The last year in kindergarten

Taking stock of the entire academic year gone by sounds like a tough task but doing so before Pari starts her next session is all the more important. No matter how faded my memory of the events of past year might be, it is definitely vivid when compared to, say ten or perhaps five years … Continue reading The last year in kindergarten

The Glass of Milk

The nutritional value of milk is so well-known that it has been the staple of our diets from times immemorial. My home is no exception. However, getting my family to drink milk willingly has been quite a chore because my daughter and my mother despise it with equal zeal and my father, a tea lover, can’t stop … Continue reading The Glass of Milk

Vaya Tyffyn: Hot Food, Haute Style

Lunch hour or recess is every child's favorite period in school. Most of my school life's fondest memories date back to the sumptuous lunch breaks. From sharing food to sparking new friendships to the worry of the pickle oil staining books to gobbling up the tiffin during a boring class well before lunch time, the … Continue reading Vaya Tyffyn: Hot Food, Haute Style

These Days…

Finally, the much awaited day, when Pari is done with her annual exams is here. Annual exams for a five-year-old shouldn't mean too much, but given that she had a painful spell of illness just before the exams, the past month has been tough on her. This reminded me that I am yet to record … Continue reading These Days…

How keeping a gratitude journal is changing my life for the better

Sixty-six days already into 2017, I thought it is best to look back on how am doing with my plans for the year. With this year being as unpredictable as the clearing shower of yesterday afternoon, I can only hope to continue being positive (while practicing deliberate gratitude) about whatever comes my way. Blogging has … Continue reading How keeping a gratitude journal is changing my life for the better

Love Aaj Kal

I am typing this on the WordPress app, in an attempt to distract my mind from the crisis am stuck in. I had the choice of writing about where I have been stuck in the past few days that I have not blogged anything or got any writing work done. Then I decided otherwise. I … Continue reading Love Aaj Kal

We Need To Talk

This phrase never fails to elicit a strange fear. It's a booster of self-doubt that starts acting the minute these words strike the eardrum. Though I've been at the receiving end of it almost all my life. Remembering the first time I uttered it to my child, I can feel a chill run down my … Continue reading We Need To Talk

The #ChildrensBooks I read this January

During the school winter vacations, I bought as many children's books as I bought other reads to last me almost the year. So you can expect a number of reviews of children's books this year because I am more excited than my daughter to read those titles and share how my child liked them. The … Continue reading The #ChildrensBooks I read this January