Birthday Depression? Here’s How I Conquered Birthday Blues

Feeling sad on or around your birthday? You're not alone—having the birthday depression is more common than you might think. Read on what could be the causes and how you can conquer the birthday blues.

The Kitchen Bench Syndrome

Once while watching Masterchef Australia, I noted the emphasis on keeping the bench clean while recreating complex recipes. It was mentioned that our work-station reflected our mind space and having it cluttered and messy greatly affects our productivity. At the time, I couldn't realize the importance of this principle, but over time, this learning made …

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In Control

Tomorrow is an important day of my our life. Pari starts her journey in a new school, in a new class, with a lot of firsts going to be marked in history. But that is to happen tomorrow. This post is a quickie to record my crucial first. Today, I am as calm as a …

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My Forgetfulness

I have always been known to be the one who remembers the minutest details about everything that transpires in my surroundings. Besides, being the proud possessor of sharp observation. Though my memory was never photographic, but still it did rank among the rarest of its kind seen in today's era. Remembering phone numbers, birth dates, …

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Cheeni Kum

Cheeni Kum literally means Sugar is less. It's a phrase used to represent lack of taste in the (sweet) dish or something less than perfect. This post is about my relation with sugar over the years. Sugar holds a very important place in my life. As a child I was a sugar-o-holic. Loved sweets like ants …

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