Be Healthy Be You Program

Fulfilling your sustainable weight loss dreams on your own terms takes more than wishing- it takes the courage and commitment to BE HEALTHY, BE YOU.

If you’re a woman who knows –

  • You’ve tried every fad diet that’s come along. 
  • You’ve started and stopped a dozen different exercise programs, and perhaps joined several different gyms, but the truth is you just can’t seem to take the weight off (or keep it off). 
  • Perhaps you’re even feeling a little frustrated with yourself and your inability to control your eating and your weight.
  • You end up returning to the same behaviours of taking the edge off life with food that keep you stuck.
  • You want to reclaim your time, energy and life from constant worry about weight and long-term health but are not sure if it is even possible.
  • You are highly motivated and have never lacked ambition.
  • You are passionate about creating long-term health and interested in learning all the skills that will make the rest of your life the best of your life.
  • You understand that simply printing out a new ‘diet plan’ won’t be the solution to your weight problem because you have tried them all at this point.


“Only I Can Change My Life,
No One Can Do It For Me.”
– Carol Burnett

If you’ve been trying to lose weight for a while, you might have noticed that the way the diet industry teaches us, it feels like we’re the broken ones.

As if something isn’t just right about our bodies.

As if there’s an elusive secret to this weight loss puzzle that we just can’t figure out after trying and failing. 

Sometimes, many times over.

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Why is it so normal to stress about weight?

We all feel it. 

We feel it DAILY. Sometimes hourly.

We feel it in low energy, constant aches and pains, plummeting self-confidence and constant worry about the future.

I’m sure you’d agree that weight gain doesn’t happen overnight.

If it did, it would be easy for us to see it coming – and to take steps to avoid it.

Ounce by ounce, it creeps upon us as we’re driving to work, doing daily chores, rearranging the pantry, and then working for hours each day.

It happens faster when we move into the real world from a university campus.

But try talking about weight loss with your friends and see if they say one of these things:

“Avoid carbs!”

“Don’t eat before you go to bed, because fat doesn’t burn efficiently when you’re sleeping.”

“Keto is the only real way to lose weight.”

“Drinking apple cider vinegar speeds up weight loss.”

I’m always amused when I hear these things.

Maybe they’re correct or maybe they’re not, but that’s not really the point.

The point is that we love to debate minutiae.

When it comes to weight loss, 99.99% of us need to know only two things: 

1. Eat only when we are hungry and 

2. Stop eating when we have eaten enough.

But instead of accepting these simple truths and acting on them, we discuss trans fats, obscure supplements, and paleo versus keto.

Most of us fall into one of two camps regarding our weight:

  • we either ignore it and feel guilty,
  • or we obsess over nutritional details by arguing over diet plans and easiest exercises or gym memberships without taking action.

Both options yield the same results – NONE.

As long as there is something being said, we’re drawn to it.


Because we love to debate minutiae.

When we do, we somehow feel satisfied.

We might just be spinning our wheels but we feel as if we are really expressing ourselves, and it’s a good feeling.

We feel like we’re getting somewhere.

The problem is that this feeling is totally illusory.

Think back to the last time you and your friend talked about weight loss.

Did you go for a walk/ run afterwards?

Did you plan your meals for the next day?

Of course not.

People love to argue minor points, partially because they feel it absolves them from actually having to do anything.

I decided to learn about weight loss by taking small steps to manage my own health.

The best way to get started is by taking small, consistent actions and asking a lot of questions.

Asking weight loss questions can feel uncomfortable.

Because it triggers shame and guilt.

You feel that you can figure it out yourself when the truth of the matter is, if that had been the case you would already have figured it out.

Asking a question can never hurt

  • either you’ll get the answer
  • or, you’ll get a direction about where you could get it.

How to stop stressing about weight loss?

If you’re ready to get off the never-ending roller coaster that is weight stress, ask yourself these two questions…



It’s not a lack of trying. Or desire.

It’s not a lack of information either. Many people are surprised to discover that their weight stress doesn’t go away as they lose weight and drop dress sizes. 

(I’ve met multiple women who have lost all their weight multiple times only to continue feeling miserable in their bodies and ultimately regaining all the lost weight and some more) 

A better sign that you’re ready to take control of your weight is being able to answer this:

  1. Why do you want to lose weight?
  2. What are your long-term health goals?
  3. Are you willing to keep trying till you achieve success?
  4. Are you willing to assess your relationship with food?
  5. How would your life be BETTER if you lost weight?
  6. What are your limiting beliefs about weight loss?



We all think if we just hit a certain number — maybe that’s 120 pounds or perhaps 150 pounds — then we’ll finally feel good about our weight and our body…

But it never happens.

When we hit the goal, we find the goalpost moves. Or worse, we might restrict and restrict and starve ourselves…only to realize we don’t know how to actually enjoy food and our life. 


People worry about weight their whole lives, restricting and starving for a thin body where they assume their life will somehow (magically) be wonderful. But when it arrives, they’re still stressed and afraid to enjoy the foods they love.

Building a Healthy Life is a skill. 

So is living it.

Nobody’s born knowing how to lose weight. 

Every time someone questions me about my weight loss journey, the conversation somehow always tips toward what did I give up.

Restrictions and craziness are the two main colours that paint our minds every time we think about weight loss.

Looking back on my journey, I noted that it was not the restrictions (of any sort) that got me results.

And that’s exactly what I want to be talking about. A lot.

Once upon a time…

A woman, I, struggled with her weight for close to three decades.

Ok, let me be real. The story is by no means a fairy tale, but it is MY STORY.

It was the last lesson on a Monday. The sun was blazing hot on the vast, barren playground. A group of 41 six-year-old girls were sweating & trying hard to run. The overly strict PTI (games teacher) was whistling and yelling to make the students pick up the pace. 

While most of the students were almost near the finish line, a girl who was further behind, struggling to breathe, drenched in sweat was taking frequent breaks. 

In no time, the PTI spotted her and yelled (in Hindi which loosely translates to)- 

“Hey, fatso! why do you eat so much if you can’t even run like other normal girls.”

On hearing this, the entire group along with the PTI burst into laughter while the little girl who was shamed and ridiculed broke into tears. 

It wasn’t the first time she was bullied and neither was it the last. 

