The #ChildrensBooks I read this January

During the school winter vacations, I bought as many children's books as I bought other reads to last me almost the year. So you can expect a number of reviews of children's books this year because I am more excited than my daughter to read those titles and share how my child liked them. The … Continue reading The #ChildrensBooks I read this January

These Circuses That Sweep Through the Landscape

While shopping for books in December, I chanced upon this anthology with a vibrant cover and an interesting title. While I was amazed by the illustrations, the blurb of the book was the real charmer that inspired me to pick this book. The book promised funny, dark, richly layered debut collection of stories, something I … Continue reading These Circuses That Sweep Through the Landscape

Our Nana Was a Nutcase

At this time every year, I am eagerly noting down book recommendations to shop enough books to (almost) last me the whole year. This was when, while browsing through the list of winners of the Raymond Crossword Book Award 2016, I spotted Our Nana Was a Nutcase by Ranjit Lal. It has bagged the Jury's award … Continue reading Our Nana Was a Nutcase

Amir Khusrau – The Man In Riddles

My childhood was spent working my way through many riddles with my grandfather. Many of these riddles were skillfully crafted by my grandpa's favorite shair ~ Amir Khusrau in a way that the answer lay in the question itself.  Well-versed with reading and writing Urdu and Persian among a dozen other languages, my grandfather had … Continue reading Amir Khusrau – The Man In Riddles

The Temple Tiger And More Man-Eaters of Kumaon

This is the second book of the three book series on man-eaters by Jim Corbett famous for hunting a large number of man-eating tigers and leopards in India. Strangely though, I chose to read only this book from the series to test waters. I picked this book on Ruskin Bond's recommendation in his book The … Continue reading The Temple Tiger And More Man-Eaters of Kumaon


As a photography enthusiast, I have been in awe of the ace photographer Raghu Rai and his  photographs. This year, completing 50 years of his love affair with the camera, he unveiled a collection of his favorite portraits. The blurb on this hardcover masterpiece collection reads: You will not forget Raghu Rai’s people. It does … Continue reading People

The Calling

I have always been drawn towards inspirational reads but I shy away from picking books of this genre because they are usually preachy and fail to keep me hooked for long. When I chanced upon The Calling: Unleash Your True Self one look at the blurb and my attention was hooked onto the fact that … Continue reading The Calling

Fables from India

The past few months sped past in a blur leaving little time for me to read books other than what I needed for my assignments. For the few that I read, I have plans to review soon. Though reading was slow, I was still fanning my love for books by adding to the pile of unread … Continue reading Fables from India