatre, I inadvertently pulled my best friend, Aditi's hand a little too roughly. With her attention away from me and she least expecting this movement, … Continue reading Make honesty your policy 

Let’s Talk

My darling Pari, I know its been forever since I wrote a letter to you, but between a mum and child it's never too late to bond all over again over  a new medium. So here I am pouring my heart in words. Putting down another wish, I would love to see come true. Talking, … Continue reading Let’s Talk

Gifts for my baby

My dear Pari, This Christmas while playing Santa I mulled over the list of gifts I'd love to give you in the times to come. Quite contrary to my thinking, the list actually isn't too long and has gifts that I am sure you'll cherish for a lifetime. 1. Freedom to be who you are … Continue reading Gifts for my baby

It’s not about you

My darling Pari, I am sorry for writing to you after a very long break. The good news is, that all this while I have been busy having fun with you. Seeing you grow up, cherishing every moment of your mischief and learning to be a better parent with each lesson. It's amazing how nature … Continue reading It’s not about you

A no is a no

My darling Pari, These days the one word I find myself saying non-stop is NO. Even though my saying a no never bothers you, but still, I try my best to tell you that you need to stop your mischief right when I say so. I try modulating my tone to the nature of your … Continue reading A no is a no

We shall overcome

My darling Pari, From a long time or more correctly, from the time it became clear that we (you and I) couldn't continue being associated with your father, I have been panicked about you and your future. I used to spend sleepless nights worrying how will I take care of you all alone, as a … Continue reading We shall overcome

We are one

My darling Pari, Within minutes, the clock will strike twelve and we will turn one year old. I can feel my heart beating loud in my ears, just the way I had felt a year ago. You were born and I was re-born on this day, this makes us both one year old. They say time … Continue reading We are one


My darling Pari, It's been a very eventful day today. Full of emotions, heat, humidity, action, fear, sweat, tears and pain. Another major milestone in our lives before you reach your first birthday. Let me begin with an amazing finding that I came across early morning. In this (almost) one year journey, I have lost … Continue reading Pierced