Hello Autumn

Autumn isn't my favorite season, Yet I love it for a reason, I was born in this fiery bloom, That sparks the leaves with feisty plume. The air has the nip, The temperatures begin to dip, There's more to autumn than what meets the eye, I can hear its 'Let Go' cry. The fall of … Continue reading Hello Autumn

The Midnight Binge

I have never been a night owl. Though the past 5 years have been different. Less cause of work and more cause of worry I have been up at the wee hours of the night woken up hardly minutes after I tucked myself in bed for a beauty sleep. Yes, it was a living nightmare. … Continue reading The Midnight Binge

In pursuit of the purpose of my life

I spent the first 16 years of my life oblivious to the fact that I needed to have a purpose to guide me where I ought to go in life. At 25 years, when I was married and settled in a foreign land, one fine evening, I sat gazing at the blazing sky analyzing the … Continue reading In pursuit of the purpose of my life


If I were to prepare a list of traits that have had a negative impact on my life, I am sure assumptions would rank in the top five if not the top three. This trait of presuming things started early in my life because my parents (particularly my mother) are very selective about the information … Continue reading Assumptions


Yesterday, when I decided to plunge in the well of daily blogging, at the back of my mind I had this nagging urge to decide on a theme to blog in a rather disciplined way. But, I really don't want to limit my writing this month because I'm hoping to journal all the highlights of … Continue reading Flawed

Bon Voyage

I have visited this page at least 20 times in the past 15 days when I have been away from blogging. Everyday, I scribble a title (yes, I always decide a title before I start writing) let the steam of the thoughts in my mind power my keyboard for a few lines and then I … Continue reading Bon Voyage

The April that was

This year in March, I felt a strong desire to get into writing in a more disciplined way. Irrespective of what I was writing, I just wished to get into a habit of writing daily. One look at my blog and I knew this was in no way going to help me fulfil this wish. … Continue reading The April that was

Game On

I have been guilty of frequent disappearances from the blog scene, failingly try to justify the same, in the end feeling sad to have missed out on recording many updates in my life and eventually forgetting their intricate details. "I know not what I think, where I'm heading, unless I write it and read to … Continue reading Game On