A new start I chose to make before the New Year

I do not believe in making New Year Resolutions. This has been the case all my life. It's not that I do not value the power of starting with renewed zest or hesitate from taking up challenges that could change the course of my life. Instead, I believe that if I have to start something new, … Continue reading A new start I chose to make before the New Year

Bon Voyage

I have visited this page at least 20 times in the past 15 days when I have been away from blogging. Everyday, I scribble a title (yes, I always decide a title before I start writing) let the steam of the thoughts in my mind power my keyboard for a few lines and then I … Continue reading Bon Voyage

Game On

I have been guilty of frequent disappearances from the blog scene, failingly try to justify the same, in the end feeling sad to have missed out on recording many updates in my life and eventually forgetting their intricate details. "I know not what I think, where I'm heading, unless I write it and read to … Continue reading Game On


My adulation for fiction was well-known in my school life. In university, I was too busy dissecting the syllabus, finding myself in the sea of literature and research papers that reading fiction was long forgotten. Once I started working, I had hoped to resume reading like I'd always wanted to. But the books I bought … Continue reading Drift

Pushing the envelope

As the clock strikes 11 pm my energy levels plummet to an all time low and my system slowly goes in hibernation. I do not call it sleep mode because I am pretty conscious of my surroundings, though not active enough to note slight movements. This is usually when I rummage for a bookmark and … Continue reading Pushing the envelope

Sweet Sixteen

It's time to rejoice As the millennium turns S I X T E E N Come, let's be sixteen again The age of beauty prime The age we all hold fond memories of Whose majesty painted our lives' horizon pink Where fear and failure had no rooms All that counted were our dreams We took … Continue reading Sweet Sixteen

When 4G saved my grace and smiles

Last month, when I was busy preparing to attend my cousin sister’s wedding, I had taken due care to plan my assignments in a way to not interrupt with the preparations. Unfortunately, a day before we left for the wedding, I got a call from a client requesting me to submit a few assignments, due … Continue reading When 4G saved my grace and smiles


Today was a very special day in my family's life. One for which we have toiled night and day for a very long time. A day that came after all I had was put at stake, many times. I humbly wish to thank the Almighty for blessing my family with this important milestone. All details … Continue reading Dawn