The Blind Side

I have had a clear view of where my life was heading ever since I filed for divorce. The court hearings and preparations for the same made things get clearer with each passing day. In the last few days I faced the worst and was quite sure that things couldn't get any worse. What I am experiencing …

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In search of Justice

Before I jumped on the decision to take the money matters between me and my ex-husband to the court along with a petition seeking divorce, I was well aware of the state of our country's judicial system. But, what I have faced or rather encountered in my countless visits to the court has been something …

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Why I blog about my personal life

I started a personal life blog to get a bird's eye view of my life & it has been the best decision of my life. Here I share my experiences & learnings to help you decide why a personal blog is an asset every blogger needs.


The day misfortune knocks at your door, it makes sure it brings along it's best buddy, interference. I am out of the clutches of the monster(s) in my life, safe and secure with a home to call my own and a family consisting of people I've known all my life. But, still, interference continues to …

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