However, this particular incident stuck in her mind because when she somehow managed to narrate it to her mother, something unbelievable happened. 

Her mother said, “You shouldn’t feel bad about what the teacher said. It was for your good. You should try harder to run faster next time.” 

I am that girl.

I vividly remember my mother body-shaming me in various ways over the years but that day’s incident particularly stood out to me. 

I re-lived the shame, the hurt I felt that day, every time she would tell me to do something about my out of shape waistline. 

This nagging continued for the next thirty years.

My weight wasn’t just a number. 

The fat I carried on my body wasn’t just plain body tissue.  

It wasn’t just a score on the BMI chart. 

To me, my weight has been –

A burden that I carried more in my heart than on my body. 

A reason to feel ashamed of my body, how I looked, how much space I occupied and how slow I was. 

A source of immense hurt that made me feel as if my spirit was contracting every time I was out in the world.

The reason why I always chose to stay back home on one pretext or the other. 

The reason I have felt stuck in the loneliness. It felt like being in a prison, but one that I deserved because I felt something was wrong with me.

It was the feeling that made me feel like an outsider. Never belonging where I was. 

It was that feeling in the pit of my stomach that was dark and hurt like hell. I couldn’t talk about it and couldn’t articulate how bad it felt because then everyone would know my “dirty little secret”.

It was my ticket to being rejected before I could prove my merit.

It was my reason for hating my body, and my being and understanding why other people (my family included) hated me too.

It taught me self-loathing.

It was a feeling that went beyond my body and proclaimed me unworthy of everything I ever achieved or created in this life. 

It was a long windy path, wishing every day I could lose weight. The road was filled with detours and contradicting advice, U-turns, bullying and self-criticism. 

My brother could eat whatever he wanted and stay “normal” weight or skinny. So did my friends.

I’d lose weight and then gain it. I’d set a goal to eat “healthy” only to break my promise in a week or two.

At one point I weighed almost 100 kg (100.5 kg to be exact!).

Although to be honest I probably weighed more than that, because when my clothes stopped fitting me well, I gave up on weighing myself. And when I resumed ‘eating better’… at that point, I just couldn’t muster the courage to see my actual weight at my heaviest.

To say I was frustrated, confused, exhausted, heartbroken and demoralized would be an understatement.

I would feel so endlessly torn between wanting to lose the weight more than anything, but also not wanting to lose parts of my being that I love so much-

  • Moments of connection with my family
  • My strong love for my culture, not to mention as an avid food lover and a gifted cook – I am equally passionate about being able to cook traditional recipes in their wholesome glory and enjoy it with people dear to me
  • Achieving bigger goals in life that demanded my time and attention but were somehow being blocked by my emotional eating and the health concerns being overweight caused

More times than I can count, I’d start a diet, and do well all day, only to end my day with chips, biscuits or chocolates.

Or, I would make it through the week, lose a kilogram if I’d get lucky, and then find myself eating through the weekend to ‘take a break’ only to start over on Monday.

I could never understand why all this kept happening to me.

Why did my workouts and weekly hard work of “controlled” eating didn’t translate into weight loss success?

I nearly lost the belief that it was possible for me to have it all. To feel good in my body AND enjoy my life to the fullest, on my own terms. 

I kept finding myself in a frustrating loop of doing good and then ruining my own success. 

I would start restricting my favourite foods, thinking this was the only way to lose weight. 

Every day I would eat foods I didn’t like and cut out foods I loved and wanted to eat. 

In my heart, I knew I could not continue doing this for long. I felt hopeless.

My undying interest in the human body, its physiology, complex biology and its ever-fascinating potential to endure and heal itself had guided me into medical science. 

I couldn’t help but look at my achievements and wonder

“I’m a smart woman, a doctor, then why is it so freaking hard to lose this weight!?”

I bounced back and forth between believing I had figured it out, and being disappointed that it had backfired, yet again.

Eternally stuck between losing and not losing weight, I gained and lost the same kilograms too many times to count.

Every time I tried, I always felt like I was losing parts of myself I wasn’t willing to sacrifice.

Though I quickly found out that losing weight didn’t mean my life would suddenly change. 

Because I had yet not learnt to make peace with food, when I had a bad day, I would find myself eating because I needed a break. 

I couldn’t balance life’s trying situations and restrictive diets.

The moment I’d overeat, I’d call myself names. I’d blame myself for not having strong enough “willpower” and felt demotivated.

Before I’d know, one overeat would change into many and all my lost weight would be regained again.

This is the part, where I had so many times heard people talk about that ‘magical’ moment where they flipped a ‘magic switch’ and got thin for life. 

In this REAL story, the ONE ‘flip the switch’ moment wasn’t magical but it sure sowed the seeds of my transformation during a phase of destruction.

What did happen though (and how I DID lose 60 pounds, kept it off and changed my life forever in ways I couldn’t have even imagined):

It was 10 pm when I stepped into my room and collapsed on the bed.

I was exhausted. My feet were throbbing. My back hurt. My neck felt stiff and I was seriously debating soaking chickpeas before going to sleep (home-cooked meals have been a life-long priority).

As tired as I was, I didn’t feel sleepy.

It was a routine for me to sleep in the wee hours, just because- I still had so much more to do – finish the articles before the deadline, pay the bills, answer emails and everything else that the rest of the world did during the day.

My mind was busy mustering the courage to get started but somehow I couldn’t shrug off the images of the hospital. My mother who had high blood pressure and diabetes had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and I was stuck in a phase of depression following my divorce.

My two-year-old’s disturbed face from missing me, the cries of agony and stories of despair I heard at the hospital floated in my mind the minute I shut my eyes.

I could feel the pain of an unhealthy mind and an overweight body every hour.

Even at night, my hurting back, and sore neck made it impossible to sleep. My knees threatened to explode if I continued living the life I did.

That’s when I KNEW that the key to my freedom (and my future) was in mastering the fundamentals of my long-term health.

I owed it to myself and my young child. My family needed it.

I couldn’t imagine going on in life with my current health.

My often breathless, sad at not having the energy to play with my child, and feeling helpless with the chronic aches and pains- body was screaming for care and attention.

I had to decide if I would choose to do nothing or choose to do whatever I could, starting that day to get healthier in every area of life.

