Rewriting my life story

In moments of great despair, battling depression, fighting streaming tears, I have often wondered what would it be like if I could rewrite my life story. It comes across as wishful thinking, another extension of the 'What ifs' that have a way of creeping in our system from cracks only to make us wallow in … Continue reading Rewriting my life story

Hello Autumn

Autumn isn't my favorite season, Yet I love it for a reason, I was born in this fiery bloom, That sparks the leaves with feisty plume. The air has the nip, The temperatures begin to dip, There's more to autumn than what meets the eye, I can hear its 'Let Go' cry. The fall of … Continue reading Hello Autumn

The Midnight Binge

I have never been a night owl. Though the past 5 years have been different. Less cause of work and more cause of worry I have been up at the wee hours of the night woken up hardly minutes after I tucked myself in bed for a beauty sleep. Yes, it was a living nightmare. … Continue reading The Midnight Binge

In pursuit of the purpose of my life

I spent the first 16 years of my life oblivious to the fact that I needed to have a purpose to guide me where I ought to go in life. At 25 years, when I was married and settled in a foreign land, one fine evening, I sat gazing at the blazing sky analyzing the … Continue reading In pursuit of the purpose of my life

Fond Friendship Memories

I was in seventh standard when Aneeta (with a double 'e') joined our class around three months after the session started. Her father had recently been transferred to our city. On her first day in school, our class teacher introduced her saying she was a very bright student and had performed impressively well in the … Continue reading Fond Friendship Memories

In a negative head space

I have been wishing this negativity away from a long time. I tried extinguishing it through mediation, washing it in sweat working out like crazy, let is pass slowly by ignoring it, giving it a tough fight by working around it. But it just won't go away. It just won't let me be. Finally, I … Continue reading In a negative head space

Sleepless Nights

I have often taken pride in the fact how I could drift away to deep sleep in matter of minutes of hitting the sack. Be it the night before the exam or even job interviews, I might wake up bit early than my routine but I always slept well. This changed the day I got … Continue reading Sleepless Nights


I do not believe in New Year resolutions ever since this happened. Instead, I have come to live every moment of life to the best I possibly can. Be it my work or  procrastination, I do it with all my heart. As far setting goals, I do it all the time, but I don't wait … Continue reading Closure