Why (and how) I Stopped Taking Things Personally

Do you take things personally? I always have. That's why when I stopped taking things personally, I took a leap in personal growth. I stopped blaming other people for my unhappiness, built a life on self-awareness that's happy, peaceful & mindful. Read the full article to learn the steps to be in better control of your life & the goodness this approach brings.

Finding Love, Again!

Everyone has a different way of dealing with a heartbreak. Beyond the pain, the crisis it stirs up lie the questions that make it so hard to come to terms with the loss of love. What did I do wrong? Will I be able to survive this? Will I ever be able to love again? …

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Why I stopped setting yearly goals & started living every day to the fullest

2017 has been an important year of my life. A year when I changed gears to make some of the most-anticipated-yet-most-postponed changes. Around Christmas, I was ready to publish a long (read 2800 words approximately) post sharing at length all that I had been doing in the one year when I blogged sporadically, almost disappeared …

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The Car Story- Final Part

With the year-end just around the corner, I thought it would be only wise to finish this story that I started in 2017. Please read the previous parts before proceeding. Part1, Part2 and Part3. Now that you have a grasp on what had been my driving force to learn to drive, you're in a good …

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