That fateful day was the starting point of my decade-long journey of studying, exploring, learning, training, healing, practising and decoding the secrets of lasting emotional, mental and physical health.

I realised that trying to restrict food and making weight loss about ‘eat less workout more’ had failed me too many times to be clear as day that this approach simply doesn’t work. 

Simply because diets don’t get to the root cause of why we overeat. 

Dieting doesn’t lead to sustainable weight loss.

The last time, I tried to lose weight, I was clear on one thing-

I was not ready to deep dive into anything I couldn’t do for the rest of my life.

It was as simple as that.

I drew the line at that thought.

And I have stuck to it all along.

Logically thinking, what is the point of not eating anything I like and overworking at the gym for a few days or maybe a few weeks?

Common sense says it won’t be sustainable in any way.

Then how can the results I thus obtained, ever be sustainable?

And what about the quality of life?

What good a thin body be if it stops me from living a life I enjoy?

What is the point of being the slimmest version of myself if I am not happy with the lifestyle I have?

Isn’t weight loss, all about getting healthy and fit which in turn are important for our happy existence?

How can you ever be happy when the only thought governing your every decision is the fear of weight gain?

Did this level of clarity come to me right from the start?


I bet you’d agree that losing weight is no fun.

Then why do it in ways that guarantee pain and failure?

We live in times when there is no scarcity of information.

That’s both good and bad at once.

Good, because it empowers you to help yourself from the comfort and privacy of your home.

Bad, because you’re swimming in a sea of information and deciding where to start and what really works can often be overwhelming and confusing.

I spent a lot of time experimenting with various weight-loss trends and food plans before I found my own rhythm.

And let’s not begin to count the unsolicited advice that begins to pour in as our family and friends try to help us in our journey.

As a Dentist, understanding human biology comes pretty easily to me, still, the confusing information out there is more to blame for why weight loss is such a struggle for so many of us.

And not to mention how many times it was emphasised that if something felt too tough to do, all you needed was an ounce of willpower (code for a truckload of willpower) if nothing else.


Does it mean, I must summon the willpower to resist wanting to eat a cake every time I see one?

And use willpower to want to eat a bowl of broccoli when my mind is craving a pizza instead?

I might have been able to pull it off once in a  while, but as the food lover that I am, I did not see any hope in this becoming my way of life. Ever.

Even some of the smartest women spend a lifetime struggling with weight. 

I’ve studied this problem diligently, and what I discovered is that the solution was never in the meal plans, the detox shakes, or the tracking apps…

I’ve dug deep and wide and figured out how to solve this in a way that up-levels YOUR LIFE.

I’ve created an empowering method and a streamlined process so that we WOMEN can love OUR results, and finally feel free.

I spent years reading every book I could find, took courses, spoke to naturally thin people in my life to understand their lifestyle, mindset & thoughts about food and devoured all the weight-loss and fitness tips and advice I could. 

I noticed a pattern in my struggle to make peace with the refrigerator and the scale. I’d forge a bit of progress, only to see it vanish into thin air as “life happened” or as I got fed up with working so hard to eat “normally” or “on a plan.” 

At times I found myself sick to death thinking about food — all the “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts,” all the instructions telling me to “eat this” and “don’t eat that” — that I’d be ready to throw up my hands in despair and accept my relationship with food, no matter how crummy it felt.

But I wasn’t ready to give up until I found my answers. 

I had to find a way to solve this mystery of why I couldn’t keep off the lost weight before arthritis, hypertension, diabetes or worse that have impacted the lives of my dear ones could step into my life. I wanted to do my best to be better prepared for later years of life. 

Even in those times of confusion, I felt a spark of optimism — that maybe my curiosity, my determination will turn my eating habits around once and for all, that it will tell me why I kept snacking when I wasn’t hungry, eating past the point of being full, obsessing about food and weight, and choosing foods that endangered my health and happiness. 

If you can relate, I promise you- 

I understand your struggle and your frustration, and I think I can help. Here’s what I perceive you really want, and I would like you to tell me, first, if it’s right or wrong.

And once you and I together agree on your ultimate health goals and dreams and wishes, then we can move forward with a plan to make them come true. And I believe that I can do that for you.

So here you are, hoping against hope that this program will tell you how to put your eating problems behind you and leave them there. It will! — because Be Healthy Be You isn’t a diet program.

It’s not even primarily about eating or working out. 

It’s about the rest of your life, the part that has been impacting your relationship with food and your long-term health.

Be Healthy Be You is about reconditioning your mindset to get sustainable results and achieve long-lasting health and vitality.

In this weight loss program, you’ll understand how extreme, low-calorie diets cause our bodies to store fat and gain more weight.

Even if you’ve spent years struggling to create healthy patterns for yourself, Be Healthy Be You will teach you step-by-step what it takes to make healthy choices on a daily basis once and for all.

You will begin to see and feel a remarkable difference in your physical and mental well-being as your body sheds off those unwanted pounds. 

Read on to discover the real reasons you are struggling with making peace with food and your body and to learn a tried-and-true approach to putting food in its rightful place while simultaneously creating a better HEALTHY LIFE for yourself. 

During my three decades of struggling with being overweight and trying to make sense of my relationship with food and exercise it’s become glaringly obvious to me that a person’s misguided relationship with food is a symptom of deeper issues. 

The truth is, biology and genetics aside (and both can play a huge role in determining eating patterns and weight parameters) if we engage in unwanted, unhealthy eating with such frequency and ferocity that it impacts our self-esteem and damages our health, we are likely to benefit from mindset shifts and behavioural techniques that will help us eat more healthfully. 

But to create sustainable weight loss and lasting peace with food and body we’ll need to hone the skills we use to cope with life’s ups and downs.

This is key because if the skills to cope with life (which none of us was taught in school) are so weak and ineffective that eating is our major strategy for facing our daily challenges, we’ll notice that food is our greatest source of pleasure, most loved reward, most pursued passion, day’s highlight, and bosom buddy. 

We might find ourselves ‘stuck’ in the loop of mindless eating because that’s the best way — the only way — we know how to get through the day, the week, the weekend, and our life! 

