Til Ke Ladoo

It's that time of the year when the freezing winters tempt us to spend as much time we can manage in the Sun. And what better way to chill out than bingeing on til ke ladoos, roasted peanuts and gazing the colorful kites fluttering in the winter breeze. With the winter solstice just round the … Continue reading Til Ke Ladoo

Christmas Rum Fruit Cake

With Christmas round the corner every heart craves for a delicious home-baked fruit cake. Though I do bake a Plum Cake and the Chocolate Walnut Cake but there is one cake that holds a prime place in my or rather my family's memories. The Rum Fruit Cake. When I was a baby around 4 to … Continue reading Christmas Rum Fruit Cake

Chocolate Walnut Brownie

The mere mention of 'Chocolate Brownie' fills my mind with the picture of a pure, unadulterated, gooey, rich chocolate that sinfully satisfies chocolate cravings while tempting me to ingest more than is wise. However, over the years of my experimenting with a number of chocolate brownie recipes, the following one is the one I loved … Continue reading Chocolate Walnut Brownie

10 Days into taking superfood Spirulina

Around a year ago when I started my journey of adopting a healthy lifestyle, besides including weight training I chose to give my diet a nutritious spin. Over time, the one thing I learnt well is the importance of consuming a diet rich in protein to keep feeling full and energetic for longer while burning … Continue reading 10 Days into taking superfood Spirulina

Turmeric Cooked Pickle Style

Turmeric has been a part of cooking the world over from as early as 3000 B.C., when these were cultivated by the Harappan civilization. It has been an integral part of Indian cooking and is often used in its dried, powdered form. However, its raw rhizomes (that resemble ginger in appearance) are also used to … Continue reading Turmeric Cooked Pickle Style

Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar ka Halwa is one of those recipes that opens up a treasure of fond memories, every time it is cooked in my kitchen. Personally, for me it is least about its rich taste and most about the moments that have gone into making it ever since I saw my grandma spend hours and sometimes a … Continue reading Gajar Ka Halwa

Plum Cake

'Tis is the season of cakes and Plum Cake is my favorite to bake every Christmas. But before I share with you what my X-mas morning brought my way, I have something exciting to share. This blog has finally moved to its own domain. Yes, after thinking over it for a fortnight, finally, I played … Continue reading Plum Cake

Singaporean Chicken Fried Rice

It was the year when my favorite TV show Masterchef Australia had made a debut. My all-time favorite contestant Poh had pushed my interest in South Asian foods to a whole new level. Following the recipes she created in Masterchef Australia (which are available on the official website) and also on her show Poh’s Kitchen, I learnt to … Continue reading Singaporean Chicken Fried Rice