How acceptance might be keeping you from becoming your best self

Acceptance isn't easy but it isn't the end all, be all in the road to becoming our best self. Read to know what lies beyond acceptance and is it worth working hard for.

How I’m Coping With Life In a Loving, Sustainable Way

Are you struggling with coping in the uncertain times of the pandemic? Read to know the simple yet effective practice that is helping me cope and grow self-love in a sustainable way.

Birthday Depression? Here’s How I Conquered Birthday Blues

Feeling sad on or around your birthday? You're not alone—having the birthday depression is more common than you might think. Read on what could be the causes and how you can conquer the birthday blues.

At the Wedding

Fond memories of the past make up the most painful memories after a breakup. Read to know what happened at the first family wedding following my divorce.

The Kitchen Bench Syndrome

Once while watching Masterchef Australia, I noted the emphasis on keeping the bench clean while recreating complex recipes. It was mentioned that our work-station reflected our mind space and having it cluttered and messy greatly affects our productivity. At the time, I couldn't realize the importance of this principle, but over time, this learning made …

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