I can’t help it

... but I'm turning into my own mother more often that I would have liked to. That's when I pressed STOP. Before you read further, I'd recommend reading the earlier posts of this series. Please start here. The past two months have been heavy on introspection. They've been painful because of hurtful revelations yet fruitful … Continue reading I can’t help it

Fond Friendship Memories

I was in seventh standard when Aneeta (with a double 'e') joined our class around three months after the session started. Her father had recently been transferred to our city. On her first day in school, our class teacher introduced her saying she was a very bright student and had performed impressively well in the … Continue reading Fond Friendship Memories


Please read the previous parts of this series here: Part 1 and Part 2. It is rather easy to find an excuse for everything that doesn't go as per our plan. But, attempting to see the possible causes, working around them to obtain desirable changes is often the best way to go about it. In my … Continue reading Provoked


Repeated conflicts between me and my child made one thing very clear to me, that this was not limited to the differences in our temperaments. It was deeper and something that I was failing to understand clearly. I am one of the few people of the world who are too scared to turn to Google … Continue reading Understanding

Celebrating the differences

In my heart, I am well aware that my child isn't my photo-copy. She is an extension of me, an inseparable part of me, but she isn't a miniature me. However, this understanding fails miserably the minute I don my parent cape. From the day I started journaling my life as a parent, I have always … Continue reading Celebrating the differences

Chocolate Walnut Brownie

The mere mention of 'Chocolate Brownie' fills my mind with the picture of a pure, unadulterated, gooey, rich chocolate that sinfully satisfies chocolate cravings while tempting me to ingest more than is wise. However, over the years of my experimenting with a number of chocolate brownie recipes, the following one is the one I loved … Continue reading Chocolate Walnut Brownie

The India I Love

I have read many books by Ruskin Bond lately as part of my venture of reading many books by one author. I picked this one to get a view of our motherland from Ruskin Bond's point of view. Though the book is beyond what the title seems to promise.   The book is a collection … Continue reading The India I Love

Aw Snap!

The past couple of weeks have been very stressful due to many reasons. One being the constant trouble with the Broadband connection playing up and no concrete resolution for almost 2 weeks now. Though it was a major blow to my work schedule, on deeper thought it was life's way of giving me time to … Continue reading Aw Snap!