Jittery Nerves

The day the school reopened after summer holidays, Pari brought home a circular about a recitation competition in a week's time and the elimination round in 2 days. In the Internet age, finding a poem matching the guidelines isn't tough. But while making the final choice like always I consulted Pari as to which one … Continue reading Jittery Nerves


While the debate on bribing kids against rewarding them only for good behavior seems to have no end, I am going to touch upon gifts in an all together new reference in this post. Last month, post Holi was Pari's progress report day. She was due to receive the report of her performance in the … Continue reading Gifts

Awkwardness -6

This post is part of a series of incidents I have had with a parent at my child's school bus-stop. If you're new to this blog, please read the earlier parts here for better understanding. “I am an inexhaustible source of awkwardness.” ~ Milena Veen The candy saga lasted for around 40 days and that's when … Continue reading Awkwardness -6

Awkwardness -5

This is the 5th chapter in the series of awkward interactions that have occurred with Nina's father at the bus stop.

Awkwardness – 3

This series is unusually growing longer, much to my dislike. I had wished for things to change for better sooner or later, but nothing much has changed in the past six months. Nina hasn't warmed up and neither has her father. Though Pari and Nina do happily interact ( however limited it is ) during … Continue reading Awkwardness – 3

Awkwardness -2

Please read my earlier post, Awkwardness, to understand what has been going on so far. As time ticked past, the ice between Pari, her bus friends and Nina slowly started melting. They started having fun during their ride to and from school. Though Nina's father still wasn't friendly with us, but since the kids had … Continue reading Awkwardness -2

School Diary – VIII

Please read the previous chapters of Pari's school diary before continuing for better understanding. This Monday was determined to be special and a turning point in our lives, with Pari starting her kindergarten in a new school. The new school I had picked for Pari, had ticked off most boxes on my mental list of … Continue reading School Diary – VIII

Pari’s School Diary- V

Please read the School Diary - IV to get an understanding of Pari's school life so far. The very foundation of school life is based on trust, just like any other relationship. It is the bond of love and trust in the school staff that gives a young mind wings of aspiration, helping them soar high above … Continue reading Pari’s School Diary- V