Though deeply committed to improving our relationship with food, we won’t succeed merely by using the tired, old, well-meaning advice to count calories or cut out carbs or shop only the supermarket’s perimeter or restrict ourselves to cut food portions way back and weigh in daily. 

That’s like expecting a child who has always driven with an adult in the driving seat to know how to drive a car without taking a driving lesson in their life. 

Where pray tell, would such know-how come from?

Where would life-coping and stress-coping skills come from if food has been the sole support we’ve been using to navigate through life?

Attempts to eat better won’t come to fruition unless we also possess essential skills to manoeuvre through life effectively and successfully — to survive the blahs and the blues, achieve goals, establish and maintain functional relationships, take care of ourselves physically and emotionally, think logically, manage stress, and create a passionate, meaningful life that makes us want to get out there and live rather than rent space in our refrigerator or pantry. 

Without new, effective strategies that support our long-term health, we’re condemned to old, destructive eating patterns no matter how grand our intentions or strong our motivation. 

Without acquiring essential life skills, the absence of which is keeping us stuck in the loop of losing and regaining the same weight, we’re doomed to continue struggling with food and the scale and to remain stuck in the merry-go-round of yo-yo dieting. 

I developed, tested, and refined my own philosophy on long-term health. It’s built on a small number of simple but life-changing ideas:

  • We need to create SYSTEMS for our health and well-being rather than continuously having to choose what to eat, its “healthier” substitute, the latest fitness trends or if certain foods are good for our weight. Get it right once, then let it run on autopilot.
  • Most of us consume information without ever stopping to put it through the common sense test. While all it takes is being curious enough to question every new diet or weight loss hack with the idea, “Am I willing to do this for the rest of my life?” If not, how could it possibly give me sustainable results? Ask the right questions.
  • When it comes to sustainable health, you don’t need to try to follow practices that don’t match your vision of healthy life. The universe created each one of us with a unique ability to recognise what works best for us. With curiosity, we can make great choices too. We can use a healthy mindset and the power of beliefs to ENHANCE our health and lives. 
  • One of the secrets is consciously choosing what we love doing and truly care for and mercilessly getting rid of the habits that are stopping us from living our best life.

And most important of all…

Our body weight is a small but vital part of living a fulfilling, healthy life. Getting your weight in control gives you the power and flexibility to make major improvements in all areas of your life. 

Time with family and friends, travel, experiences, personal growth, your health and fitness, hobbies, movement — ALL of these parts of your life can become bigger, easier, more exciting, and richer when your weight is under control and supporting your health goals and not pulling you down.

This is the “secret” behind my Healthy Life today.

But your healthy life will be different. 

Your Healthy Life is YOURS.

Not your parents’ vision.

Not your friends’ visions.

Not even mine.


I’m ready to design my HEALTHY LIFE!

What does YOUR healthy life look like?

Maybe it includes:

Going on a hike with beautiful views every Saturday morning

Wearing the trendiest clothes

Planning impromptu trips with friends, family, children or grandchildren without the fear of aches and pains

Learning a new form of dance, a new sport or even yoga

Celebrating life’s small and big wins with friends and family without worrying about the food.

Just having the freedom to LIVE more — freely, enjoy life guilt-free, feel great in your own skin, be at peace with your body and its appearance and feel confident that you can survive any craving without the need to eat over it.

Being able to extend your body whenever you wish to stretch and relax “just because”

Being able to travel, taste and enjoy the most exotic foods without ever worrying about regaining weight.

Your healthy life should fit you like a handmade glove.

Your healthy life would probably make NO SENSE to me. And that’s okay!

That’s how it should be. 

As long as you can look at yourself in the mirror, love how you feel every day, feel strong on the ordinary days and the challenging ones alike, and confidently nod saying, “Wow, I love this.”

There’s just one catch…

You can’t reach your healthy life by accident. 

Nor can you keep following the broken, stressful, restriction-obsessed weight-loss advice you hear everywhere. 

It doesn’t work. 

And even if you eat less and get to your dream weight, you still won’t know how to FEEL GOOD in your body (not to mention how to enjoy the lost pounds and lost burden on the joints, freedom of movement and overall health until you learn to let go of the emotional weight that being overweight might have sneaked up on you.)

If you’re ready to finally take control of your weight and start building your Healthy Life, you need a new system.

Let me share with you a little secret:

If we don’t change how we think,

If we don’t learn how to be someone who believes in ourselves,

If we don’t become the person who truly believes she’s worthy enough to deserve a healthy life as we lose weight,

We won’t be able to keep the weight off.

Sounds confusing?

The reality is that weight loss won’t lead to all the joys you pictured above unless you adopt healthy habits (which do not involve starving or exercising for hours) and train your mind to make it happen effortlessly.

As the great physiologist Walter Cannon suggested, there is wisdom in our bodies. 

Our bodies have all the wisdom in themselves to keep us healthy.

It is just a matter of reconnecting with our bodies’ wisdom before our life, health, and weight start shifting in our favour.

And that’s exactly what I teach in the one-on-one weight loss coaching program: Be Healthy Be You

Be Healthy Be You is not about telling women how much they should weigh (your healthy life, your decision!) 

Be Healthy Be You is about equipping women to be fully empowered about their weight and able to:

Decide & get clarity on the weight goal that is perfect for them.

• Feel empowered and able to create the weight loss results they’ve decided they want.

• Know exactly what to do to finally experience results they’ve always dreamed of: in a way that feels great today and in the years to come.

• Let go of feelings of deprivation, guilt, shame, worry, impossibility (& more) surrounding their weight.

Experience weight loss results they love PLUS the peace & freedom of a HEALTHY LIFE that is about so much more than just worrying about weight or food.

• Lose the extra weight & finally put an end to the weight struggle.

Maintain the results with confidence.

You get healthier without losing the true essence of what makes you, YOU.


Be Healthy Be You is a high-touch, comprehensive, high-performance, one-on-one weight-loss coaching offering for women who are ready to reclaim their time and sustainably end their struggle with weight and food to create a healthy lifestyle they can comfortably maintain for life.

