If I were to prepare a list of traits that have had a negative impact on my life, I am sure assumptions would rank in the top five if not the top three. This trait of presuming things started early in my life because my parents (particularly my mother) are very selective about the information … Continue reading Assumptions

Do children learn better closer to nature?

Ever since Pari stepped in school, she was burdened with home-work. Even as a 3-year-old she had at least 2 pages to write every day. This work load has been growing with every class. There is often a talk about how the heavy bags and home-work load are something our children are better off without. … Continue reading Do children learn better closer to nature?

When is it the right time to leave?

In the first episode of Satyamev Jayate, one of the participants pointed out that, "had she realised she had the strength to live life on her own earlier, she would have quit the abusive marriage long before." Be it the survivors of abuse or the advisers/counselors of the same, the suggestion of "you should have moved out … Continue reading When is it the right time to leave?


As a new mother, I had somehow developed this belief, that my success as a mother was tied to my ability to stop my baby’s cries, as quickly as possible. If she cried, I felt that I wasn't a good mother. The outcome was, the moment Pari would cry, I would race to get any and … Continue reading Pacifier

Snakes & Ladders

Before I begin writing about whats exactly going on in my mind, let's begin with a question about the game I am sure everyone of us has played at some point of the other. Snakes & Ladders. What is the most exciting thing about the game of Snakes & Ladders that tempts us to play the … Continue reading Snakes & Ladders

Background check

I have been thinking about this from a while. The thought process triggered when I read at a lot of places how family and society pressurize divorcee girls to go in for a second chance at getting married. Among countless issues to consider on this sensitive issue (for it is very different from getting married … Continue reading Background check