Here’s what your health and life will look like once you put the Be Healthy Be You system of sustainable weight loss and learning to create your healthy life into practice:

  • You will master strategies to achieve sustainable weight loss and overcome self-sabotage while enjoying yourself and the process to transform your health. 
  • You will be living your Healthy Life TODAY—- not waiting for someday.
  • You will develop habits that motivate you to stick to a consistently healthy lifestyle with more energy to carry on with life at a pace you enjoy. 
  • Your relationship with food will improve and you will recognize that food is the fuel needed to create a healthy body. 
  • You will master your ability to take away any urge that will sabotage your health. 
  • You’ll learn how to process your urge to overeat or eat the foods that don’t support your health goals and make healthier decisions
  • You will learn to love the person you are now so that you can become the person you want to be. It all begins with rebuilding the relationship you have with yourself. 
  • You will master the strategies to navigate life as it happens with special guidance around handling weekends, vacations, travel and holidays.
  • You will get guidance on the mindset and identity shifts you need to make to get the results you want for yourselves.
  • You will know how to adjust your systems as your health needs and wants change with age and changed life circumstances, so you are always in control.
  • Your body will be a source of JOY in your life, not stress.
  • You will feel better physically in your body, more energized and taken care of in the highest quality.
  • You will learn to feel comfortable and confident in your body the way you’ve always wanted to so you can savour every moment in your life without limitations. Being more confident all around. The confidence of designing your healthy life on your OWN terms will seep into all other areas of your life, imagine how you walk into that boardroom or courtroom, or clinic – when you’re IN LOVE with your lifestyle and results.

Best of all, you can have all of this with just 15 to 20 minutes each day.

Plus, there are no crazy diets or detox shakes. No advanced workouts. No risky or restrictive food plans. And no guilt.

Just a simple system for taking control of your weight and building a healthy life.

Be Healthy Be You System works:

  • Even if…you think you’ve tried every diet and weight-loss hack on the Internet.
  • Even if…you don’t want to spend 6 days/week at the gym
  • Even if…you don’t have the confidence that you can lose weight this time.
  • And especially if…you feel STUCK and HELPLESS to do something about your weight and everything it is causing in your life.

From losing 60 pounds, effortlessly maintaining it, and sharing my effective strategies with people around me to help them get amazing results, I’m now ready to make an impact on your weight-loss journey.

Let me show you my proven system to create your healthy life, the one that you’ll love.

This program is a complete, clear, step-by-step guide with all of the detail, exercises, psychology, and tactics you need to build a key piece of your Healthy Life and Sustainable Weight Loss System.

“I no longer wanna look like anybody other than myself, I wanna look like the best version of Shalini. I did NOT think that this was possible. I thought that the rest of my life I was going to have this weird relationship with food and this uncomfortable relationship with my body.
It’s extremely fulfilling, and enjoyable and exciting now to LIKE MY BODY and I feel great about my relationship with food.”

~Shalini M.

Client Testimonial

The core pillars of this program are:

  1. It’s Simple
  2. It’s Doable
  3. It’s Realistic
  4. It’s Flexible

Sustainable weight loss is the core but just one aspect of YOUR Healthy Life.

For everything else, as part of the Be Healthy Be You, there is guidance to

  • Master the principles, and tactics to cultivate body acceptance.
  • Have a complete toolkit to navigate the holidays, trips, travel and festivals.
  • Be armed with the skills to conquer the fear of the scale, stalls and plateaus like you’ve always dreamed of.

There are a lot of other options you could choose, so why this one?

I know, Be Healthy Be You Program isn’t the only choice for losing weight and building your Healthy life. You could…

  • Watch YouTube Weight Loss videos and follow their tips.
  • Listen to another fitness podcast
  • Try what you have done in the past that made you lose weight and hope that maybe this time around it won’t lead to a regain afterwards.
  • Try harder
  • Buy health and wellness books
  • Join a weight loss program that offers cookie-cutter solutions (based on restriction, points or calorie counting) without addressing the causes of weight gain and overlooking your long-term health goals
  • Ask your friends and family to tell you what to do

But the truth is these things usually don’t move the needle at all. 

You’ve probably already tried some of these multiple times!

Fad diets, detox shakes and restrictive diet plans don’t work. You don’t stick to them.

Sometimes you need more than a few YouTube videos, a podcast, and some quick tips from your friend. 

And sometimes you don’t want to read a 300+ page book and try to apply it all on your own. 

Are you doing it right? How do you apply it to YOUR situation? 

How do you even know if you got the right book?

I get it.

Theoretically, you could find all of that “information” online for free…so why

haven’t you?

I know why because I have been in the same situation. Because it’s overwhelming.

Because we don’t know where to start.

Because we’re afraid of failing, of not knowing whom to trust, and wasting our


This took me a long time to really “get clarity.” As a logical person, I used to think if I wanted something, I’d just decide and then get it done.

If you’re reading this, you know life doesn’t work like that!

There are tons of “free workouts” and “free meal plans” online. So why do we struggle to go to the gym or adhere to meal plans? We need more than just info. 

The same is true with scoring well in entrance exams, cooking, personal finance, and maintaining good relationships…there are so many examples.

If information alone mattered, almost nobody would be overweight, or unproductive, or in debt. 

The truth is, if you just wanted information, you would have found it already.

There’s only one thing that really matters.

Where will you be 12 months from now?

Today, you have to make a decision.

If you decide to wait until “someday,” that’s a decision – a choice.

But I’d like to offer a different path:

Make a decision to escape life’s big flex.

Take a close look in the mirror and acknowledge the things you really want. Do you want the freedom to eat foods you enjoy in peace? Do you want to wake up every day — at peace with your body — and work on the things you love? Great.

You deserve to live the healthy life you want. Now

let’s put the work in to get it.

Stop following advice from people who don’t share your vision for a fulfilled healthy life. When we listen to people tell us why we shouldn’t dream — why it’s “hard” and why we “should just be happy with our body” — we settle for less. We diminish our dreams. And we accept a life that’s less than what could be.

Stop trying to do everything yourself. 

Winners get help. 

Professional athletes use coaches to ensure they are as good as they can be. 

Why is it that every one of the world’s top athletes has a coach or advisors — yet we don’t? 

And not just athletes. Politicians, entertainers, the best of the best.

Bill Gates – Founder of Microsoft

“Everyone needs a coach. We all need people that give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” – BILL GATES

Oprah Winfrey

“Coaching helps you stop the crazy mind chatter in your head that tells you all the time that you’re not good enough.” – OPRAH WINFREY

Hugh Jackman – Actor

“A coach just has a different perspective. Still to this day, the best have coaches because the coach can see what you can’t see because you’re in the forest, they’re outside of it.” – HUGH JACKMAN

Atul Gawande, MD, MPH – Surgeon, Writer, Public Health Researcher

“Coaching done well may be the most effective intervention designed for human performance.” – ATUL GAWANDE

If even the world’s best can benefit from advice, imagine how much WE could benefit from getting advice from someone who can give us the systems, psychology, and support we need.

Someone who can SHOW us the blueprint to success and guide us along the way…

Sometimes you just want someone to tell you, from A to Z, exactly what you need to do.

That is exactly what Be Healthy Be You Program gives you. 

Everything you need to know and do, step by step, to get your weight and health in order and build your healthier, leaner, lighter self.

And there’s more…

Why keep trying to do it yourself?

You don’t HAVE to do it alone.

If you join Be Healthy Be You, you get daily contact and accountability, 100% email access, constant support, and weekly live calls with me. 

In this hands-on program, you will build your own weight loss and Healthy Life Systems step by step, guided by me.

During the program, I’ll personally walk you through the entire Be Healthy Be You System — from the initial vision to creating a lasting, sustainable healthy life where you can maintain your ideal weight effortlessly.

Imagine being guided by someone who has walked the walk and is now committed to helping every woman create a healthy, lighter and empowered existence while loving being the person she was born to be.

Imagine being supported by a coach who is committed to your success and health just as you are. The support of someone who wants you to succeed, who is there to cheer you on, and who is eager to share what’s working for the women she has been working with and seeing them succeed in creating their healthy lives.

Your questions about weight loss — answered.

Your concerns about what to eat — cleared up.

Your worries about regain — heard and resolved!

Wouldn’t it be nice to be working in the company of a weight loss coach you could talk to about your weight struggles and stress without any of the guilt, shame, drama, and gossip you get when talking about this stuff with most people?

I think that’s worth the price of the program all on its own.

This is why I built a personal one-on-one coaching program to offer women across all ages, races and from all parts of the world an opportunity to connect with someone who has walked in their shoes, experienced similar struggles and has developed a simple yet effective system to become the healthier, more authentic, self-compassionate version of ourselves.

You don’t have to worry about getting stuck or confused or overwhelmed. 

You can share your work and get helpful feedback — right when you need it.

“I’m happy to report that 17 months later, I am still going strong from my coaching with Megha!
My goal weight has stayed steady, even despite changing jobs in the middle of the pandemic! 

FOOD IS SIMPLY NOT A WORRY ANYMORE. It would have been so easy to indulge in whatever food is available and gain weight with all the hardships I faced last year! Thanks to the strategies I learned in the Be Healthy Be You Program, I listen to my body, and am smart about my choices without a problem.”
~ Rachel T.

Client Testimonial

Advice from someone you can trust

When I first started learning about weight loss, I would have done anything for someone to just sit me down and show me exactly what to do.

Someone who knew what they were talking about and was interested in the big picture — a Healthy Life — and not just weight loss hacks based on restriction and crazy hunger that causes a rebound weight gain.

I began my medical training in dental school. But before completing my training, I had pretty extensive exposure to medicine and all aspects of human biology. 

I felt as if I knew the human body a bit too well.

However, in my practice, I noticed a particular lack of prevention that went into the way we practised medicine.

It seemed the health providers could do so much—heroic feats, really—in terms of last-minute efforts of managing long-standing illnesses with medicines or the latest treatment modalities, but it was often too late and too often didn’t seem to impact how much better a person could live.

It was only after the birth of my daughter, when I left my healthcare practice altogether, that I became obsessed with the idea of trying to figure out how to live as long and as well as possible so that I might spend as much time with her as I can.

Over the next decade, I became more and more obsessed with the science of weight loss, neuroscience (brain science), endocrinology (study of hormones), psychology (behaviours, habits) longevity and sought out the greatest research in this space, and have spent dedicated effort learning and experimenting and practising to this day.

Here’s where research has led me…

Longevity of life is a balance of lifespan (living longer) and health span (living better).

Increasing lifespan mainly comprises delaying the inevitability of death, which theoretically equates to delaying the onset of heart and brain and vascular disease (heart attack and stroke), cancer, and accidental death. Taken together, these broad causes of death account for about 80% of deaths in a non-smoking population.

Enhancing health span, by contrast, boils down to nurturing and delaying the decline of health in these three categories:

  1. Mental health
  2. Physical health
  3. Emotional health

While death is absolute and inevitable, a loss (or decline) of the three elements of healthspan is not.

A decline in three aspects of health happens at different paces in different people.

They progress in stages rather than exist as an all-or-none switch, and most importantly, they are not inevitable.

My thinking on this has evolved significantly over time.

To decide my direction of creating my healthy life, I studied the diseases that run in my pretty big extended family.

What started with my curiosity in finding answers to how naturally thin people led their lives, I ended up realising that I didn’t just want to be lean but also wanted to adopt a lifestyle that prepared me to create the health I envisioned for the rest of my life.

My journey of creating my HEALTHY LIFE on my own terms gifted me the priceless gifted of creating weight loss success.

The added advantage was, the simple, doable, realistic practices I adopted helped me sustain my weight loss while consistently ushering me towards the long-term health goals I deeply desire.

So what does this mean for you?

With long-term health and well-being as my primary goal, I believe weight loss is an important component of creating lasting good health.

Everyone knows that maintaining a healthy body weight can lay the foundation for:


  • Increase your energy level.
  • Improve your ability to fight off illness.
  • Reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers.
  • Increase your overall well-being.
  • Improved mental health and self-esteem
  • Reduced risk of injury and improved joint health

But guess what, there’s more! 

Imagine, how your life would change if you learnt the skills to process your emotions, and navigate difficult life situations without the need for food to cope with them.


  • Improved overall mood and mindset
  • Feel calmer and better equipped to handle life’s ups and downs
  • Feel confident to stop making excuses about why you aren’t eating certain foods with friends and family
  • Trusting yourself by making healthier choices that shall create a ripple effect in all areas of your life.


  • Better Relationships – Have more energy to give to the people you love.
  • More Money- Because it’s not just the extra food costs that add up.
  • More Time – Your free time is precious, so let’s make the most of it.
  • Refocusing Desire – Start moving toward a future that excites you.

When you lose mental weight you gain:

Positive Self-talk
New Outlook on Life

How much time, energy and mental space will open up if you stopped worrying and ruminating about food, your body and health all the time?

Yes, wanting to be leaner, our clothes fitting better, and feeling confident in our bodies are great reasons to start losing weight. However, our ultimate goal should always be hinged on the BIG PICTURE.

To get a view of the BIG PICTURE of your healthy life, answer this-

What’s your health goal for the last decade of your life?

How could the later decades of life look like when you design your HEALTHY LIFE today, guided by the deep desire to live a life brimming with health & vitality. Be Healthy Be You Program shall help you realise your vision.

Imagine a different kind of morning.

You wake up as the sun streams through your window. You are excited about your day and roll over to check your phone.

You scroll through Instagram for a few minutes, loving the travel photos. You know you’ll be on a beach 3 weeks from now.

You get up, make a pot of hot coffee, and cue up your favourite podcast to listen to as you step outside to take your dog on a walk. No rush this morning — a leisurely walk is your joyous morning ritual.

When you get home, you have breakfast, enjoying the simplicity and joy of having all meals planned ahead of time. You take a sip of your coffee and enjoy savouring every bite of food to the fullest. 

You feel your body feeling nourished and beaming with satisfaction.

As you fill your favourite pitcher with water and slices of fresh lemon and a sprig of mint, your phone buzzes. You smile. It’s your grandchild calling you — to fix another hike date with you. 

You’re deep in work, at a passion project and you lose all track of time. And then, just after noon, a friend texts you to see if you want to meet for lunch. “Sure,” you say — and because you feel at peace with the food, you two decide to meet at your favourite pizzeria.

After you get home, your calendar reminds you that you have scheduled time to volunteer at your favourite charity. 

These days, you don’t spend a lot of time Internet browsing, but you’ve started taking classes in the community to share your wealth of experience and expertise. 

You are excited about the swimming classes that are helping you prepare for the adventures over a luxury vacation you’re planning to take in a few months with your family and grandkids.

On your way home from the pool — you pass one of your favourite grocery stores. You spot something that would make a great gift for a friend of yours. It’s not their birthday, but you buy it anyway. You plan to bake for them an exotic recipe you both enjoyed at a favourite restaurant, guilt-free.

You spend the evening enjoying a whole-some home-cooked meal with your loved ones as you plan to retire to bed for a relaxing sleep.

For most of your life, you were surrounded by the usual advice to cut back on your favourite foods. Today, you’ve designed your sustainable Healthy Life – and you’re living it, too!

You can live the life you want. 

Losing weight doesn’t need to feel like being held hostage by food desires or your goals.

How can you know if this program is right for you?

I’ll begin by sharing a personal story.

As a Health Care Provider (I am a Dentist) I have always been investing in courses, workshops, seminars and more for my continued growth and education.

And that habit stayed with me when the time came to learn about better managing my finances, personal development, or improving relationships.

In the past year, I have invested a lot of time and resources in learning about business, personal development, and parenting.

Over the course of learning and transforming my life, I learned that there are three-pointers that can help us know if a program is a good fit for us.

First, how do you spend your time?

If something is important to you, like your health, or your relationship, look at your calendar and your spending.

Are you prioritising it?

If you want to lose weight and re-engineer your relationship with food, are you putting time and resources into it?

Second, who are you learning from?

Part of the reason I’m sharing this story is to show you I walk the walk. I’m not just sitting out here and writing articles or creating content for my clients. I’m always investing in myself and always learning.

I take programs, courses, webinars, and all kinds of mentorship. I do them on my own. I think that’s important for the people you trust. And I appreciate you following me.

Third, avoid perfectionism and focus on action.

Were the courses and webinars I took perfect?


There is no such thing.

There’s no perfect seminar, perfect book, or perfect teacher.

The best thing I can do is be the best student.

If I had skipped them because one or two bits didn’t directly apply to me, I would have missed out on so much.

I was ready.

I knew I could adapt and adopt the lessons to my individual situation. And I didn’t nitpick my way out of action. That’s how you grow.

If you want a healthy body, don’t look for all the reasons this WON’T work for you.

Look for the reasons it WILL.

This is a pivotal moment in your life — what will you choose?

One of the most fascinating quirks of human psychology is that we can be dissatisfied for a LONG TIME before we actually do anything.

How many of us know someone stuck in a bad job for 10 years?

A bad living situation?

A bad relationship?

This is painfully clear when it comes to our health.

Day after day, week after week, we live in the bodies we don’t like, dreading the onset of diseases that run in our families, silently enduring the pain.

There’s a reason you know what not feeling energetic all day looks like.

There’s a reason you can’t wait to revamp your relationship with food and how you move and feel in your body.

There’s a reason you’re still reading this.

You know something better is possible.

You know it’s possible to feel fulfilled, energetic, inspired, and most of all, in harmony with your mind, body, and soul.

Most people live their entire lives like this. They settle and spend the next 20, 30, 40 years trudging along.

Trying not to think about everything that could have been.

But every once in a while, we hit a pivotal moment that wakes us up. A pivotal moment that gives us a choice:



Each of us only gets a handful of these pivotal moments. A handful of chances to stop and take our lives in a new direction. Once these pivotal moments pass, if we don’t take action, the opportunity is gone and we lose ourselves in the day-to-day hustle again.

Until the next pivotal moment hits.

But we all get a very limited number of opportunities. Maybe you’ve already used up some of yours.

I’m glad you’ve chosen to take ownership of your health and wellness.

The decision is up to you.

Successful people take steps to improve things BEFORE they have their “ducks in a row.”

They know that there’s an opportunity to make things better NOW, so they make time.

Year after year, they invest in themselves.

The great news is you’ve already been doing more than most people ever do: If you’ve been a reader of my blog, The Era I Lived In or have been reading my emails, you have been reading about how to align your mindset to get healthier and be yourself.

Maybe you’ve tried a few strategies from the Weight Loss Ownership Course or other sites.

Maybe you’re still practising the healthy lifestyle strategies you’ve learnt in the past.

And that is an indicator that maybe you’re ready to make the change.

When the chance is in front of you, will you take it?

Weight Loss Coaching will help you:

  • Get answers to your weight loss questions, directly from me – attend weekly coaching and check-in sessions with me and know your weight loss is on track.
  • Identify the problem areas in your weight loss journey – and learn how to fix them once and for all.
  • Create a simple weight loss plan that fits you like a glove – get control of the nuts and bolts of your health, lifestyle and weight loss.
  • Be guided in all areas, part of creating lasting good health – with 100% access to me for the full duration of your stay in the program.


You’ll be supported each step of the way so that you have-

  • The confidence to know what you want
  • The motivation to keep pushing, even when times get tough
  • The focus to know what to spend time on — and what to ignore
  • And the optimism to know it will all work out…and to have fun doing it!


Someone is learning to ride a bike for the very first time. They might be scared of falling, or of hurting themselves.

But with a little assurance and guidance from a trusted source, soon they’ll be on their way to riding the bike confidently.

Now consider someone learning to ride a bike after having fallen, or been seriously injured in their earlier efforts.

Getting themselves to re-try might need summoning a lot of courage and trust in the guide helping them.

The learning curve, in this case, would be bumpier, would take a bit longer, and would involve more time spent reassuring that this time would be different from in the first case.

​The same is true with someone deciding to lose weight after having tried many diets in the past, only to end up regaining all the lost weight in due time.

As someone who had tried everything known to me to lose weight in the first 35 years of my life only to regain it back I know the fear of another failed attempt, the dread of restrictive meal plans and the possibility of an extreme workout routine (think 100 squats each day) that would make sitting, standing, moving and even sleeping painful.

​If this is you, I want you to know, I sense your fear and dread.

Feeling traumatised from past diets and failed weight loss attempts is very REAL.

​The biggest problem in the weight loss industry today is the focus on complicated rules or outdated meal plans.

​And the second we can’t “stick to the diet,” we’re told we need to want it more or just “try harder.”

What they don’t tell us is HOW to do the diet when we have a bad day when we get overwhelmed with life, or just want to enjoy a meal with family and friends like a normal person.

​We often feel we can follow the PLAN to the T until “life happens”.

​​Have you ever wondered what is actually going on in that exact moment?

I have. Many times.

​And here’s what I found that changed my approach to weight loss forever…

​Every moment, the one when we are easily following the diet plan and also the one when we struggle and eat against our best intentions, is actually part of life.

​However, in the latter case, our emotions of feeling sad or bored or exhausted or angry or hurt or lonely or any other are too overwhelming for us to bear.

​And to cope with them, we eat. To survive the moment.

Because when did we learn to manage our own feelings?

​What grade was that?

​When did they teach us that lesson?

​If you’re thinking, “No one taught me that,” then you’re right.

​This is why diets, calorie counting, counting macros, weight loss apps, detox shakes and cookie-cutter plans don’t work.

​We can’t stop feeling the feelings because it’s our emotions that make us human.

Neither can we bubble wrap our lives to become 100% stress-free, because life is a rainbow of positive and negative emotions.

​This is where the weight loss coaching steps in.

The Be Healthy Be You method of weight loss coaching offers-

  • Deep meaningful insights into the REAL causes of why we overeat.
  • It gifts us the opportunity to realise that neither our body nor the food we eat is the REAL cause of why we are overweight.
  • The gift of compassionate, understanding, empathetic, human connection that allows room for safely brainstorming solutions o navigate life without overeating.

​The BE HEALTHY BE YOU method of weight loss is so simple, it almost feels like you’re not doing anything at all.

And that’s how it should be.

​And the Be Healthy Be You Program is designed to offer guidance, coaching and support to anyone who has been hurt in the past with failed diet attempts to rebuild their trust in their body’s ability to create the health they deserve powered by sustainable weight loss.

​In case you are…

​Afraid of spending money on yet another diet failure? Weight Loss Coaching is for you.

​Afraid you have to lose weight before you’ll know if this even works? Weight Loss Coaching is for you.

​Think you should be able to lose weight on your own? Weight Loss Coaching is for you.

​This doesn’t have to be complicated. And you don’t have to do it alone.

Are you willing to believe-

​You have the power to unlock and improve your health each and every year from here on.

​You have what it takes to create the health you want and deserve.

​More importantly… I can help you tap into your power to make it happen.

Tell me how to start:

Complete a short private client questionnaire to help me assess if the Be Healthy Be You program is a good fit for you.

I work with women around the world.

To see if you’re a fit for the program, apply to join Be Healthy Be You

But there is one thing you do need: You need to bet on yourself.

Sometimes, we need a little nudge from someone who believes in us more than even we believe in ourselves.

Someone who can encourage us, guide us — someone who’s been there.

So that years from now, looking back on our lives, we don’t look back with regret and confess, “I wish I’d believed in myself enough to try that. I wish I’d at least tried.”

I have total confidence you can succeed.

I also believe tomorrow will be just like today unless YOU make a change.

You may not know all the steps to go from where you are today to your Healthy Life. That’s OK. That’s what Be Healthy Be You can help you with.

The most important step you take is the next one, the one right in front of you.

In just a few minutes, you could be getting started on solving the weight loss puzzle for good.

Or you could be stuck where you are now.

Only you know if it’s time.

Only you can make the decision.

If you’ve read this far, I suspect it’s time to make a change.

The decision is up to you.

Will you be choosing to create the health of your dreams?

A life brimming with HEALTH can be yours. Not just theirs.

You don’t have to do it alone. Or figure it out yourself. Or put it off another week.

You can build your Be Healthy Be You life today — and start enjoying it today. I will walk you through each step of the process.

You’re just one step away from solving your weight stress once and for all. And changing your life for every year to come.

I am focused on helping clients designdeliver and sustainably lose weight to gain the health they desire.

I work with a limited number of clients every year.

I am committed to delivering deep value and helping clients create a sustainable healthy lifestyle with a body acceptance approach.

Apply below to join my Priority Waitlist and get notified if the program is a good fit for you.

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